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Wilson sat in his Volvo as he nervously eyed the front door to his building. He knew House had made a point to get off work early today and he suspected it had something to do with the anal sex he'd been promised tonight. Wilson worried his lower lip, wondering why he'd displayed such bravado last night when in truth he was nervous as hell about how this experience was going to be. Or, more accurately, how he was going to be. He'd finally gotten the man of his dreams and he hoped against hope he wasn't about to disappoint him with a pathetically lackluster performance in the sack.

Steeling his nerves as best he could, Wilson exited his car and wearily trudged into the building and up the stairs until he stood in front of their door. He stared at the key in his hand, his racing mind seemingly at a loss on just what he was supposed to do with it. He was saved from his stupor as the door swung inside, revealing a smiling House backlit by candlelight.

"I was wondering if you were going to sit in your car all night," he teased by way of greeting.

"I was just, um, thinking about whether I should have gotten gas tonight instead of having to stop in the morning." Wilson flushed red, his excuse sounding lame even to his own ears. He flinched in surprise when a gentle hand cupped his cheek.

"Relax," House practically crooned, leaving Wilson to wonder what alternate reality he'd slipped in to.

"Are you being… comforting?"

House shrugged, letting his hand fall away from Wilson's face. "I thought it would help."

"You don't do comforting," the other man protested. "It's… weird."

"You'd rather I be mocking?"

"That actually might be more comforting," Wilson sighed as he stepped around House and sank onto the sofa.

"You should be flattered," House growled in annoyance. "I'm not always so thoughtful to the virgins I'm about to plunder!"

Wilson flapped his hands in the air as he shook his head. "Wait, first of all… plunder? What am I? Your wench, Captain Hook? Secondly…" He trailed off as he saw a spark of hurt in his lover's eyes. With a resigned sigh, he rose from the couch and stood in front of House. "Secondly, I would appreciate it if you kept trying to be comforting. I mean, I really want this, but…"

House gently embraced Wilson, pressing a tender kiss on his cheek. "I know you're nervous but we're going to go slow." He squeezed tighter as he detected a faint trembling going through the other man's body. "We're not going to do anything you don't want to and if it takes us a few times before we go all the way… Well that's okay with me. As long as you're happy."

Wilson's eyes widened at the openness and compassion of his friend's words. "I, uh…" He shifted his hips so that his newly formed erection pressed against House's hip. "I love it when you talk nice to me."

"You are such a cheeseball," House teased affectionately. "Come on, let's go to the bedroom."

The sight that greeted him in his bedroom had Wilson convinced he was either dreaming or delirious. His bedroom was filled with candles, their flickering light reflecting off of the satin sheets that House had placed on his bed. Something tickled his nose and he inhaled deeply, surprised and delighted when he recognized the scent of lavender and sandalwood.

"You like?"

Wilson looked over his shoulder and nodded at House. "Very much."

"Good," he nodded back, his blue eyes twinkling in the romantic lighting. "So strip already!"

Wilson grinned at the command; that sounded more like House. He quickly shed his clothes and looked at the other man for further instructions.

"Lie on the bed on your stomach."

His chest tightened in worry. "I thought you said we'd go slow?"

House rested his hands on Wilson's bare shoulders, nibbling on a convenient earlobe. "Trust me, James."

Wilson nodded, inwardly thinking that he would never be able to refuse House anything when he called him by his first name. He stretched out on the bed, shivering a little as the coolness of the sheets pressed against his erection. He listened as House moved around the room, nervously fingering the smooth material beneath him as he wondered what was coming next.

He didn't have to wait long as House climbed onto the bed and straddled his waist. He leaned forward, kissing the nape of Wilson's neck and carding his fingers through the sliky brown hair. "This is a mock-free zone tonight," House whispered in his ear. "It's important you communicate with me, let me know what you do and don't like. Okay?"

"Okay," Wilson breathed, shivering in anticipation.

House grinned as he placed his hands on Wilson's neck, rubbing downwards along tense shoulders, always making sure to knead the muscles toward his heart. He alternated between light and firm pressure, gradually moving lower as Wilson's beautifully toned body began to relax. He chuckled when the oncologist let out a low moan. "I take it you like this?"

"You missed your calling in life," Wilson purred in contentment, closing his eyes as he concentrated on the gentle, calloused hands kneading his flesh.

House took advantage of his increased relaxation and began massaging just above his perfectly shaped butt cheeks. When the other man didn't stiffen or protest, House grew bolder and stroked each of his hands down the pale backside, gently cupping and caressing the quivering flesh. "You still doing okay?"


