Web of Fragments

This is a collection of mini-one-shots under 500 words apiece. I'm low on time but high on inspiration, so this is an outlet for all of the ideas that I can't expand into longer fics right now. They'll be character-focused and I'll write almost any pairing. I totally welcome requests: just give me a situation, character, pairing, emotion, etc. and I'll try writing it.

Title: Dual

Characters: Lorren

Genre: Angst

Pairings: None

Warnings: None

Word count: 150

Being two people was difficult.

A dark and fragile curtain divided him. When he was careless, it tore and his secret self—whichever he needed to hide away—flickered through to questioning eyes.

The Forest Prince would be briefing his Lieutenants when suddenly, those faces fixed on him would turn his mind fearfully numb, and he would shrink back as if he could disappear behind an invisible King and Queen.

Prince Lorren would be silently watching his mother and the Fairy Queen arguing when, seized by a burning idea, an intense voice would burst from him and draw the Queens' shocked glances.

And with his friends, he would have moments where he could not speak because he had forgotten who he was supposed to be. He wondered if "Lorren" even existed, of if he was only a hollow cast of a person, a shadow that could don its own masks.

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