Ch 24 Happily Ever After

Nearly seven months has passed since Emily Prentiss had been abducted and tortured by George Grant. Her wounds and broken bones were now completely healed, her claustrophobia was almost non-existent and she was only having nightmares every once in a while. Even with all of that Emily still decided to continue seeing her therapist once every month. Right now they were working on getting rid of any lasting claustrophobia that she might have. In addition Emily wanted to continue to go because it gave her someone to talk to about the horrors she saw on the job, plus she wanted to have a professional on hand in case anything ever happened at work again.

Emily's love life was going equally as well, her relationship with Aaron kept getting better as time went on. The two had a very happy healthy relationship which meant that in addition to a lot of wonderful times they also fought every so often. Several of their argument centered around work, from time to time Emily felt that Aaron was being too over protective while Aaron professed that he wasn't playing favorites or preventing her from doing something dangerous just because he had feelings for her. They always found a way to work the problem out though and it usually ended with a long round of makeup sex, which they both fully enjoyed.

When Emily returned to duty they decided to share a hotel room when they traveled for cases. There was some concern that their relationship and room arrangement in particular would interfere with their job. In reality the exact opposite occurred, sharing a room resulted in an increased job performance, they slept better and it was a lot easier to have makeup sex while sharing a room. Also it allowed them to be more professional while working, if one had a problem or issue with the other they almost always waited till they were back in their room before discussing it or fighting about it. There were rare occasions when the problem needed to be dealt with immediately and even then they made sure they never fought in front of the team or local officers.

Their relationship was going so well that after only four months together Emily decided to give up her apartment. She knew then that she wanted to stay with the two Hotchner men for as long as they would have her. Aaron's apartment was a tight fit for all three of them but neither he nor Emily were going to suggest moving to Jack until they were ready to seriously consider expanding their family.

It was now the end of December right before New Year's Eve and a blanket of snow covered the Quantico grounds. The Holiday season had brought a lull in the cases and the team was looking forward to an enjoyable long weekend with some well deserved down time.

The week before Emily and Aaron spent their first Christmas together and Emily was more excited than Jack was for Christmas to come, something Aaron didn't even know was possible. She insisted on buying the five year old more toys than he ever needed. Aaron tried to convince her that Jack didn't need all the presents. But he didn't try very hard to dissuade her, he could see how much it meant to her, and he couldn't help but wonder how long it had been since she had someone to celebrate Christmas with.

Emily spent all of Christmas day playing with Jack and his new toys which both of them thoroughly enjoyed, and Aaron loved watching them. Emily had become a very important part of Jack's life, he wouldn't go to bed till she at least gave him a kiss good night, and usually he demanded a story as well. He got very upset if he couldn't talk to both of them while they were away. And Jack had started coming straight to Emily whenever he got hurt. At first Emily felt guilty about this, she didn't want to replace Aaron especially when it came to making the five year old feel better. But then one day Aaron confessed how happy he was to have her there to do those things for Jack.

"Saying this probably makes me a horrible father but I am glad he runs to you when he is hurt or upset." She tried to protest but he cut her off.

"When it was just the two of us I actually had anxiety over dealing with these things. I always felt that i was making thing worse when I tired to help him, and I know i was, I could see it in his eyes. And I wasn't going to do what my father did which was to tell me that real men didn't cry and that I should just get over it. I didn't exactly have a great roll model as a child, and these were usually the things Haley always took care of and I took that for granted. But now he comes to you and you always find a way to make things better. On top of that I no longer worry about the times he comes to me, I am more confident because of use I can usually manage to fix things now. This time around I am not taking it for granted so thank you."

She had tears in her eyes when he finished. "Your welcome" she said softly. "I love you both very much."

"And we love you. I can't remember what life was like before you lived with us and I don't want to know."

"A lot less crowded" she joked.

"But a lot less fun."

"Aaron don't be so hard on yourself you had a lot to figure out, being a single parent is not easy, you were doing a wonderful job before I crash landed here."

"Well you can crash land with me anytime." He said with a kiss.

Jack had appeared to have completely forgotten their conversation about a new baby, but Emily had not. As time passed she thought about their conversation more and more and since Christmas it was all she thought about when not working, and by December 30th she found that she was thinking about it instead of working.

Late that Thursday afternoon Emily entered Aaron's office quickly and without knocking, which was strange, even now with their relationship she always knocked. She closed the door and threw the files she was carrying down on the desk.

"Files" she said in a kind of gruff voice. She then went and closed his blinds.

Aaron quickly sat up and searched his brain for what he possibly could have done wrong, they had been reviewing case files all day and their lunch earlier had been pretty romantic. But she was clearly angry about something and for the life of him he couldn't think of anything that he had done wrong. He thought that maybe if he started off with a joke the situation might get a little better, or at least her reaction might help him determine what he had done wrong.

"Careful Emily people are going to think we are doing all types of unspeakable things up here."

"Maybe we should do all types of unspeakable things then." She said with a big smile as she came over to him and sat on his lap giving him a big kiss.

