A/N from A.C.: Since I don't know if/when this will ever be finished, have this lovely, smutty chappie to tide you over! :D

Saix backed into Vexen's hut, pulling a bearskin in with him. The skin was more of a basket or carrying case than anything - how Saix regretted not having hands. Piled onto the makeshift mat, was a pile of different herbs and furs. Vexen demanded the exact things to be gathered so he could make a potion for the blue-furred wolf.

The young wolf dropped the fur that was in his mouth and sat back on his haunches. He looked at the blond, a brow arching. "Can you make me the potion now?"

"Yes, yes," Vexen huffed, walking over to look over the pile of materials. "Just give me a moment and your potion will be complete."

The younger of the two nodded and watched as his so called father dashed around the small hut, throwing this and that into a large clay pot that was in the center of the single room. He winced and his ears flicked back when a loud BOOM let out in the room, smoke rising from the pot. Vexen swayed on his paws and shook his head, his blond fur now coated in a blanket of ash.

"Are you okay, Vexen?" Saix asked, moving forward just a step.

"Of course." Vexen laughed, shaking his body to get the soot off. "Now, just drink some of this and you will be human in about... I would say, five minutes? Just enough time for you to either leave the territory or get to your hut or whatever it is you want to do."

"Thank you!" The blue-furred wolf's tail wagged wildly and he walked up to the pot, leaning down to lick up some of the liquid. He felt a shiver run through his system as the potion began to take effect. "I have to go!"

Before the blond could utter a response, Saix darted out of the hut. He raced to his own and skid to a stop. "ZEXION!"

The young human blinked and looked at the wolf with an arched brow, "What? What's wrong?"

"You will never guess what I just did." He made his way to the boy, his tail swaying behind him, "I went to see Vexen."

"Huh? Why'd you go to see him?"

The wolf wagged his rear end in the air playfully before pouncing on the boy, knocking him to lay the floor. Large paws set themselves on Zexion's shoulders and Saix's eyes sparkled happily as he felt his body begin to change. Paws melded and formed hands. His snout shortened and his fur melted into pale flesh. Ears traveled down the side of his skull and his tail shortened and vanished. Long, silky azure hair fell over Saix's newly human shoulder and tickled the younger boy's neck.

"I had him make a potion for me. I look completely human now, right?"

Zexion's deep blue eyes were wide and he gently reached up to trace the scar on the elder man's face before moving his hand to feel the human-like ears, though they were a bit pointed. "You did this... for me, Saix?"

"I did. I wanted to be with you again. You are my mate, Zexion, and I love you. I want to make you happy."

"Oh, Sai... that's so... that's so sweet!" He wrapped his arms around the elder man and smiled happily.

Saix lowered his head and pressed his lips to Zexion's, licking his way across the crease of those plump lips. He lowered his body, resting his chest against his mate's, tilting his head to push deeper into the kiss. He cupped Zexion's face in his hands and moaned into the kiss, drawing a moan from the younger boy as well.

The werewolf broke the kiss when he was in need of air. He looked into the other's eyes - or the one visible eye and the spot where he thought the other one was - and purred, "Let me mate you, Zexion..."

"Please... yes..."

"I cannot... I cannot wait to prepare you, Zexion... I am so hard... so ready for your body..." He licked his lips, moaning low.

"Don't, then... Don't worry, I'll be fine." The younger man wrapped his bare legs around Saix's waist, "Do it now, Saix. Put it in me."

Shuddering, Saix quickly got himself into position and thrust hard into the younger boy. He let out a sharp howl, proving that he had not quite gotten rid of every ounce of wolf in his system with that potion. He bucked his hips sharply, grinding as he did, pressing the tip of his cock against the younger man's spot. He relished in the scream that Zexion let out, and it only made him thrust harder. As his golden eyes slid shut, he saw his mate's hands travel south, grabbing his dick and pumping himself fast.

He let out a sharp cry at his own touch and then a louder one as Saix slammed into his prostate. Saix groaned deep in his throat and moved his hips faster, his hands clawing at the dirt to either side of Zexion's head. "Zexion..."

As soon as that deep growl of his name left Saix's lips, the human released, his essence coating his stomach. "Saix! More!"

The elder man growled deeply, keeping himself from coming as his mate tightened up around him, and thrusted faster, making sure to hit that special spot each time. He ducked his head, pressing his face into the crook of the younger man's neck and bit down sharply, drawing blood. Zexion cried out loudly, withering under the werewolf's actions. The blunette licked up the droplets of blood that steadily dripped down the porcelain flesh. Zexion stroked himself faster, his cries becoming louder as he reached his second orgasm.

With one final thrust, both males came only seconds apart, their cries of release - well, one cry and one howl - mingled together in the musky air of the hut. As the noise fell quiet, all that could be heard was a low panting from both males. Zexion gently planted a kiss on his lover's lips and smiled softly, "Thank you..."

"I love you, Zexion..."

"And I you, Saix."