Summerland Continued
the third season
a Summerland fanfiction

Author's Note: A couple of years ago I brought to you a third season of Summerland. Although it ended then, I promised I would bring it back one day and now I've decided it's about time to actually go through with it once again. All storylines are already planned out, so hopefully all will go well in trying to update as soon as I possibly can. I've noticed a couple of people have decided to post their own Summerland Season three fanfics since I've done mine and although I have yet to read them, I hope to soon. Being that I haven't read them anything I come up with will be my own ideas, so if anything is the same, I apologize in advance. It would certainly not be planned. If there is something that you wanted to see happen in season three, leave me a review and depending on what it is, I might be able to include it into my version of Summerland.

Now before you go on to read my story, there are a few things that might be helpful to you. One thing is their ages. I have tried to use approximate ages for those characters I couldn't find out exactly. Johnny is 36, Ava and Susannah are both 35, Jay is 29, Erika and Kassandra are 24, Bradin is 18, Kendra is 17, Nikki and Cameron are both 15, and Derrick is 10. These are only the main characters. Anyone else that I include will only be guest starring and their information will come as I introduce them into the story.

There will be between three and five chapters for each episode and at the end of each episode will be a small "commerical break," just like I did with my other version. Now I bet you're wondering who will be portraying my ladies. Kassandra will be portrayed by Katie Cassidy and Kendra by Amber Heard.