Aaron was elated, he was wrong she defiantly was not mad at him. And all he could think was that not only was she not mad at him she wanted to have sex; his day had just improved greatly.

"Hmm not that I mind but I thought we agreed not to do this except in special circumstances."

"I am calling this a special circumstance." She said with a seductive smile.

"And what special circumstance may that be."

"Jack is away with his grandparents for New Years, it is going to be a long weekend and I want to stop practicing and start trying." She said between kisses to his neck which felt very nice but was also proved to be a rather large distraction to Aaron which was why he wasn't sure if he heard or understood her correctly.

"Are you telling me you would like to try and have a baby?" He asked pulling away from her kisses.

"I am, I think we are in a really good place right now. The doctor said that I am in perfect health. My therapy had gone really well, no panic attacks, only a few nightmares and I haven't gotten claustrophobic in a long time. We haven't killed each other yet and it has been almost seven months. I love living with you and Jack and I love you. I want to have a baby with you, it is all I seem to think about these days. Do you think we should wait?" She asked a little concerned that they weren't on the same page in their relationship anymore.

"No I completely agree I just wanted to make sure that you really wanted this and that our conversation months ago wasn't pushing you into something you are not ready for. I am ready, I think were ready. All during Christmas when I watched you play with Jack you two were adorable but it felt like something was missing and I realized it was another child. I love Jack more than anything but I have always wanted more kids it just didn't seem like a possibility before. But now I have you and I really want to have a child with you, I want to give Jack a little brother or sister. And I think we are ready, it is all I have thought about lately too."

In response she gave him the biggest passion filled kiss she could possibly give.

"So you want to start tonight?" He asked raising his eyebrow suggestively.

"I was hoping it would be a weekend long event."

"Hmm that sounds like fun, how about we start with a nice romantic dinner at home, I was thinking that pasta dish you like, some nice white wine and then maybe some cheesecake while we 'watch' a movie."

"Oh you do know how to treat a girl, but you can make us that nice dinner tomorrow night tonight I want a big greasy pizza, that we get to eat in bed." She said with a seductive smile then kissed him, after a while she finally but very reluctantly got off his lap. "I suppose I should go back to work, think my boss will let me go home early?"

"Oh I think there is a very good chance he will, I think you could probably manage to leave in a hour."

"Sounds good" She turned to leave but then a thought made her turn around. "You do know what this means though?"

"What?" He once again had no idea what she was talking about.

"We are going to have to find a big house with a pool for Jack." They both burst out laughing.

"You're right but in reality we really need the room, the apartment is so cramped to begin with we can't move without hitting something and half our stuff and all your furniture is in storage. We need a new place to live baby or not." He said

"I guess I know what else we are doing this weekend."

"Yes but the other thing comes first right?" There was no way he was going to allow house hunting to take precedent over a weekend of baby making sex.

"Oh you bet because I hear that trying is even better than practicing and our practice attempts are pretty 'awesome' to steal Jack's word. I can't wait to see what trying is like."

"I do not disappoint Agent Prentiss."

"That's good Agent Hotchner." They returned to their rather intense kissing, this time in the middle of his office.

"Does it have to have a pool?" He asked pulling away from their kiss.

"Well in Jack's mind a pool and a baby go hand in hand."

"But a pool is a lot of work."

"Yes and they are a lot of fun and I think Jack will be upset if we don't get a pool and I might be as well." She said with a bashful smile on her face.

"I see it is two again one, I guess a pool it is, I hope the next child takes my side."

"Highly unlikely just thought I should warn you now, before you get high hopes, it will likely be the other way around; you will be taking his or her side."

"Well if she has beautiful eyes like yours it will be very hard to say no."

"You have no problem telling me no"

"Only at work, at home you usually get whatever you want."

"I think you have selective memory since I got hurt you have been a very bossy man at home."

"Yes but those were special circumstances. I was taking care of you it's like the rolling stones song you can't always get what you want but sometimes you just might find you get what you need."

"Well if you're not careful you will be singing I can't get no, satisfaction."

"Shutting up now."

"That's a good idea" She said giving him a deep long kiss. "We could always start trying right here right now?"

"I don't think that's a good idea no matter how much I would really like to and I would really like to. Dave's next door and we wouldn't hear the end of it. Plus Strauss could end up pounding down the door at any moment. You surprised me I didn't do my through locations check on her."

" You keep track of where Strauss is?"

"Of course I do, everyone does." He said with a smile.

"Well it would make it more exciting if there was the possibility of Strauss catching us."

"But not so exciting knowing Dave would be listening to us while we did it."

"That's true." She pulled back a little. He missed the attention she was giving him but they were headed down a fun but dangerous road and stopping was necessary.

"You know it is the day before a holiday weekend and I am the boss. I say we are leaving now. I think we should do some of that trying before dinner."

"Have I told you that you are the best boss that ever lived?"

"You might have, but feel free to say it as often as you like."

"Come on Aaron let's go make a baby." She said as they left his office.

The End?

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