Back story: Booth and Brennan are both undergraduates at Northwestern University. Booth is a popular, starting quarterback on the football team and Brennan is a hardworking student. Both are first year students but Brennan has enough credits coming in from high school to be a considered a sophomore.

Temperance Brennan was sitting at her desk in her dorm room, very early on a Wednesday morning. It was late and she was typing a paper for her linguistic anthropology class. It wasn't due for another two weeks but she was almost done with it and she was done with all of her other upcoming deadlines. Looking at the clock, she realized it was almost three in the morning and her roommate would be coming back soon.

Northwestern was known for the partying but Brennan just didn't understand the appeal to drinking excessively, killing brain cells and having less than adequate grades. Her roommate, Maggie, went out on school nights and weekends. To Maggie, there wasn't a bad night to go out. Brennan had been pressured by her roommate to go out on numerous occasions. Brennan refused every time, much to Maggie's dismay. She wanted Brennan to loosen up. Maggie hardly knew anything about Temperance but she wanted a new friend out her yearlong situation the university had assigned to them. Temperance seemed nice enough to Maggie but she wanted her roomie to open up and be friendlier.

Brennan liked Maggie and considered her a decent friend, something she hadn't had, besides Mr. Buxley, since elementary school. The only thing she didn't like about Maggie was the part of Maggie that came home drunk and insanely loud on school nights when Brennan had to get up early for class the next morning.

Even worse were the nights that when Maggie brought back a guy to their room. Brennan was not a prude by any standards. Though she had never had a boyfriend, it didn't mean she wasn't attracted to the rare man with perfectly symmetrical features.

But that night was the night that unpredictably changed Brennan's life.

Brennan, still sitting at her desk, heard the key turn in the lock. Holding her breath, she waited to see if Maggie came in with another guy that was probably just as drunk as she was. She heard giggling from two different voices and one was definitely lower in the register than Maggie's. Brennan began to gather her things to work out in the hallway.

The door opened and the drunken, sloppy couple practically fell into the room. As her roommate and the flavor of the night clumsily climb up into Maggie's lofted bed, Brennan shuffled out the door and sat in the hall, right next to her door. She could hear giggling and some other sounds she'd rather not think about until she heard Maggie's 'friend' start speaking.

"No, this isn't right. We're just going to regret this in the morning. And I'd rather not take the Walk of Shame," he laughed lightly.

Maggie moaned with defeat and frustration and told the boy, well, man, to get out.

She could hear some shuffling and the man redressing. As he ran out of the room, he tripped over Brennan's legs and fell flat on his face.

"Umph," he grunted, as he hit the floor.

"Oh, I'm sorry!" Brennan quickly apologized.

"Eh, don't worry about it. My fault. What are you working on?"

"My linguistic anthropology paper," Brennan said with a shrug.

"How much do you know about anthropology?"

Brennan studied the man. He had perfectly symmetrical features, just like she liked. Realizing he wasn't as drunk as she had assumed, she answered, "A lot, actually. I'm majoring in anthropology."

"I need a tutor. Bad. I know we just met; I don't even know your name, but do you think you would be willing to tutor me? I need to keep my grades up to stay on the team. The team needs me. I'm their leader, you know?"

She looked him over once or twice. He seemed nice. And he was kind. But she wasn't sure how serious he was about being tutored. Brennan couldn't bother to have her time wasted by some kid who was just going to slack off, tutor or not.

"You'll be paid," he told her, hoping that would seal the deal. Brennan took this into consideration. She needed the money. Her academics were being paid for by the college for her outstanding grades, but without a family to support her, the cost of books, groceries and other things Brennan needed were a burden on her.

"Fine. Give me your name and number and we can set up a time and place."

He laughed, "Don't you know who I am?"

"Should I?" she asked, straight faced.

The man was dumbfounded. Who didn't know who he was? Everyone on campus knows who Seeley Booth is. All-star freshman quarterback, already being scouted by the major league football teams.

"Seeley Booth. Call me Booth. Don't you go to football games?"

"I don't understand the idea of men tackling each other to get a ball."

Booth laughed awkwardly. "So you never told me your name." He looked up at her dorm door and the name tags on it.

"Well, I already know you're not Maggie. So you're Temperance?" he questioned.

Brennan nodded. Booth had some sort of inquisitive look on his face, like he was thinking too long and too hard about something.

Booth looked at her. "Temperance is too long of a name. You need a nickname," he suggested.

"Well, most people call me Tempe," she told him.

"Nah," he waved her off, "what's your last name?"

"Brennan," she answered.

"Bren. You're Bren. Okay, Bren, give me your number and I'll hit you up later. I'm free most afternoons except for late Monday practices. When do you wanna tutor me?" he said with a grin.

"Friday nights. 8 PM at the Main Library?" Brennan took out her planner, ready to add their appointment to her schedule.

"Friday nights?! Really?!" Booth yelled, "But that's my night to go out! Well, most of the time, but if we have away games we usually leave Friday mornings."

Brennan looked at him skeptically. "Alright, how about Wednesday afternoons at 3 in the Main Library?"

"I can make that work," he said. "When do we start?"


A/N: Hey guys, this is my first story. I'm just kind of testing the waters with this story and letting it lead me where it will. I'm not sure if I want to continue. Let me know if any of you are interested in more chapters. I have finals and a Forensic Anthropology presentation/paper coming up so life might be hectic for me for a bit so I'll write when I can if you guys like it. And please let me know if you think anything needs tweaking or if its out of character or something. Thanks!