A/N from AnimalCops: Random plot idea that popped into my head. I thought it was kind of entertaining so I started typing. This was born. I hope you like it! Rating for future violence and maybe smut.

Warnings from A.C.: AU

Disclaimer: If I owned Kingdom Hearts, you'd need to be 18 or up to buy it!

A lone howl sounded out among the trees in the forest. Zexion lifted his head, slowly waking up, the boy looked around. He rubbed his eyes with the back of his hand and shook his head, "Ngh… I must have dozed off…"

Bright golden eyes watched from the tree line, they watched the young teen stand up and stretch, they watched as the teen picked up a few books from the ground, and they watched as the teen cautiously looked around. The eyes blinked and followed the boy as he began to leave.

Zexion yelped as he was suddenly pushed to the ground, "Holy Hell!"

Those same golden eyes bore into ocean blue orbs, and a growling, husky voice sounded out, "What are you doing on my land?"

"Y- Your land? I was only reading… I- I fell asleep!"

Long sharp claws dug into fabric, skin, and muscle as the creature lowered its head and Zexion got a good look at it. The beast snarled, "Fell asleep, eh?"

Terrified blue eyes widened, "Wh- What are you?!"

The beast gave a fang revealing smirk, "Me? I am a werewolf."

"A w- werewolf..?"

The monster tilted its head to the side slightly, "That is what I said, little one."

"N- Name?"

It folded one ear back and kept the other up, deepening the tilt of its head, "Hmn?"

"N- Name. Do you have a name?"

The beast nodded, "Saix. What is yours, my dear little human?"

"Z- Zexion."

"What a lovely name… Zexion…" The monster retracted its claws from the teen's shoulders and moved away from him to sit under the moonlight. "Why are you here? What brought you to my forest?"

Zexion sat up, "I- I… I was walking around and just came across this place."

"Is that right?"

"Y- Yes…"

"Well, little one, I do not take kindly to people coming into my territory… So what shall be done about this?" Saix stood on all fours, staring at Zexion with those soul eating eyes.

"Y- You… you could always just let me go…"

The beast tossed his head back and let out a devilish laugh. He looked back at the teen and smirked, "Now, is that what you want?"

"Yes, please! I want to go home!"

Golden eyes sparkled, "So unfortunate… I think I am going to keep you."

The teen jumped to his feet, "K- Keep me?! I'm not some pet that you own!"

Darting forward, Saix lept at Zexion, pinning him to the ground once more, "I think you are wrong, little one... You know what?" He leaned his face close, so that the tip of his snout was brushing against the boy's ear and the wolf's whiskers were tickling pale flesh, "I always wanted my very own pet human…"