*So this is the prequel to Where did the Love go? This is going to focus on Alex's and Dave's relationship from the time they met, everything they went through, their marriage up until Dave had an affair.

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On a chilly September morning 21 year old Alex woke up at 7:30 in the morning in her New York City apartment. She rolled over in her bed to notice her boyfriend Tony of 2 years wasn't there. She realized he never came home that night. The worst thoughts started to fill her mind. She wasn't sure if anything happened to him or if he was alive. Tony had a big mouth and when he went out with his friends he'd get so drunk that he would run his mouth. There were many times where Tony came home beaten and bruised. Alex always told him his mouth was going to get him in trouble one day but he never listened and he didn't like Alex telling him what to do.

Alex's parents were paying the rent and the bills for the apartment as long as Alex continued going to school. She was majoring in Communication and her minor was Psychology. Her main goal was to get into Law school to become a lawyer. She was in her senior year of college for doing her undergraduate work. She had taken her LSAT's and was well on her way to getting into Law school. She was just waiting to get accepted into a law school. Her boyfriend Tony moved in a year ago when Alex was 20. Her parents didn't like the idea but Alex didn't really care. She wanted Tony to live with her but lately he was getting out of control and doing things he would have never done in the past. Alex got out of bed and walked into the living room. She saw Tony laying on the couch sleeping. Alex breathed a sigh of relief because she knew he was safe. She didn't want to wake him up because he was temperamental and she didn't want to risk making him angry. She walked around as quietly as possible but to no avail because Tony woke up. "Alex, what the hell are you doing?"

"I was just cleaning. What time did you get in last night?"

"Why does it matter. I'm home now aren't I?"

"Yeah but.."

"But what?" he asked with anger.

"Nothing. Never mind," said Alex. She walked out of the room and went into the bedroom. It was laundry day for her so she was getting dirty clothes together. She was going through her dirty clothes to separate them and then she went through Tony's clothes. She grabbed his gym bag to get his gym clothes out and put them in the wash. As she was pulling out his clothes some of Tony's secrets fell out of the bag too. Alex picked them up and looked at them. She picked up a bag of marijuana and what looked to be a bag of cocaine. "What the hell is this shit?" she asked herself not knowing Tony was standing in the doorway.


Alex jumped up off the floor. "I was..I was..just.."

"You were just what? Spying on me? Going through my bags to see if you could find anything?"

"No. I was just getting your gym clothes out so I could wash them today."

"Don't lie to me, Alex."

"I'm not lying. I was getting clothes ready for laundry. I was just getting your clothes out and I found this stuff," she said picking the drugs up off the ground. "Do you want to tell me why you brought this stuff into my apartment? You know how I feel about drugs."

"Alex, it's not mine."

"I don't believe you. You bring this stuff into my apartment and hide it from me? What do you think would happen if the police were called on you and they came and searched this place? And they found that. I'm not going down with you."

"Who said anything about calling the police?"

"I was just saying. You do one bad drug deal and they're going to be all over your shit."

"Alex, I'm not dealing drugs and I'm not doing drugs either."

"Then why do you have cocaine and marijuana in this apartment?"

"I'm holding it for a friend."

"It will get you jail time."

"There you go again talking about jail time and getting arrested. The police won't know anything if you keep your mouth shut."

"I didn't say I was going to tell the police. I'm just saying if you get caught with this stuff you're going to be in trouble. And I'm not going down with you."

"Alex, just shut up. Your constant nagging is pissing me off."

"And you say you're not doing drugs? All the signs are there. You're not that guy I thought you were."

"Alex, shut the hell up."

"I don't know why you're getting so angry but I think you need to stop telling me to shut up. I want this shit out of my apartment now!" She said throwing the drugs at him.

"I can't do that."

"What do you mean you can't do that?"

"I mean I can't do that. I told you I'm holding it for a friend. When he's ready for it he will come get it."

"Not in my apartment he won't. I don't want that shit here. That could ruin my chances of becoming a lawyer and getting into law school. That shit isn't going down here."

"Alex, have you ever realized you're too stupid to be a lawyer? You don't even have the aggression it takes to be a lawyer. So you should just give up your dreams and find something else that you can do. Something that is on your intelligence level."

