Sky's Pov

I'm standing off to the side with Brandon and the boys not really listening to what they were saying. I would occasionally nod and laugh when it seemed appropriate. It was the winter ball and we were waiting for our girlfriends to show up. I sighed impatiently. I hadn't seen her in a week, can you believe it. Me, a prince of a powerful kingdom, a great if not the top specialist at red fountain couldn't go a week without seeing the love of his life….and their… when did I start using phrases like 'the love of my life'. I skulled down my drink, thanks to Riven and his flask of whiskey which he happily put in our drinks.

It was half an hour into the dance and still no sign of them. I looked down at my recently refilled spiked punched as it swished in the cup. I was bought out of my trance when I heard one of the boys whisper 'Wow'. I heard a few more 'She's breathtaking' and 'I wish she was mine'. I recognized that voice and it belonged to my partner in crime, Brandon. So I assumed he was talking about his girlfriend Stella, maybe this time she didn't decide to cake her face with makeup and wear ridiculous dresses. Since Stella was there Bloom might be too. I turned around and looked up the staircase.

My heart started pounding in my chest really fast. Everything around became distorted and unimportant. This feeling wasn't the first time I had experienced these sensations. Every time I picked her up for a date. Every time she snuck into my room and me in hers. Every time she thought I wasn't looking.

The first time I laid eyes on her on Earth.

Our first kiss

Our first dance

The first time she told me she loved me

And the first time we made love.

Oh…and every other time after that. No, I was definitely familiar with these sensations. I finally caught my breath and made my way over to her as she descended the staircase. She smiled at me and the pounding came back.

"Hi Sky" she breathed out, driving me insane

"Hi Bloom" I managed, "You look…god you look…" my words failed me. My mind couldn't possibly link such beauty with just any word.

"You too" she smiled at me again. I reached for her hand and kissed it adoringly. Her extraordinary glistening blue orbs watching my every movement. She fell into my happily awaiting embrace. Her arms locked around my neck.

"I missed you" I heard her whisper.

"And I missed you, my love"