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I've been aspiring to write a Naru/Anko for some time and this isn't the best of my work but i had to get it out of my system


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She was always watching. Whether it was during training, getting bowl of ramen at his favorite stand, or just walking around Konoha. They were everywhere, those brown irises. He had yet to confront her about it because he was, for lack of a better term, scared of her reaction to him knowing. It was fairly obvious to anyone around him that he was being shadowed, those that did notice simply turned away and ignored it, thinking it was some sort of training. The more and it happened the more he became frightened until one day he reached a conclusion about this strange phenomenon.

She was creeping him out.

It started a few months after he returned to Konoha, he had been performing his morning exercises that his sensei insisted were important before training. A shiver ran down his spine, the bushes rustled nearby. The only thing he could see were those cafe colored orbs and the shade of her hair, but that was enough. He had tried his best to continue the workout, but her unwanted company deterred him.

The chill that came with her presence in the air was never unwelcome, but it gave him a feeling of uncertainty. He became nervous every time she watched him train, so much so that training without a shirt on was no longer an option. The first few instances he could swear that a certain purr came from wherever her chosen hiding place was when he performed his warm ups. For this reason he cut many of his training sessions short, he could never really get into his exercise with her eyes nearby.

He would then leave to walk around the park, anything to get his mind off of her. She would always follow though, never far enough to lose him but not close enough to be discovered instantly. Her tailing was shoddy at best, even some of the villagers began to notice her presence. Those that did retreated into their homes, they would not be caught in her plotting. The boy knew better though, she wasn't an amateur ninja, no one should have been able to detect her. He was certain of one thing at this point.

She was playing with him.

It would be even worse at Ichiraku. At times she would drop by and sit next to him, not even speaking to him the entire time. On one occasion he assumed she tried to speak to him when she turned and opened her mouth. The words never left her throat though, she turned back and finished what was left of her meal. It was irritating, he couldn't ever enjoy his ramen because he was on constant alert. Saying the wrong thing would trigger an angry response from her if the first time he met her was any proof.

After she left Ayame and Teuchi would always question him about her sudden visits, but he didn't have the answer. They would then tease him about it, the woman didn't exactly have a good reputation around Konoha. The ramen stand owner would never go into her history, all people in the leaf village already knew of it. He would instead opt for teasing the boy about the nonexistent relationship between the two. This annoyed the boy to no end, he could no longer enjoy his ramen in silence and the brown eyed woman was the cause of all of it.

That was the last straw.

He had enough, the fear would grip him no longer. He would find out her reason for stalking him, when his ramen was threatened he would never be hesitant.

The next day he walked out to his normal training area, as always a chill ran down his spine, she was nearby. It was a hot day so he removed his shirt, a surprised gasp came from atop a tree. He started the warm ups, then switched to training with several clones. He made about two hundred, they all dashed into the forest attempting to find and destroy each other. This was the impression that the woman received, she was too busy staring at all of them in wonderment to notice the five that had moved behind her.

They tackled her to the ground, one moved under her to break her fall. He wanted to question her but didn't want her injured. She could have taken out those clones if she wanted to, she must have been distracted from something. He calmly strode up to her, the clones relinquished some of their grip allowing her to raise the her head. Her eyebrows were knit in anger, the purple hair fell over her face in an strangely attractive manner. Her eyes showed something he had not expected to see in the frightening woman: fear.

"Why have you been following me?" the boy inquired. He was sure she had better things to do.

The woman was once again hesitant in speaking, almost as if she had lost her voice. She opened her mouth once again but no words escaped. He began to grow even more irritated, she had never seemed like someone who had a problem speaking. He and the woman had only shared a handful of meetings, but from what he had gathered she was not the shy type.

"I asked you a question." His voice was not kind, a contrast to his usual carefree attitude.

Her face turned fierce, he had hit a nerve, he could tell. It was probably the way she was restrained and how he was acting towards her, similar to an adult scolding a child. This is what he had feared, upsetting her. However she could do nothing from her position under the clones. There was no running, she would give him an explanation.

"I don't know," she replied coldly

"That's not good enough."

"Who the fuck do you think you are gaki? When the Hokage hears about this I doubt she'll be happy."

"I agree, when she hears of how you've been following me everywhere I'm sure she'll be a little less than pleased. Now give me an answer."

The woman cursed silently "You've changed gaki. What happened to that idiot that I met three years ago?"

"He grew up, and I haven't changed that much. You're not making my life any easier by following me around, now give me a reason why I shouldn't take this to Baa-chan."

"I don't know."

He restrained himself from shouting, though the urge was beginning to get the best of him

"Don't follow me anymore." He dispersed his clones. She stood up slowly. "I don't need any crazy women trailing me. Leave me alone."

He jumped away in the trees. As he continued his journey back to his apartment he tried his best to convince himself that he wasn't too cruel. The way she had been to him in the past could be considered anything but nice. He couldn't shake the feeling that he had been overly aggressive though. He assumed she was used to this type of interaction, but one thing told him differently.

The hurt in her eyes before he left.