Alex started crying. "Why do you have to say stuff like that. I am not stupid. I can assure you of that. If I was stupid I wouldn't have gotten as high of a score on the LSAT's like I did. And I wouldn't have a 3.8 GPA at school. If anyone is stupid it's the man that chose to bring drugs into his life."

"Look, Alex, I'm going to be straight up with you. If this relationship continues any further the only thing you're going to be doing is being my wife, taking care of our kids, cooking and cleaning."

"That's not what I want. I don't even want kids."

"We're going to have kids. You're going to have kids."

"No. I'm not," she said.

Tony grabbed her arm and said, "You're going to do what I tell you to do."

"Tony, let go. You're hurting me. You're not in charge of me and you don't run my life. And clearly this relationship has run its course. I'm done with you and I'm done with this relationship. I'm not going to let you treat me like this. I want you out."

"No, Alex. I'm not leaving this apartment." He said tightening his grip.

"Tony, get off of me! You're hurting me." Alex only weighed about 118 pounds give or take. And she was about 5'6. Tony was about 218 pounds, he worked out and he was 6 feet tall. He had 6 inches on her and 100 pounds. There was no way Alex was going to be able to fight her way out of his grip.

"I am not hurting you. Stop crying like a baby."

"When did you get so mean? You're not the guy I fell in love with. Why are you hurting me like this?" she asked trying to break out of his grip.

"I'm mean because I'm sick and tired of you trying to tell me what to do. You're the woman and I am the man. You're going to do things my way."

"And if I don't?"

"Don't mouth off about it. I said what I said and I meant it. Things in this apartment are going to go the way I want them to go."

"Apparently you're forgetting whose apartment this is. And if I want you out you're going to get out. And I want you out so leave."

"No. I'm not leaving." He said as he forced her to the bed. He forced himself upon her and she tried to fight but it didn't do any good. When he was finished he got his clothes on and said, "Now. I will leave. I'll be back for my stuff tomorrow."

Alex didn't respond. She just lay there in shock. She heard him grab his gym bag and then she heard him walk out the door and slam it shut. Alex laid there crying. She thought he was always a sweet guy but now he was a monster. She laid in bed crying and sobbing for the next 3 hours before she finally rolled out of bed. She walked into the bathroom and turned the shower on. She climbed in and stood under the hot water until it became cold. Once the water became cold she got out of the shower and wrapped a towel around her. She went into the bedroom and grabbed a pair of jeans and a baby doll t-shirt to put on. After she was dressed she threw her shoulder length brown wavy hair into a ponytail. She put her socks and shoes on. She had to leave that apartment. She couldn't stay there after everything that just happened. She wanted to get out. She grabbed her keys and walked out of the apartment. She walked to her friend Mel's apartment to talk to her. She needed to talk to someone. She noticed her arm was bruising. She knocked on Mel's door. Mel answered the door and saw her best friend standing there. "Alex, what is wrong?" she said noticing her friend had been crying.

Alex walked into the apartment and sat down on Mel's couch. "It's Tony."

"What did he do now?"

"A whole bunch of crazy shit."

"And what happened to your arm?"

"I'll get to that."

"So what did Tony do?"

"Well, he went out last night with Ron, Chris and Ashley."

"Yeah. That's a bad combination right there."

"Tell me about it. So I don't know what time he came home but when I woke up this morning he wasn't in bed with me. I walked out of the living room and he was on the couch sleeping. I tried to be as quiet as possible but I woke him up. He started yelling at me."

"He's been yelling at you a lot lately."

"I know. So I went in the room to separate clothes to do laundry. I was getting his clothes out of his gym bag and found a bag of marijuana and cocaine. I didn't know he came to the door way and then he accused me of spying on him."

"He had drugs in your apartment?"

"Yeah. I told him I didn't want that shit in my apartment because if he got caught I wasn't going down with him. I told him it would ruin my chances of being a lawyer and getting into law school and he told me I was too stupid to get into law school and I wasn't aggressive enough to be a lawyer. He told me to just give up. Then he said my job was going to be to take care of the house and the kids. I don't even want kids, Mel. My life doesn't include children."

"I know. You've never wanted kids."

"Yeah because I don't want to be a horrible mother like my mom. Kids aren't for me. But anyway he grabbed my arm and his grip was getting tighter. I told him to get off of me but he wouldn't. Then I told him to leave but he wouldn't. Then he.." she started to cry.