"I can stop if you want me to."

"No!" Wilson took a deep breath and willed himself to stop trembling. "I want you… to keep going, I mean."

"Right," House drawled as he smirked at the naked man beneath him. He scooted backward, letting his hands trail down Wilson's legs so that he could massage his feet. After an initial giggle – which he did tease Wilson about – House worked his way up to the knees, memorizing every single detail as his nimble fingers rubbed around the joints. "You have beautiful legs," he informed his lover. "I can only imagine how wonderful they'll feel when they're wrapped around my waist."

Wilson was immensely grateful he was facing away from House so that he couldn't see the spectacular blush that colored his face. He was still having a hard time wrapping his head around nice House and the sweet words that freely flowed from his mouth.

"I'm going to massage your thighs now," House spoke softly. "I want you to stay relaxed for me. I'm not going any farther without letting you know first, okay?" At Wilson's nod, House began rubbing the firm muscles until he'd elicited another moan of contentment from his lover. "You're doing so good," House crooned. "I'm going to go a little higher…" He moved his hands up until they rested on the underside of Wilson's butt cheeks. He carefully dipped his fingers into his crack, whispering words of comfort as Wilson tensed. "You're doing good, James."

Wilson nodded into his pillow and relaxed his body as best he could. He couldn't help the sudden gasp that parted his lips when House lightly pressed on his anus.

"You doing okay?"

"Mm, uh… uh-huh."

"Do you like the way it feels?"

"Weird," was the only word he could think to offer.

"Do you want me to stop?"


House leaned forward and kissed Wilson's shoulder while simultaneously caressing his perineum. He chuckled as his lover's breathing increased. "I know you like that." He reached onto the bed beside him and flipped open the bottle of lube he'd bought especially for this occasion. At Wilson's nervous grunt, House stroked his hair. "Shh, it's just lube. I'm going to rub some around your anus but I won't press inside yet."

House smiled when the other man relaxed, a warm sensation spreading through him at the amount of trust Wilson had in him. He worked the lube all around but refrained from pressing his fingers inside, even though he wanted nothing more to feel Wilson's tight warmth squeezing against him. "How are you feeling?"

"Okay," Wilson panted.

"I'm going to work my finger inside now." Wilson immediately tensed. "Shh, stay relaxed. I'm going to go really slow. You can tell me stop at any time." Once the other man had loosened up a little, House trailed a finger along his perineum. "Are you ready?" At his nod, House traced Wilson's anus with his index finger, tightening the spirals until his finger rested on the middle of the puckered flesh. House slowly pressed his finger forward, halting when Wilson's sphincter clamped down. "Stay relaxed, James, or I won't be able to get in." He pushed again, relived when his finger was able to move forward. He paused for a moment, letting Wilson get used to the sensation. "You doing okay?"

"Feels like I have to go to the bathroom," he groaned.

"That's normal," House assured him. "But it'll pass in a minute." He slowly pushed further into Wilson until his finger was buried up to the second knuckle. "You might want to grab onto something," he suggested.


House curled his finger back toward him, grinning from ear to ear at Wilson's response.

"Holy fucking hell!" His hands clenched into fists as his body involuntarily bucked off the bed. "Holy shit holy shit!"

"You liked?" House purred innocently.

"God yes. But… but don't do that again if you want to go any farther tonight." He panted as he forced his fists to unclench. "What the fuck was that?"

"Wilson, meet your prostate."

"Pleasure's all mine."

House chuckled, although he was a tad disappointed that Wilson still had his wits about him. "I'm going to put a second finger inside now."

"You sure it will fit?" Wilson nervously inquired.

"You're a doctor," House replied, fighting to keep the mocking from his voice. "Do I need to explain what sorts of things come out of there naturally?" He didn't wait for a response as he gently slid his middle finger inside. After giving Wilson a minute to catch his breath, he gently scissored his fingers back and forth to stretch the tight ring of muscle.

"Wait," Wilson suddenly spoke up.

House immediately froze, concern flooding through him. "You okay?"

"It's weird… the movement."

"You want me to pull out?"

"No," Wilson insisted. "I… I just needed a minute."

House lightly stroked his lover's back with his free hand. "You wanted to know if I'd really stop?"

"Yeah," he sheepishly admitted.

House bit back a sigh as he stroked Wilson's shoulders. "This is about both of us enjoying themselves," he quietly reminded Wilson. "And neither of us will if you're in pain."

"O-okay," Wilson responded shakily. "Go on."

