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"I like what this says about you, Wilson."

A thrill rushed through Wilson at those words and he knew that he would treasure this moment forever, even more than time he'd upped House's painkillers and received a declaration of love in return. While there might have been some truth in the words spoken years ago, Wilson knew the ones spoken tonight came from a place of sobriety and sincerity.

He smiled at House, and put on his best 'aw shucks with a hint of smug' expression. There hadn't been a woman alive who had been able to resist that look and he was betting – okay, praying – that House wouldn't be able to either. When he was satisfied he'd conveyed the message successfully, Wilson turned and headed for his bedroom.

He leaned just inside the doorway and listened, disappointment flooding through him when, instead of footsteps, he heard House churning out a song. As he listened closer, Wilson recognized the melody as "A Whiter Shade of Pale" and lightly banged his head on the wall. He'd sent House his best come hither look and the other man's response was to churn out a depressing song known for references to break ups and drug addiction? A wave of sadness poured over him and Wilson was almost certain he felt his heart breaking. So much for taking a risk and pouring out your soul to the one person in the world you truly loved.

Wilson brushed away a tear and loosened his tie, almost jumping out of his skin as House's voice rumbled behind him.

"Seriously, why did you pick an organ?"

He looked over his shoulder and shrugged. "I know you miss having something to play."

"I told you to get something you liked, though."

Wilson felt himself blushing. "I like to hear you play."

House studied him so intently that Wilson began to nervously fidget with his shirt buttons. House slowly limped into the room, lifting his cane and pointing at the other man as if to pin him in place. "Tell me the real reason you chose the organ."

Irritated at himself for being so easily intimidated, Wilson threw his hands up in the air and looked heavenward. "You got me. I'm starting my own religious cult and I didn't think this place would pass for a temple without an organ. Happy?"

"The Boy Wonder Cult? The name alone will probably get you arrested."

"House!" Wilson finished unbuttoning his shirt and threw it on the floor in anger. "You told me to pick something and I did. You can come to whatever conclusions about me you want from my choice, but for God's sake stop nagging me about them!"


The softness of House's tone was enough to melt his anger and resolve. He rubbed the back of his neck with his right hand and made himself meet those brilliant blue eyes. "I chose it because… because in a way you were right." He waited for House's sarcastic remark but when it didn't come, he continued. "I am empty inside."

House shook his head, a guilty look on his face. "Wilson-"

The oncologist threw up his left hand and shook his head. "I'm empty inside without you."

"What?" the other man asked, a bemused expression on his face as he leaned on his cane.

"When you finally decide to move out, I'll have it here to remind me of you. Kind of like you're still here even when you're not."

"Are you kicking me out or something?"

Wilson looked up, an expression of horror on his face. "Of course not! But eventually you'll want to leave… won't you?"

House's eyebrows quirked and his mouth twitched. He limped closer to the oncologist and placed a gentle hand on his shoulder. "I will if you don't start putting out soon."

Wilson felt another blush coloring his face. "You mean you want…?"

"Sex," House finished for him. "With you. Preferably now. And tomorrow. And the day after and… Basically until you're walking so funny that people think you took up horseback riding as a hobby."

"Oh," Wilson nodded dreamily, a silly grin on his face. "That would be nice."

"Nice? That's the only word you can come up with?" House tossed his cane against the wall and shoved Wilson onto the bed. "I'll show you nice," he growled, pouncing on his prey. He yanked Wilson's undershirt over his head and threw it to the floor before turning his attention to the beautiful expanse of smooth, pale flesh before him. "You've been working out," he whispered approvingly as he nibbled and kissed his way along an inviting collarbone.

"Been trying to catch someone's eye," Wilson panted as his fingers pushed House's jacket down his shoulders. "Too many damn clothes."

House lifted himself off of his gorgeous oncologist just long enough strip to his waist. He leaned back down and began kissing the man beneath him, batting his hands away when Wilson reached to undo his belt. "My present," House informed him in no uncertain terms. "I want to unwrap it."

Wilson grinned and bucked his hips upward, electricity racing through his body when House responded by removing everything from his waist down with a sense of urgency. "You ripped the wrapping paper of your presents, huh?"

"Too much talking," House growled as he hungrily eyed Wilson's erection.

The other man reached out and pressed his hands against House's crotch, moaning with approval at the hardness he felt. "You don't want me to talk, give me something else to do with my mouth."

House all but tore his pants off, almost crying out in surprise when Wilson abruptly flipped them over so that he was pinning House against the mattress. "I'm going to blow your mind," he panted, trailing his fingers down House's chest until he'd reached his prize.

House nodded, fisting his hands in the sheets as he concentrated on not coming at the mere thought of Wilson's mouth on his aching cock. He gasped and shuddered when a cavern of delightfully moist warmth enveloped his balls, almost weeping when it disappeared. His loss was quickly forgotten when that same warmth wrapped around his shaft accompanied by an insanely talented tongue. The agile muscle glided around the head of his penis before swirling around to the base and back up again. The warmth vanished once more and House couldn't help but buck his hips when he suddenly felt Wilson gently blowing on his sensitive member. He heard a loud moan echo in the bedroom and blushed in embarrassment when he realized it had come from him.

"Impressive stamina," Wilson lilted, making sure his breath continued to tickle along House's cock.

"Yeah, well-" All further thoughts were lost when Wilson took him in his mouth, using his fingers to lightly cup and fondle his balls. This time the younger man wasn't fooling around and after a few seconds of his vacuum cleaner impression, House lost control, screaming Wilson's name as he came.

As the world began to materialize around him, House noticed that Wilson was lying on his side next to him, gently rubbing his trembling body to coax him back to awareness. He fluttered his eyes until he could see clearly and turned to look at the man beside him. "Amazing."

"You too," Wilson beamed. "I didn't know you could yell that loud. In fact, I think Nora is probably sitting in her apartment and gloating about how she was right about us all along."

"Her loss."

"I'll say." Wilson hesitated for a moment before cautiously laying his head on House's shoulder.

"I always suspected you were a cuddler."

"But you're so cute when you're post-orgasmic."

"Shut up," House barked fondly. "About that walking funny…"

"I can wait," Wilson assured him.

"Tomorrow night," House stated firmly. "Your ass is mine."

"For as long as you want."

"Good," he nodded happily. "As for tonight…" House reached down and frowned when he realized Wilson's erection was gone.

Wilson looked at him with a slightly embarrassed expression. "I came when you came."

House was surprised with himself when his hand – completely of its own volition – reached out and cupped Wilson's cheek. "I wish I could have seen your face."

"I imagine there will be plenty of opportunities for that in the future," Wilson sighed happily, scooting closer so that his body pressed against House's from head to toe.

The older man held back a sigh, reminding himself that the cuddling was a necessary evil he'd have to endure to keep having sex with Wilson. It had absolutely nothing to do with how nice the other man's warmth felt where it pressed against his side, nor how well the two of them seemed to fit together. And if he had to endure the cuddling, well then Wilson would have to endure him being House

"I need to know something, Wilson."


"Did the forest nymphs teach you how to please a man, too?"


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