"Alex, what happened. You can tell me," said Mel as she rubbed her friend's back. Mel wasn't sure what happened with Alex and Tony but she knew it wasn't something good.

Alex's soft cries were now sobs. "He..He…"

"He what, Alex?"

"He raped me. Then he said he was going to leave. I tried to fight him but you know how strong he is. I couldn't do it. When he was done he grabbed his gym bag and left. He said he would be back tomorrow to get the rest of his stuff. Could it really be that easy to get him out of there?"

"Wait, he raped you? Did you call the police?"

"No. And I'm not going to. He knows a lot of people, Mel. I don't want to get mixed up in that shit and have people after me. He will post bail anyway. His dad has so much money and Tony is his pride and joy. He'll have him out within an hour and out to hurt me again. So there is no point," said Alex.

"You shouldn't have gotten mixed up with him in the first place. Usually when someone has ties with those kind of people you stay the hell away. You don't get mixed up in that shit."

"Mel, I thought he was different but he proved he's just like the rest of them. Ron, Chris, Ashley, Brian. All of them. And I really don't want Chris and Ron coming after me because I get Tony arrested."

"Then you're going to need to move out of there. He raped you, Alex. He grabbed your arm. Next time it could be worse. You need to stay out of there."

"I know," said Alex.

"Look, Alex. You're my best friend. We've been friends since we were 5. I don't like seeing you hurt but I really think you should have charges pressed against him. He's crazy. I've been telling you that since you got involved with him. He definitely came from the bottom of the barrel. You deserve so much better. You're really pretty and you're smart. You need to go out and find someone that's going to treat you the way you deserve."

"Mel, I can't press charges. If I do you will never hear from me again. Ron and Chris will be on my shit like flies. I'll be in more danger and more trouble."

"Okay. That is true. Ron and Chris are some crazy people. Don't get them upset. Just keep yourself safe and away from Tony. That way he can't hurt you anymore. You can stay here until you find a new place. Tell your parents what happened and have them find you a new place. In fact you can live here with me. I don't care. I just don't want you anywhere where Tony can find you and hurt you. All right?"

"All right," said Alex. "Look, I'm going to go for a walk and clear my head. I'll be back later. Okay?"

"Yeah, but be careful. All right?"

"I will," said Alex as she got up. She walked out of Mel's apartment. She was glad she had a friend like Mel. She always looked out for Alex and made sure Alex as okay. Alex had to admit Mel was right about pressing charges on Tony but Alex knew the trouble that would come if she did. And she had to tell her parents about everything that happened with Tony. That should go over real well. They always warned her about Tony too but Alex didn't want to listen. She did what she thought was right but she was starting to see that getting involved with Tony was the worst decision she ever made. She thought back to how she met him. She met him in a club. That should have been the first sign that he was no good. When she met his friends Ron, Chris, Brian and Ashley she should have known he was trouble but she always saw him as a sweet guy until recently. When he started to anger easily with her. Up until that day Tony never laid a hand on her and he never forced himself on her. She was walking down the streets of New York City and didn't notice that a man about 6'5 and 290 lbs was following her. She kept thinking about how Tony became the monster he was. And she realized that the monster was there all along she was just blinded by love to see it. She wasn't paying attention to where she was walking and before she knew it she was standing in a busy intersection. She stopped and saw a bus coming right at her. She didn't even know how to react. She was frozen. She felt strong arms grab her and pick her up. The man placed her down on the side walk. Alex looked at him. He was a pretty big guy. She saw him somewhere before but she wasn't sure where.

"Are you okay?" he asked.

Alex's heart was racing and it felt like it was about to beat out of her chest. She caught her breath and finally said, "Yeah. I'm fine. You just saved my life. Thank-you." She hugged him.

He hugged her back and said, "I couldn't let someone as beautiful as you get run down by a bus. What's your name?"

"My name is Alexandra, but everyone calls me Alex."

"Why? Alexandra is such a beautiful name."

"I don't like it too much."

"Oh," he said.

"What's your name?"

"You don't know who I am?"

Alex looked at him and said, "No. I have no idea."

He kind of liked that she didn't know who he was. It made him smile because usually when women saw him they recognized him and only wanted to be with him for his money and his career. "My name is Dave," he said.

"Well, Dave, thank-you for saving my life."

"No problem, Alex," he said with a smile. Alex took notice to his smile and she liked it. Especially his dimples.

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