"Guess what?" an excited Kaito said, popping up out of nowhere just as Shinichi was leaving school.

Shinichi blinked, and accepted the surprise as just another case of Kaito being Kaito. "What? You can't honestly expect me to understand half of what goes on in that mind of yours."

"Oh, I'm pretty sure you have to understand about that much, or you wouldn't understand my riddles." He waved away the distracting conversation, focusing on his surprise. "I got tickets to the soccer game with that team that what's his face that you like is playing."


"Yeah, him. Why do you like him anyway?"

"I was in a case involving him once. I've kind of been a fan since, though I liked Tokyo Spirits even before he joined the team." Shinichi took a chance to wave goodbye to Ran who rolled her eyes good naturedly. He grinned back as he returned his attention to Kaito. "So you got tickets to his game? That will be fun. I didn't know you liked soccer."

"Eh, I'm not a huge fan, but I thought you'd enjoy it. That does mean that you have to go to a magic show some day."

Shinichi laughed. "Do I have permission to dissect every sleight of hand performed?"

Kaito rolled his eyes. "You ruin the beauty of it, but if you must attempt to wrap your mind around the hard work of others, be my guest. Just remember that you're ruining the wonder of it."

"Ah, but by understanding how it works, I understand how hard the performer would likely have worked to perform it and appreciate his or her skill more."

The magician shook his head. "I just don't get your logic. The world needs a bit of magic, but here you are wanting to explain it away."

"I think I've had enough 'unexplainable' in my life, Kaito." Shinichi said feeling the irony of the conversation. "It really sucked for a rational mind like me to be in such an irrational situation as body shrinking and whatnot. So I think I'll stick to explaining things and what I can understand, even if it detracts from its artistic value."

"Suit yourself."

"I think I will, thanks. So what do you know about the Tokyo Spirits?" He paused a moment. "And soccer in general?"

"Uh, you can't use your hands, you kick the ball in the opponent's goal, there are, what, seven players per team on the field? Um, and the goalies are the only people that can use their hands."

Shinichi chuckled. "Well it's a start."

There was something ridiculously pleasing that Kaito had decided to take him out to a soccer game even though he didn't know much more than the basics of the game, Shinichi decided. He had spent the first half of the game pointing out and explaining history of each of the players, and in return, Kaito had pointed out that one of the team members of the Tokyo Spirits had been involved in a KID case. For the life of him, Shinichi couldn't think of why Kaito would have impersonated one of the defenders, but there was probably a good reason for it. It was back before they had met though, so he had a feeling it was more o f a prank than the more serious heists that went on these days.

"You know, knowing a bit more about them, it's more exciting," Kaito said grinning. "I can just picture the power dynamics between teammates and team rivalry as each tries to defend their titles. I think I like it better analyzing than watching them kick the ball around."

Shinichi laughed. "Yeah, well as a soccer player myself, I kind of get sucked into the action. My legs can practically feel the strain of running all out, weaving through the legs of my opponents and shooting the next goal."

"You know, from what Ran's told me, that could have been you out there, Shin-chan."

"It was originally just to keep in shape…I love the sport, but I like being a detective more." He shrugged. "Although if I was the person I used to be, and detective work hadn't panned out, I probably would have gotten back into the sport." There was a cheer from the crowd, drawing his attention back to the game, and he missed Kaito's expression entirely.

Kaito had spent the majority of the game watching Shinichi. How his eyes lit up as he talked about the sport he loved. How he took joy in knowing the technical names for the plays and all about the players. How he could mention his time as Conan without the sadness that usually plagued his expression…

The magician smiled slightly. It sometimes felt odd to think about Shinichi as Conan, and to think that he had even been fooled to thinking that he was a child for a minute was a bit embarrassing. Actually, he reflected wryly, it had been a relief to know that the bizarrely mature child hadn't been a child after all. It had felt far more unnatural than even the idea of a gem that gave eternal life. Though not quite the Akako level of creepy. Hmm, when had he started using her as a rating system for the bizarre? Anyhow, he was glad that he had gotten the tickets. His detective seemed to be acting his age for once rather than the overly mature young man he had become from seeing so much death.

Funnily, there hadn't been a death on any of their outings yet. Kaito was betting his own insanely good luck balanced out Shinichi's death magnet. Hopefully. There had to be something wrong with his karma to be followed by so much ill luck.

A roaring cheer finally broke him from his muses, Shinichi cheering along with the others. Hideo was going for the goal. The charged atmosphere was reminiscent of his heists, and he found himself—now that he was paying attention—caught up in the excitement, cheering along with them.

The roar became deafening as the ball flew from the young player's shoe neatly past the goalie's fingertips and into the right corner of the goal.

