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Demons Within

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Rose Red

"Tsunade!" Sakura cried, running full speed into the Hokage's office, not acting like the (mostly) mature seventeen year old she was, her clothes torn and bloody. She was barely making any sense; babbling and crying like an idiot. However, what the Hokage did understand sent a cold chill straight down her spine. "Please Tsunade … Naru … not healing … lly bad… blood… won't stop."

A grunt came from outside as Sasuke pushed open the door with his foot, carrying an unconscious Naruto on his back, the ANBU guards outside the door failing to keep Team 7 out. Both boys were beaten up pretty badly, though Naruto was definitely worse off. He was deathly pale; his clothes tattered beyond recognition and blood leaking through an already saturated wrapping. His leg had been bound to a board, avoiding where the thigh was covered by another soaked bandage. Naruto's usually sunny locks were dark and matted with blood, mud, and sweat. Sasuke looked badly bruised, with a few lacerations and bandages, but he was safe. Sakura flitted about them both, worry etched into her features.

"Naruto usually heals quickly, so I wasn't really worried about him after the battle. I healed almost all of Sasuke's wounds before Naruto collapsed. I did as much as I could but – " Tsunade cut off Sakura's babbling with a quick look before she stood up and made her way over to the boys, her hands already glowing with chakra. She lifted the injured boy and laid him on the floor gently, telling Sakura to retrieve Shizune. She ran her hands over the boy, noticing the deep gashes that cut across his body and the amount of broken bones the boy had received.

"I don't understand. Kyuubi usually makes sure that Naruto is in top condition. Why isn't he healing him?" Tsunade muttered under her breath, looking for a poison or toxin that was preventing Kyuubi's healing process.

By the time Sakura and Shizune had returned, Tsunade hadn't found any foreign toxins or poisons and had started healing his broken leg. When Shizune took over, the Hokage left the boy to rummage through her desk and her shelves. After twenty minutes of searching, a few shots out of her sake bottle, and a couple dozen threats thrown at Sakura to "Shut the hell up!" Tsunade found what she was looking for.

An old scroll lay in the Hokage's hand. Slowly, Tsunade opened the scroll, scanning the contents quickly. Sighing, Tsunade sat down, sent Shizune out, and beckoned Sasuke and Sakura over. She took a gulp of sake before looking at Naruto and continuing.

"I know you both just got back, but I need you two to take Naruto to someone. This person should know what Naruto is going through and be able to help. This is a top-secret mission. The ninja I am sending you to is NOT someone to be taken lightly. You are expected to never speak of this particular again after this mission is over. Do you understand?" Sasuke grunted while Sakura merely nodded, her gaze flitting between the Hokage and her teammate.

"Good. Now, I need you to take Naruto to Hokage Mountain. Behind the First's ear, there is a narrow passage. Follow that passage. Keep right and do not stray from the path. When you reach the entrance, state who you are and what you are doing before you take one step out of the passage." Tsunade waited for a nod of assent from the pair before going on. "When you get there, give the ninja this. I suggest you leave immediately." Sakura took the scroll while Sasuke gathered Naruto in his arms, ready to go.

"Ma'am. Who is it that we're taking Naruto to?" Sakura asked, timidly while Sasuke waited by the door. Tsunade sighed and gave the teenagers a weak smile.

"You're going to see a very powerful and dangerous ninja." With that, she sent the teenagers on their way.

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