House returned his attention to the beautiful ass in front of him, steadily working his fingers back and forth while soothing Wilson with gentle touches all along his back. "One more finger now." When his words went unchallenged, House carefully slid his ring finger inside and almost shouted in triumph when Wilson didn't tense up. "I think you're ready now," House told him as he slid his fingers out. "Roll over and look at me."

Wilson did as asked, but kept his head ducked to avoid House's face.

"Look at me," House softly commanded. When Wilson refused, He slipped a finger under his chin and forced him to meet his gaze. "What's wrong?"

"It's… You're having to hold my hand like I'm some baby."

"You are not a baby," House answered forcefully, raising his voice to pound the message home. "And I'll never admit it to anyone in the world, but…" He paused as he admired the beautiful face below him. "Maybe I like holding your hand."

Wilson surprised him then, reaching up and pulling him down for a passionate kiss. "Let's keep going," he panted harshly against House's ear.

"Thought you'd never ask," he panted back as he guided Wilson's hand to his own erection, seeking to erase any insecurities by proving he was enjoying himself too. "I need you to bend your knees up to your chest and hold them there."

"Um, I'm not sure I'm that flexible."

His heart ached at the flush of shame on Wilson's face, so he cupped his cheek and smiled reassuringly. "Over the shoulders it is." He helped Wilson guide his legs until his knees were bent comfortably along House's broad shoulders. He then slipped a conveniently placed pillow under Wilson's butt. "Comfortable?"

"Not my favorite position," Wilson admitted. His face lit up with a smile as he locked gazes with House. "But I do like this view."

"Me too," House agreed as he savored the sight of his lover spread open before him, trusting House enough to expose his vulnerability. "I'm going to guide myself inside you now. As I push I want you to breathe out and concentrate on keeping your muscles relaxed. Ready?"


House placed the tip of his penis against Wilson's anus, took a deep breath, and slowly pushed. He was met with immediate resistance as a pained cry escaped his lover's lips. "Easy, James," House soothed as he massaged Wilson's tense abdomen. "Just stay relaxed. I'm going to try that again." He pushed once more, thrilled when he was able to get the tip of his erection inside. "You're doing great," he panted, closing his eyes as he savored the tight warmth enveloping him. "How do you feel?"

"It's big," Wilson moaned, not entirely out of discomfort.

"Why thank you for the diagnosis, Doctor Wilson."

"No mocking," he growled.

"Never said I wouldn't be an ass," he lilted. "Although I think I said something about being in an ass." He cautiously moved his hips forward, groaning with pleasure as his penis slipped even further inside his lover.

Wilson let out a moan of pure ecstasy and surprised even himself by thrusting his butt against House. "More," he pleaded.

House granted him his wish, easing himself inside until he was fully sheathed. "I'm going to pull out a little." When Wilson whimpered disapprovingly, House chuckled and petted his belly. "Not all the way." He slid out about halfway before quickly thrusting forward.

"Oh God!" Wilson exclaimed, clenching his eyes shut as pain and pleasure washed over him. Another moan was ripped from his throat when House wrapped his hand around his erection and began pumping his fist along his shaft.

Once he was sure Wilson was doing okay – well, better than okay – House synchronized his hips and fist so that both men were hurtling toward simultaneous climaxes. "James," he cried out as he fell over the edge, shaking as wave after wave of pleasure washed over him. He vaguely heard a noise that might have been "Greg" but he was too wrapped up in his own bliss to care.

Several minutes later, House managed to fit the pieces of his brain back together and took in his surroundings. Wilson was lying beneath him, still oblivious to the world as he dwelled in his own post-coital land. House carefully slid himself out of Wilson, gently lowering the oncologist's trembling legs to the bed. He quietly crept to the bathroom and wet a washcloth with warm water. When he returned to the bed, Wilson looked up at him through somewhat glassy eyes.

"Incredible," he whispered in awe. He sighed in contentment as House gently cleaned him off.

"I'm glad you enjoyed it," House grinned predatorily. "Because I'd like to make this a regular occurrence."


"Seriously, though, you're going to be sore for a couple of days."

Wilson shrugged. "Doesn't hurt now."

"Do you have any idea how many endorphins are swimming in that overheated brain of yours? They're going to wear off in a little while."

"Worth it," Wilson grinned smugly. He grabbed House's wrist and pulled him to lie next to him, flopping a boneless arm across his waist. As he nuzzled against House's neck, he sighed in happiness.

"We have got to break you of this annoying cuddling habit," House grumbled in annoyance, even though he slipped an arm around his shoulders.

Wilson smiled knowingly. "I love you, too."