"He did it!" Shinichi cheered, giving Kaito an excited hug before releasing him just as suddenly, probably never realizing what he had just done. "That puts the Spirits in the lead with less than a minute to go!"

On auto pilot, Kaito replied something back, but he didn't really register what it was. Inside he was reeling from the physical contact. Which was odd. He hugged Shinichi almost constantly. He blinked.

Oh. That was why. It was obvious really. Shinichi affected him strongly because for the first time it was him doing the hugging, not the other way around. And he didn't even notice, Kaito thought in fond exasperation. He seemed to have fallen for a rather oblivious detective. How was it that he was so brilliant in catching murderers and solving his riddles and he didn't even notice the change he was going through?

I suppose I'll have to talk to him soon… Kaito let his emotions show in a fond smile that had Shinichi freezing in surprise.

"Are you ok? You have a strange expression at the moment."

Laughing—because what else could he really do in that sort of situation—Kaito shook his head and slung an arm around Shinichi's neck.

"So, do you think the other team will catch up to the Spirits in the time that's left, or is it pretty much guaranteed that they've won?" They'd talk soon, but he was feeling too bubbly for serious talk at the moment. Soon.

"Hey Shin-chan…" Shinichi blinked at the arms suddenly around his neck as he was hugged from behind. He hadn't even noticed when they had gotten there, or when their owner had arrived.

"Kaito…" From the position he was in, he couldn't even turn his head to see what the magician wanted, or what mood might possibly be readably in his eyes. Not that he had much a chance of seeing it with the other man's patented poker face. "What is it?" He carefully closed the book he was reading so he wouldn't wrinkle the pages.

"Shinichi, what am I to you?" Kaito murmured into the detective's neck. "We've been friends for almost three months now. You have never even mentioned to me what happened that first night since I kissed you."

Shinichi stiffened slightly. Kaito had gained the habit of showing up unexpectedly, but he had not been expecting this from the ambush. Usually it was a plea to cure boredom or to share something he was excited about. "Kaito…" he said again, unsure of what to say.

"I said I would be patient, Shinichi. I have been. I still am. I am not going to ask you to do anything or act on feelings you might or might not have. It's just… it's kind of hard not knowing." He sighed. "You know how I see you. And I know how you once viewed me. All I'm asking is if things have changed."

This would be a lot easier if I could look him in the eye, Shinichi thought, taking a breath. Truth be told, he was a bit surprised this encounter hadn't come sooner. With Ran and Aoko pestering him when they saw him, and Kaito's continued clinginess, he had definitely been doing a bit of soul searching. "Look Kaito," he began slowly.

"You can't say you don't know," the magician thief half growled, tightening his grip ever so slightly. "No excuses this time."

"I wasn't going to," Shinichi snapped back. He shook off Kaito's arms in irritation and turned around. It wasn't right, not being able to see Kaito's face.

Surprisingly, he was in his KID outfit. "Why are you wearing that?" he asked, forgetting for the moment, his irritation in surprise.

"Don't laugh," Kaito warned. "It makes me feel more confident and…it was what I was wearing when I finally told you how I felt."

"Oh." Shinichi didn't find it funny. In fact it was a bit endearing since it was so hard to tell when the magician was or was not feeling secure or what not. "Kaito."

"And don't just say something because you think it's what I want to say," Kaito said cutting him off again.

"Kaito, I wouldn't—"

"And if you reject me, that changes nothing, we're still friends," he added quickly.

Shinichi grabbed Kaito's shoulders roughly. "Kaito. Shut up. Do you want to hear what I have to say or not?" He had a feeling that despite whatever impulse had led the thief to show up that night, he didn't really want to know. He was too nervous, and his mask was slipping. If he wasn't sure that it would likely scare his friend off, Shinichi would have laughed that he had managed to ruffle the infamous Kaitou KID so much.

"Kaito, you are one of my best friends. I might have only known your true identity for a few months, but it feels like we've been close for years. I wasn't really sure what to think of you at first though. You reveal your identity, kiss me, then decide to be my friend and pop up everywhere in my life. And I had once thought you were a frustrating challenge chasing you on rooftops." He smiled. "Being your friend was just as unpredictable and an adventure as following you at your night job. I'm glad I got to see who you really are, Kaito."

Kaito was blinking a bit too quickly. He looked in Shinichi's eyes for a second, then to the side. The blue seemed too intense for the moment entirely focused on him. For once it wasn't the focus of a detective on his quarry, and he didn't really have a name for what he saw there. He sat still and waited.

