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Major Characters

Bella Swan: Property of Stephenie Meyer

Edward Cullen: Property of Stephenie Meyer

Alice Cullen: Property of Stephenie Meyer

Angela: Property of Stephenie Meyer

Jessica: Property of Stephenie Meyer

Nya: She is my own creation in a way. She originally appears in More and then again as "Aunt Nya" in The Secret. She is based off a fanfic friend of mine: luv4jake, who is awesome, by the way!

Ignis Fatuus: The "shadow" who takes on the form of Bella Swan to trick Edward; a trickster archetype combined with the best friend/guide archetype

Cephas: Nya's husband; he is lost, wandering around, trying to figure out where Nya has gone in the land of shadows/death; Edward asks Cephas to join them, but he refuses to leave without Nya; he has been tricked too many times in the land of shadows/death to take anyone at their word, even if they are honest and sincerely trying to help; in the end, he is restored to his wife and they live out long, happy days in their own time; his name means "stone," and there is symbolism in the wordplay involved throughout the story, for example, Edward passes through a narrow way between two large stones to get to the other side of Seslis; "You cannot squeeze blood from stone," and yet you can... or that is to say that a stubborn mind can be changed or that one can be restored to a lost one (nothing is impossible; that kind of motif)

Perjura: Her name comes from the word "perjury," meaning a willful giving of false testimony under oath or affirmation, or in other words, to lie; she is the witch who guides Edward down the wrong path; originally, he was going to follow her and eat of the fruit of her tree (but that would have made the story far too long); she would have abandoned him down the "trail of dust," leaving him to wander as Cephas wandered and Allaya [name means calm and also to retrieve, her counterpart and sister, would have had to help rescue Edward with the help of Ignis]; Allaya would have helped Edward figure out how to get back on "the straight and narrow way," and she would have been scatter-brained and forgetful, but also she would have given Edward the most valuable advice about himself, indicating that deep down, she is the force of Wisdom

Hestia: Death; a little girl; a sweet monster; "that last and most dreaded enemy"

Enapay: Name means "brave" in Native American; lives with Tuathal under a dry lake

Tuathal: Name means "ruler of the people" in Irish Gaelic; the force of Love; restores Life to Bella so that she and Edward can have a happily ever after full of love

Seselis: Land of shadows; divided into people who have lived and died and people who were never mortal and never were meant to be (these latter people are forces of nature and other forces at work, such as Perjura, who is a force of distraction); Ignis can cross both sides, and so can Edward; Bella can only stay on her side because she is a deceased mortal; Edward, having entered into the Land of Shadows, he has entered into the realm of death to a degree, which means that as Nya said he would, he has died by Bella's side

Miasma: This place didn't make it into the story; it was where Perjura would have led Edward if I didn't cut the scene (it was edited for length); it is a dangerous, foreboding, or deathlike influence or atmosphere that surround those who are in it; basically, it is a deep state of depression and mistrust, like that of Cephas

Official Disclaimer

All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective authors (in this case, Stephenie Meyer). The plot is mine. I am not professionally affiliated with the Twilight series whatsoever, and this original work is non-profit. No copyright infringement has ever been intended.