This is a short little one-shot for the new show miami medical. I am really liking this show.

This is typically about Procter's thoughts on Serena. Father/Daughter. Not romance.

Very short.

Procter POV-

She's young. Really young. I know it, she knows.

Dr. Serena Warren is a 1st year resident who could be something great by the time I'm though with her.

She works hard and seems to have strong ethics. She's impressionable and inexperienced but she's talented.

She's determined and I like that about her.

I couldn't help but be amused by her tirade on the senior orthopedic surgeon. A little spitfire.

In the short time I've been working here, I've taken her under my wing. I hope that my years of experience will be helpful to her up and coming career.

Doing that, it's usual that I would start to develop a sense of pride when she accomplishes something. And disappointment when she failed to inform me about the patient with lung issues and her messing up when treating him.

She's quickly becoming my protégée. She's a sweet girl and skilled doctor.

She's everything I could hope for and want, if I had my own daughter.

Stubborn and professional, she'll make a great trauma surgeon.

And I'll be there when she succeeds onto becoming a 2nd year and 3rd and on and on until eventually she'll become senior and my protégée will surpass me.

I just need to work with her some more.

Hope u enjoyed.