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Standing near the door, Jenny was a bit on edge. Dinosaurs made her nervous even when unconscious like the one lying on the straw covered floor before her. It was a deinonychus at least that's what Jenny thought Abby had called it. She really didn't know anything about the creatures that came though the anomalies and really didn't care to.

Then why am I in here? She asked herself but was too afraid to admit she knew the answer.

Everyone had gone home for the night except Abby who was tending to the injured deinonychus. Jenny had claimed she had paperwork that needed doing (which was true) but she found it wasn't getting done.

Her thoughts had kept wandering down the hall to where she knew Abby to be, alone. Giving up a losing battle she went to see her claiming to be worried about the animal. When Abby looked up at her she had nearly broken her heart. The petite blonde had seemed so happy to hear that someone cared about the creature as much as she did.

In reality the thing could die and Jenny wouldn't really have cared, it had tried to eat her after all. But that would hurt Abby and Jenny was beginning to realize that Abby's feelings were something that truly mattered to her.

She watched her now on her knees beside the injured animal. Her eyes were down; engrossed in her task, so Jenny had a good opportunity to look her over.

Absently twirling a lock of her hair that had fallen from her bun her gaze ran along Abby. Over the cargo pants and fixed a moment on the tight little arse she knew was concealed by them. Her eyes trailed higher and she licked her lips. The pink tee-shirt she wore clung to her every curve and exposed a good deal of her lower back as she bent over. Jenny had always preferred dressing up but there was something about Abby and her edgy but cute look that stole her attention.

She looked over the spiky hair. Jenny thought it had looked better straight. But there really isn't anything Abby can do to be anything less then gorgeous.

"This isn't working." Abby groaned, looking up unexpectedly. Jenny didn't have time to look away. They locked eyes a moment before Jenny coughed and averted her eyes none too covertly. Glancing back a moment later she saw Abby looking down at the dinosaur, grinning.

She knows. She caught me starring and now she's laughing at me!

Abby made another noise of distress pulling Jenny's attention away from her insecurities.

"...rrrr. It's no use. He keeps thrashing and I can't tranquilize him anymore without making things worse." She looked up again. "Jenny, can you help me?"

Jenny had planned on staying as far from the creature as possible remaining by the door in case it should wake up but there was a worry deep in Abby's eyes Jenny couldn't ignore.

"What do you need?"

"I need you to hold him still."

There was a momentary pause in which Jenny debated whether or not Abby's feelings were worth risking a missing arm but she eventually decided they were.

Kneeling across from her she felt her heart race at being so close but to the dinosaur or Abby she wasn't sure. Keeping her eyes down, she placed one hand on his back leg and one near his neck. He bucked up suddenly, making a growling noise and Jenny jumped, squeaking in surprise but didn't let go.

Abby laughed aloud at her this time and her smile made Jenny feel weak. Why? I like men. What is it about Abby?

"It's alright. He's not so bad." Her voice dropped into a soothing tone and Jenny knew she was talking more to the giant lizard now then to her. "He's just scared... and hurting."

She stroked down his back as she made comforting noises to him. Jenny was amazed as the monstrous beast calmed at the blonde's touch. Jenny's breath became ragged as she watched her run her long black-nailed fingers along the scaly flesh. God, what that must feel like. I don't think I could be so calm with her fingers trailing over my skin. She shivered. It didn't go unnoticed.

Abby ran her hand once across Jenny's eliciting a gasp. She pretended not to notice and returned to stitching the dino's wound.

"There he's all better." Abby exclaimed after a few moments, standing up. "You should probably leave."

"What?!" she hadn't meant to shout but she didn't want to be separated from Abby's presence so soon. Not after that touch. It had to be an accident though.

Abby narrowed her eyes giving Jenny an impish look. "The room....we should leave. He needs his rest."

"Oh. Right." Finally rising from the floor she straightened her dress and followed Abby from the room with as much dignity as possible.