The Fairest of them All

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Emily Prentiss woke to a blinding light shinning in her eyes and a throbbing ache in the back of her head. As she sat up a bit her captor came into view. He was tall—easily over six feet—a little over weight but clearly very strong. He had an unruly mop of brown hair on his head and a few days worth of stubble on his chin. Emily couldn't help but cringe involuntarily when she saw the leer on his face directed right at her.

"Good you're awake, the fun can finally begin." He said with a grin on his face that caused Emily to shiver. "You have been asleep for two days. I gave you something to help you sleep; you looked very tired like you hadn't slept in days." He said reaching to touch her face.

Emily desperately wanted to pull away but she had no idea what this man's current mental state was. If she pulled away he could very easily flip out and attack her. It was quickly becoming clear to her that this was the Unsub the team from the BAU had been hunting all week long. He had kidnapped five women dressed them up as characters out of fairy tales and after a few days of torturing them he killed them. She knew that if she ever wanted to make it out of his lair she was going to have to be very careful.

All Emily wanted to do was attack this man and escape but after two days of being sedated she was weak and she was more than certain that this psychotic man could easily stop any attack she could bring at this moment.

And then a realization hit her like a ton of bricks: if she had been sedated in this room for two day that meant that her team—her friends were probably going out of their minds searching for her. They had very little to go on to find this man even after five murders and she doubted he left any more evidence when he attacked and kidnapped her. Emily felt a wave of guilt for what her team was going through looking for her with so few leads. She felt especially bad for causing Hotch to worry about her after everything that had already happened to him this past year.

The guilt was quickly replaced with a fear that pressed down on her chest forcing the air out of her lungs. With so few leads and with no more evidence likely to be provided there was very little chance that they would find her in time. No one knew where she was or how to find her and the clock was ticking. Emily began to realize it was likely she would end up as this man's sixth victim. She was pulled out of her thoughts as he began to speak to her.

"You will be my masterpiece. All the others were just practice for the wonderful things I will do to you."

This only caused the weight on Emily's chest to press harder preventing her from breathing further. She had seen what this man had done to the five women who preceded her and she wondered what could surpass the hells he had already committed.

"Snow White has always been my favorite." He continued "and I knew the moment I saw you three days ago at the crime scene that you were the one. Skin as white as snow," he said as he proceeded to caress her cheek again. "Lips as red as blood" he said mimicking the action this time to her lips and while every bone in her body wanted to rebel and pull away Emily let him continue.

"Hair as black as the ebony window pain," he said as he violently pulled her hair forcing her face closer to his. "I even thought up something extra special for your friends." He forced her head to look at the camera he had placed in the right hand corner of the room.

"It will give them hope of rescuing you all the while they will watch helplessly as I kill you. They will never find you that camera is untraceable." He forced her to look at him once more. "You will never escape here not even after I kill you. I plan to keep you forever in a glass coffin. You will forever be my Snow White. Sit tight sweetheart, I will be back soon and then the fun will being." He threw her back on to the bed, slamming the heavy steel door shut as he left. Emily could hear the locks turn and fasten once the door was closed.

Emily forced herself to breath, taking a shaky breath she sat up and looked around. The only way of escape was through the steel door, there were no windows, and she couldn't even tell if it was night or day. The only source of light was the bright florescent bulbs on the ceiling above. She was trapped in a concert box with no hope of escape. Fighting her captor was an option she had already dismissed, she hadn't eaten in days and she had seen the revolver at his hip not to mention her gun which he took from her hiding somewhere.

He had changed her clothes, that thought alone disgusted her, the idea of his hands over her bare skin made her cringe. She desperately hoped that their initial profile has been correct and the man would keep his hands to himself, at least sexually, fore she knew when he came back in the room he was going to hurt her.

He had dressed her in a long blue corseted dress with a low neckline making her look a bit like Anne Boleyn from that Showtime show she caught a few times. Emily suddenly wanted out of these clothes very badly, they were suffocating her, but she knew removing them would anger her captor. Not to mention she had no other clothes to wear, that meant she would have to put up with them for the time being. Frustrated she knew she couldn't do much about her current problems at the moment. All she could do was hope and pray that this guy messed up soon or maybe Garcia would be able to somehow trace the untraceable video feed from the camera.

Oh that damn camera, if it couldn't help them find her the last thing she wanted was for her friends to see the horrible things this man was coon going to be doing to her. Up to this point she had avoided looking at the camera but as she looked up at she saw a red light flash on indicating that the camera was now recording. She wanted to cry but instead she turned away from the camera back to the door mentally preparing herself for what was about to come.

She knew that without a slip up by the Unsub it would be unlikely her team would find her in time, if they found her at all. If this serial killer had his way she would be his glass encased trophy forever. And as much as she did not want to admit it she, Emily Prentiss, was scared.