A knock sounded on Naruto and Sasuke's front door. They both ignored it. They had stayed within the compound since the trial. They had created a happy little bubble of paradise that no one could, or would, penetrate. No one had come in and no one had gone out for over two weeks.

Surprisingly, Tsunade had allowed this to continue.

Another knock, louder and more annoyed. Apparently that fact wasn't changing. After fifteen minutes of knocking, Naruto decided to answer the door since their visitor wasn't leaving anytime soon.

Shikamaru and Kiba stood there. Or rather Shikamaru was sitting on the stairs, leaning against the post and Kiba nearly punched Naruto in the eye with his constant knocking.

"What?" Naruto growled. He and Sasuke were enjoying their uninterrupted family time. Kiba grinned enthusiastically.

"Just came to give you the good news." Kiba belted out. "Kakashi found a secret door in Danzo's bedroom which held all the real information on what he'd been doing all these years. Including a very detailed series of diaries going back to the first time the Third was in charge. It listed most of your childhood attackers, who are being questioned, and the details of the Uchiha massacre."

"So? We told them all that already. You know when Kyuubi tried to 'do what was best for me'." Naruto snapped. Kiba flinched and took a step back.

"Danzo's being sentenced to a chakra beheading." Shikamaru interrupted. Naruto turned to him, face blank. Shikamaru hadn't even moved. "His family is being stripped of citizenship, title, and dignity for the rest of their name as well. They were named as being co-conspirators in his diaries as well, Danzo even going so far to describe how they murdered all their female children soon after birth. Apparently, he reduced his family by 81% because he only wanted male heirs." Naruto paled. Kiba shuddered.

Naruto nodded and shut the door. Kiba shouted through the door.

"By the way, all charges brought against you and Sasuke were dropped. Including the whole thing with Sasuke being a traitor. He is now fully reinstated and can take all the exams to become a Jounin. Apparently, Danzo had someone following you and told Kiraku where and when he could find you." Naruto stood stock still for several minutes until he could hear his friends leave. Then he dropped to his ass right in front of the door.

"It's finally over, hn?" Naruto jerked up to see Sasuke leaning against the kitchen doorway, holding Youta in his arms. "Well, no time to dwell on it. Youta has a present for you." He tossed the child to Naruto, knowing his reflexes would catch him.

An awful smell drifted up to Naruto's nose as Youta giggled (he did so enjoy flying through the air).

"Better get to it. And don't forget the powder like you did last time! He had the most awful rash." Sasuke called, walking back into the kitchen. Naruto stared after him and grinned.

Sasuke always said the sweetest things.

So... this has been written on my computer for a while. Couple reasons it wasn't uploaded. Major one was deciding if this was where I wanted to end it or not. Others included graduating, trying to find a job using my degree (still looking), and gaining three new family members in a month (two births and an engagement).

Finally I decided that yes this could probably end the story here. I may do a short epilogue but, who knows. I've got an idea, but life tends to take over.

Anyway, I wanted to thank everyone who's been reading since the beginning. Hard to believe that this started because I was bored at a summer secretary job. Anyway...

Thanks! Rose Red (and Snow White!)