Shinichi took a slow breath. "I will admit that the idea of dating another man seemed…strange after how I felt toward Ran. I have to make it clear that I still love her, but as a friend now, nothing more. And toward you…ever since you kissed me I have been moving steadily toward a point past friendship I think." He smirked. "Do you have any idea how annoying it is that you appear in my thoughts every day before I fall asleep, or that rather than thinking of Ran or Hattori when I think of something new or finish a case, I think of you? It drove me crazy when I first noticed it. But you know? I don't really mind it all that much anymore."

"What do you—" Kaito started to say. Shinichi frowned at him, and he cut off with a click as his teeth hit each other in the abruptness of the motion.

"So, Kuroba Kaito, I would have to say that I don't just like you as a friend after all. As strange as it still is for me to admit, I think I like you. I think my behavior toward you would have made you certain far before I noticed it."

Kaito blinked, then blinked again before saying weakly, "Hey, you're the detective, not me."

Shinichi raised an eyebrow. "That's a ridiculous excuse, and you know it. We both have deductive ability, and you read people even better than I do." He laughed. "I guess we're both a little slow in our romantic sense then. I didn't realize I liked Ran for the longest time, and I no idea she liked me until I found out on accident as Conan."

"True. I can play the part, but I have no real experience romantically." Kaito wondered why he had just admitted that out loud. It sounded so opposite his night persona. It completely ruined his image. Whatever. He was enjoying watching Shinichi's eyes now that he knew there wasn't going to be any cruel let down. It felt almost like a dream.

Kaito's thoughts were cut off as Shinichi kissed him. It wasn't as quick as the first time, nor was it as soft. It was a bit surprising considering that he should have been the confident one. He had kissed first after all. But he found himself surrendering to the kiss even as the force of emotions behind it made him press back as hungrily as the detective. They broke off awkwardly, breathing a bit harder than they had been initially.

"Well that was unexpected," Kaito said breathily.

Shinichi winced. "Was it that bad?"

"Tantei-kun," the thief said exasperatedly, "if it was 'that bad' I wouldn't have been kissing you back or be breathing heavy now would I? We just need a bit more practice…" A manic grin spread across his face. "If you're willing…"

Shinichi swallowed, mouth suddenly feeling dry. He knew he was blushing, and acknowledging that he was was only making it worse. "S-sure…" There was no more room for talking as Kaito pounced.

Finally! Kaito thought. For once being patient worked out. He wasn't sure how things would turn out yet. Shinichi was still new to the whole idea of dating him, and they would have to work out how the whole thief/detective thing would work in the long run, but for the most part, Kaito was content not to plan ahead for a while. Most of all though, he was sincerely glad that he had taken the risk those months ago and had revealed himself. The kisses with Shinichi at the moment more than made up any doubts he had had along the way. Now to see how long it takes to get past kissing.

Dating Kuroba Kaito was a lot like being on one of his KID heists, Shinichi decided. It was even more unpredictable than being his friend. Being KID's boyfriend entailed midnight visits, frequent evasion of authorities, and dates that were less like what an ordinary person would call romantic, and more like mental gymnastics. In truth, it reminded him a bit of what his parents did as newlyweds, where his dad had set up challenges for his mom just to get to the date site. But he had to admit, it was the happiest he had been in a long time.

Once he had come to terms with the whole boy/boy thing, he found himself enjoying each new encounter. It helped that he had Ran's full support of course. He didn't think he would have been able to get over her so quickly if it hadn't been for her easy acceptance of Kaito in his life. Shinichi would have appreciated them not ganging up on him, but he supposed it was just another side effect of dating a magician/thief. Pranks were to be expected.

He stood at the top of the clock tower where several years ago, he and KID had first met. Never in a million years would he have ever thought he would one day be dating his quarry, but here he was.

A slight movement out of the corner of his eye made Shinichi look to his right, and there was KID, face in its ever present shadow, monocle gleaming, with his trademark grin on his face.

"Hey," Shinichi said easily. "For a second there I thought you were going to be late."

"Me? Tantei, I am always punctual." Kaito removed his hat with a flourish, offering his hand to Shinichi to help him off the platform he had been waiting on.

Shinichi took his hand though he didn't really need the help and kissed his boyfriend's un-monocled eye. "Happy anniversary."

"You as well, Tantei." Kaito smiled and moved to receive a proper kiss. Out of nowhere he produced a bottle of wine and two glasses. "To another wonderful year of our acquaintance?" he queried, pouring without spilling a drop on his spotless white uniform.

"Is that what you want to call it? I thought it was dating." Shinichi grinned as he took the offered glass. "To another year," he agreed. The sound of crystal tapping crystal could be heard over the rotating gears of the clock. He took a sip and then kissed Kaito. "Another wonderful year."

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