Hoho I know this story is weird. I purposely rely on the dialogues alone so that people will have the freedom to imagine things. But, of course you will get confused because it is a psychological kind of story and the point of view keeps changing sometimes without warning.

As you can see it is not really a Fanfic, but Kara no Kyoukai had inspired me to write this. Some of my friends dislike KnK so much and I don't really have the right companion to share this. Truthfully, I like KnK very much because the character Shiki reminds me a lot to myself. And, yes, in case you are wondering, I have the other side with me…

People might say it was schizophrenia, or maybe disassociative personality disorder, but since I am still well with a lot of things to do, courses to learn, researches to finish, stories to write, and a whole bunch of school children to teach, I guess it is just a unique way of thinking. I didn't say it had put me in great disadvantage. In fact, my other side had helped me a lot in my things, in facing a frightful presentation for example, a silent discussion during exams, or not to mention a meeting with a bad-ass superior. Hehe… Two heads is always better than one! :P I dare say that the other is quite uncontrollable sometimes when she feels I am in danger. It surprised me that she's able to sense a lot of things every time, while I'm always the naïve and blurred one. There must be certain reasons for myself to be split in two, but truthfully I didn't regret that it happens to me.

So, the things in this story is not based on my experience (no, I am not abused during childhood to the point of losing my mind!) and I made it just to introduce to people the way a split person might think. Maybe I should put some translation for all the Japanese phrases in this story. The reason, I used the Japanese phrases is that, that's how the real conversation was in my head and translating it will erase the real effects of that statement.

I'm sorry for the confusing story. Please read my other Fanfic, if that will ease you. ^_^


Chapter 1

Baka: Idiot

Nande: Why?

Tadaima: I'm home

Okaeri: welcome home

Baka onna da: Idiot woman

Chapter 2

Hidoi!: You are so cruel!

Nee, Aki-chan, mae wo mite goran. Hora! Are wa kimi no hikari da: Hey, Aki, look in front of you. There! That is your light.

Shiki-senpai darou?: It's Shiki-senpai, right?

Chapter 3

Kun: is a word used to address a boy or an underclassman/ kouhai.

Yappari: as I thought

Murasaki: purple

Chapter 4 (Akari's POV)

Hitori: alone

Tanoshii desu yo: It's exciting, you know!

Mou, Aki-chan wa zurui: Enough, Aki-chan is cunning.

Nee, kimi, hontou wa kimi mo sabishii darou: Hey, you. The truth is, you too are lonely, aren't you?

Chapter 5

Nukumori: warmth

Sugoku mendokusai da: How very troublesome!

Saite: You are bad.

Sou desu ka: Is that so?

Aki: it means autumn but it also means empty depending on the kanji characters

Haru: spring

Ana: hole

Kitto: surely

Damare: shut up!

Sugoku kitanai da na ano ko: what a dirty child!

Chapter 6

Missetsu ka na: close I wonder…

Matte: wait!

Nani: what?

Ryougi no koto kiita koto aru ka: Have you heard about Ryougi before?

Shinjitsu wan nan darou: what is reality?

Yume ya nan darou: what is dreams then?

Chapter 7

Nakayoshi: getting closer

Chapter 8

Chi to namida: blood and tears

Jaa, yokatta: that's good

Nii-san: brother

Nagajuban: the inner layer of kimono

Atashi ga saisho kara kiete shimatte ii noni: It's better for me to just disappear from the start.

Chapter 9 (Shiki's POV)

Shiroi himitsu: the white secret

Onegai, tasukete: please help me.

Chapter 10 (mixed POV)

Dekiru ka na: Can it/ can that happen?

Okaeri minna… soshite sayonara: welcome home everyone… and, good bye.

That's the closest I could translate them… Sorry again! ^_^