Chapter 1

Darry's POV

"I'm sorry Darrel, but the State doesn't believe you are capable of caring for Ponyboy any longer. Sodapop may stay in your custody since he is 17, but Ponyboy will be taken into foster care in one week. I am very sorry." And with that our Social Worker leaves.

I turn to look at Pony and Soda. Soda has his arm over Ponyboy's shoulders and Pony looks like he can't believe what's happening. Soda is saying reassuring things in his ear as Pony starts to cry quietly.

"Pony, I am so sorry, kiddo. We'll fight this ok. Don't give up on me yet." I say rubbing my hands up and down his arms like Dad use to when we were upset. He just looks at me and sighs. "Why are we the ones who always draw the short straw, Dare? This ain't fair." He asks me tears falling down his cheeks. "I don't know, little buddy. I just don't know….."

Rinnnnng! Rinnnnng! I wake up to the sound of the alarm and roll onto my back, thinking of my dream. It's been almost 2 years since then and I still remember it clear as day. The day the social worker told us that I couldn't keep Pony anymore still haunted my dreams. But was even more worried me is that Pony did not go to a home. He ran away the night he was going to leave. All he left was a note. He didn't tell us where he was going and that it didn't matter. He said that I could have my life back and go to college and that Soda could go back to school. I would rather be roofing houses all my life and have Pony here than sitting in a pile of money without him.

I never did go back to college but I got promoted to full-time at the warehouse so I could quit my other job. The boss really liked me and gave me the job as floor manager. It paid go money and I got more vacation and sick days form it to. Soda didn't go back to school but he also got a raise at work. He was happy there, but he still missed Ponyboy. I know the feeling.

I got out of bed, took a shower, shaved, and got dressed. I had to wake Soda up since he had the day off and would not get up until 3 unless someone woke him. "Soda, get up. You said you would clean the house today." I shake him and he groaned. "Uhh, go away, Darry. I'm sleeping." He groaned. I rolled my eyes and decided to do this the fun way. I went to the kitchen and filled a glass of water. I went back to Soda's room and poured it on him. "Darry! Uhh, you are so mean!" he says and gets up to go take a shower.

I go back to the kitchen and start breakfast. I absentmindedly look at the calendar to see that the date is May 27. Ponyboy's birthday. I look down and sigh. It's been 22 months since he left. I can't believe I forgot his birthday.

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