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This is part of the Heist!fic series.

Unwilling Juliet, Unsuspecting Romeo

He needed a crew and even though he hated to admit it, he needed her.

The room was packed, the result of the party being hosted there. Women of different sizes and statuses mingled around the room, their husbands following at their sides and sharing knowing, sympathetic glances with the other husbands in the room. A classical band played music on the large stage to the side, the sounds of the piano echoed off the high ceiling and floating back down into the ears of the couples dancing on the large, wooden dance floor.

As the music played and the wives mingled, no one noticed a woman in a strapless, champagne colored gown that reached the floor weaving her way through the crowd. In her right hand was a black clutch, the beads glittering from the light of the chandelier above her.

Her green eyes roamed the crowd has she moved towards the dance floor, taking in every movement, every face. A man cut in front of her, making her swiftly turn to the side to avoid hitting him. No one saw the movement, that of a practiced and trained professional.

The music slowed to a stop, picking up again as a new song played. People seemed to head for the dance floor, only the attending that were single seeming to stay behind.

She reached up and touched the clip in her blond hair, reassuring herself that it was still there. To anyone else it looked like a habit, a need to make sure her hair was perfect and that a single hair was not out of place.

A man to her left caught her attention, making her turn in that direction.

"I'm sorry," she murmured smoothly, softly, her mouth curved up in an apologetic smile. "Excuse me."

"Oh no," the man replied, glancing at her before moving towards the food table. "It's my fault."

She nodded, heading towards one of the doors that she knew led to the rest of the mansion. No doubt the hallways would be empty, the rooms bare except for the furniture. The party was in the ballroom, not in the dark, empty rooms on the other side of the mansion.

Just as she expected, the hallways showed no signs of people. Opening her clutch, she took out an ear piece and placed it in her ear.

"Take a left and you'll avoid the cameras," Shikamaru's voice buzzed in her ear. "Then take another left then a right and his office will be the third on the left."

"Got it," she whispered, following his directions and coming to the door. Pulling out the security card that she'd swiped off one of the guards earlier while playing drunk, the door swung open silently.

Turning, she closed the door with a soft click. The back of the gown dipped low, the moonlight catching her small shoulders and washing her lower back in a soft light.

"The window huh?" She turned and stared at the man leaning against the desk, the moonlight streaming around him like it was avoiding him. His face was turned downwards, the shadows clinging to him.

"It was the fastest way in," the man explained.

"True," she said, moving further into the room until she was only feet from him. "Too bad I can't dirty this dress. It's borrowed."

"That's too bad." The man paused as he stood, turning his back to her so that he could look out the window. She found it insulting that he would turn his back to her, that he would underestimate her so much as to leave his back unprotected to her. "The dress does you no justice. Neither does the wig."

"I like the dress and blond doesn't clash with it," she remarked with a pout, her eyes still focused on his back, taking in his every move.

"And pink does?" He glanced over his shoulder, his black eyes catching hers and relaying to her that he knew far more than he was letting on.

"Maybe," she told him, weighing her options. Clearly he knew who she was, but she still had no clue who he was. "So what are you here to steal? There's not much of anything here."

"You're stealing something, aren't you?" The question was rhetorical, making her angry. He knew way too much, so much that she wondered how he'd found out when they'd only made the plan not even two days ago.

"I bet it's nothing that you are interested in." She walked over to the bookcase on the left wall, running her fingers over the books' bindings and reading some of the covers. If he was going to turn his back, so would she, but with more precaution. She wasn't a arrogant fool, she'd spent too many years learning that that wasn't the way to being a thief. "I'd like my wallet back."

"And I'd like my watch back."

"Too bad I don't have it with me." She snapped her fingers in regret.

"Too bad I don't have your wallet with me," the man glanced over his shoulder again with a shrug, his hands sliding into his pockets casually. His shoulders were relaxed, his stance calm, like he viewed her as no threat.

She laughed, the sound resounding in the room like a bird's chirp in the early, still morning. The man's shoulders stiffened for a second, barely noticeable to anyone other than her sharp eyes. He wasn't here to play around, he was here for business.

"What do you want?" She cocked her head to the side, her fingers tightening around her clutch. "I doubt you're here just for a lovely little chat."

"I need a crew," he started, his voice soft, just above a whisper.

"What kind of crew?" she asked, taking a step closer so that she stood behind one of the armchairs near the bookshelf.

"The stealing kind," he explained, turning towards her. He was breathtakingly handsome, his eyes determined and his mouth set in a line. His tailored suit, expensive she noted, showed off broad shoulders that looked strong, long slender arms that looked useful when climbing through windows, and long legs that she once again noted were helpful when running, especially away from people.

"And what, may I ask, do you want this crew to steal?"

"Artwork," he replied, not giving anymore information on the matter. Although his face was void of emotion, Sakura could just make out an angry flicker in his eyes. If she had to guess on his motive, she'd bet it was revenge.

"And from whom do you want this crew to steal from?"

"My brother," he told her, his eyes finding hers once again, the gleam in them making her skin erupt in goosebumps. She hated goosebumps.

"His name is Uchiha Sasuke," Shikamaru informed her, sitting down on the other hotel bed.

"Uchiha Sasuke you say?" Sakura reached up and took off her blond wig, the pins snagging in her hair and making her wince. She hated wigs, especially blond ones. They gave men the arrogance to hit on her like she had only two brain cells, which she didn't nor did blonds.

Speaking of blonds, Sakura asked, "Where's Ino?"

"She's out returning your dress and getting one for herself," Shikamaru told her with a sigh. "So troublesome."

"I should have known," Sakura said as she rolled her eyes and fell backwards onto the bed. Leave it to Ino to have to have her own dress. "Does she know she's not going to be able to take it with her? Her suitcase is too small."

"She'll find a way." Sakura grinned, knowing he was right. He was the smart one of the group, their three man group. Well, two women and one man. "He said he needed a crew."

"So I heard," Shikamaru got up and walked over to the desk. Sakura heard him start tapping on some of the keys. "If he plans to steal from his brother, he's going to have a hell of a time doing it."

"State of the art security?" Sakura asked, pulling one knee up to her chest and taking off her shoe before doing the same with the other.

"Twenty four hour guards, lasers, super sensitive sensors, and—"

"There's more?" Sakura scooted further onto the bed until she was lying in the middle. The bed was comfy, king sized with the softest sheets she'd ever lain on. But then again, they'd decided to stay at one of the best hotels in the country, free of charge thanks to Shikamaru.

"The cameras are on a separate system with a backup generator of about ten seconds. Any power outages and the room will be lit again before you can blink," Shikamaru said before shaking his head. "If the alarm goes off, you're pretty much trapped in there. There's no way out. There's a steel sheet that drops in the walls that makes the room a steel box."

"Great, so now we know what he wants us to steal from," Sakura stated, running her fingers through her hair and searching for any leftover pins. "But we don't know why."

"They're brothers," Shikamaru mentioned, look at her over his shoulder before turning back to his laptop. "It could be because of anything."

"Well that anything just got us involved," Sakura told him, sitting up and looking out the window at the stars. They seemed so far away, but she remembered when she'd been a little girl and had reached up to catch one. He father had placed her on his shoulders and had told her to reach as high as she could, but she could never reach high enough. It was memories like those where she wished she could reach up and grab a star, grab that wish that that star offered and use it. "And I doubt he's going to take no for an answer."

"Are we really going to tell him no?"

Sakura shrugged, her eyes still focused on the stars. She'd never been taught to give up a challenge, but instead had been taught to take it and use it to prove herself. "No, we're not."