Weeks passed, he no longer felt a chill in his spine wherever he walked. The air was lighter when he strolled around the village, no one hid in the trees, behind bushes, or anything else. Everyone talked freely, no one mentioning the absence of the woman. The lost involuntary shiver should have been a positive thing, everywhere he went to it wasn't present. However, the boy could not lie to himself.

He was missing her.

It was a strange sensation, wanting the attention of someone in his life that had all but driven him to the brink of insanity before with her company. He missed the eyes, the strange purrs and laughter from the numerous hiding spots. No one had ever paid him such attention before, he hadn't thought about it enough prior to their argument and he truly missed it. It was ludicrous to even think such a thing, but it was true. Her of all people, a woman who he had little to no interaction with. Yet she showed something that he had not seen frequently in other people, let alone women.

The same loneliness that threatened to consume him so many years ago.

He had saved many people from that same seclusion, that same pit of loneliness that was the result of being isolated by others. His personality would not allow him to do otherwise, why should she be any different?

'Because she's crazy.'

He dismissed that thought. The Hokage would know where she was staying, that would be his first stop. He started his trek towards the Godaime's residence but something stopped him, a head of purple hair sitting under one of the dango stands. He jumped into a tree, watching closely. She ate viscously, tearing into the sweet treat with no regard to decency. It reminded him of how he ate his ramen, the little sugary treats were probably her favorite food. His foot slipped out into the open, dangling in the air before he could bring it back into cover. A small smile graced her lips soon after, she took off down the street.

The boy had difficulty trailing her, his sensei had always chided him on his shadowing skills but he thought nothing of it, thinking it would never need to be used. His approach was direct, never beating around the bush. He followed her through the many districts of Konoha, at one time actually having to duck into a store when she turned around to not be seen. It was only after he heard a girlish shriek that he looked into the store to see it was a women's clothing store. He ducked out and started running after the woman, narrowly dodging the flying heels soaring near his head.

She stopped at last atop the Hokage tower, it was pretty late in the day. Her form could be seen standing triumphantly, her grin now on full force. He hid as best as he could near the tower, then the shiver that had been absent so for so long once again went up his spine. He relished in the feeling, it had a sense of danger but also made him want it, he felt almost addicted to the sensation. It wasn't long before he was pinned to the floor at her feet by three of her own clones, he had been so caught up in his own thoughts that he hadn't felt their presence.

"Why are you following me gaki?"

He took a minute to assess his situation, there was no way to escape. She could do anything to him, but for some reason he wasn't scared. No, he wanted her attention, her dangerous presence allured him. He could not think of a reason to tell her why he was following her though, other than he wanted to save her, but that sounded corny.

"I have a name," he responded. It wasn't cold like their previous conversation. His voice had an air of playfulness in it.

"So do I."

"It's funny, I don't remember it." Her face once again took on a fierce nature.

"Very funny, all I remember when I look at you is the word 'kyuubi'."

His face matched hers. They both weren't happy with each other. The boy forced himself to concentrate on why he was there, he had talked to worse people.

"Anko, was it?" The woman known as Anko nodded her head. Her face softened.

"So why have you been following me Naruto?"

The boy was silent for a few moments, an answer never came to him.

"I don't know."

Anko nodded and dispelled her clones. She walked a few paces then sat down, she was facing the sunset. Her knees were hugged to her chest. It wasn't cold outside so he guessed she was uncomfortable with what was going on. Her trench coat hung loosely over her frame, the fishnet shirt tight to her body underneath.

"So now you know," she stated

"I guess, if you wouldn't have followed me this never would have happened though."

"I suppose, but then we both would be missing out on something."

"On what?"

"I haven't figured that out yet. You've changed Naruto."

"Maybe. You still look the same as three years ago." Instead of getting angry like Naruto would have thought she would she smiled gratefully. Whenever he tried to compliment women they usually took it as an insult, it was a good thing she was different.

"So...what do we do now?"

"I don't know...should we hold hands or something?"

"What? What are you talking about?" Anko's face was schooled in mock surprise, Naruto didn't catch it.

Naruto flushed red. He had assumed she had a similar attraction to him "N-Nothing! I just thought-"

Anko chuckled a little, he was still the shy genin she met three years ago, despite his change in size. She shyly grasped his hand, not used to such displays of affection. They were both equal shades of red, Naruto finally got the courage to speak up.

"Who was it?"

Anko was startled by the question. He wasn't the smartest ninja but she should have realized he could pick up on others emotions. He had been through more than she had.

"My old sensei, he deserted me. Is that why you followed me?"

"Hai, that and this," he gestured towards their joined hands. He knew that she used to be Orochimaru's student but did not know that the snake sannin deserted her. That was just one more reason he had to hate the bastard.

"What do you think you can do? I doubt this village will ever accept either one of us."

"Don't know that either, but it's got to be easier to share the pain with someone else."

Anko nodded. They held hands until the sun went down, then they both went to their respective homes. For the next few months they shadowed each other, each trying to surprise the other. Anko had more success in this task than her competitor. Friendship came easily in time because of this activity. Naruto enjoyed the rush of the adrenaline whenever he attempted to avoid her while Anko was simply enjoying the time they spent together. They weren't sure of their relationship yet but one thing was for certain, neither one was ever lonely.

Well how was it?