Title: Not too late
Hermione Granger & Draco Malfoy with a side of *Draco/Ginny*
Rating: G
Prompt: my mistake to make
Words: 298
Beta: luvscharlie
Warnings: Implied infidelity
Summary: The least I can do is try
A/N: Originally written for Week 52 on sortinghatdrabs . Why do I need to change the pairing when it's asked? I'm sure if they had asked for another pairing, I would have made the impossible to make Hermione/Draco happen...

Not too late

She was looking out the window when he entered the room hastily. Sneaking into a house full of people right before a wedding without being caught was a difficult task, but Draco Malfoy has done even crazier things for this woman; there was no need to stop now.

Hermione turned around smiling brightly. A smile that left her face as her eyes locked with his. She shook her head, making her perfect ringlets dance around her shoulders. "No," she whispered firmly. "I know what you are planning to do. I won't let you."

At this words, the cold, arrogant Draco appeared again. His untidy hair and loose tie clashing with his Slytherin attitude as he hissed, "The least I can do is try."

His eyes burned into hers in a silent battle. Soon, she lost it, like always. Hermione's lip quivered slightly and tears burned her eyes.

"But what about the happy ending?" She walked a few steps towards him.

"Who says it can't be with me?" he asked back defiantly.

"The cards. You can't always get what you want, Draco." She took a deep breath. "You have to leave," she said grabbing the little bouquet on the vanity table. "The ceremony will start any minute now."

"No. I have to try!"

"It's too late. If you--" She shook her head again. "It might be the biggest mistake of your life," she whispered.

"Yes. Perhaps. But it's my mistake to make. I have to--"

"Draco!" Ginny exclaimed as she opened the door to the room with her long, white dress trailing behind her. Shock was written all over her face as he turned and quickly walked to her, grabbing her hands.

"Ginny, please, don't do it. Don't marry Potter. He won't make you as happy as I can."

A/N: Those of you who thought this was a Hermione/Draco drabble and found a Ginny/Draco one. I'm sorry. Please, don't throw tomatoes at me. It was my intention to decieve the people in the contest. I actually love Hermione/Draco but this popped into my mind and I couldn't ignore it. I like to trick people. I didn't put it as a Draco/Ginny fic here because it has very little of them. It's a story more about Hermione and Draco's friendship and how Hermione is their secret keeper (to label it in some way). Hope you still like it. Reviews are much appreciated :)