Warnings and disclaimers: see chapter 1

Chapter 142 Shave

That morning was busy as the police came back and then the hotel manager. The policemen confirmed what charges were to be laid and that they had a sketch of the woman they were after. Dean had to agree the picture was very close but he felt a twinge of guilt as the cops said they would do their best to apprehend her. The hotel day manager had a message from the body corporate of owners saying they were sorry for what had happened in their hotel. They offered free use of a room whenever they were in Canada and would provide a car to the airport on Friday night. If they needed anything else they only had to talk to one of the hotel managers or staff.

Sam felt like they were back in New Mexico as the man apologized profusely for all the problems. He was glad to see the back of him and anyone else for that matter as he knew Dean was scheduled to get back on his feet this morning. He was worried about Dean getting up so quickly but it was a movement towards the positive and Dean getting better. He was for one was tired of Dean being in hospital. He wanted them to be home where he could look after Dean himself.

Sure enough just before lunch a nurse and doctor came in to remove Dean's catheter and take out his IV's. Half an hour later Dean gently slid out of bed putting pressure on his feet slowly. Dean had to admit there was some soreness there but nothing he couldn't handle. Even so he walked slowly to the bathroom and sat on the closed toilet for a few minutes trying out the sitting position. While he was there he washed his hands and face which made him feel much better.

Back in bed Dean kept the bed in a straighter sitting position and moved his feet around to get used to the feeling of how sore they were. He had been keeping them still in hopes they would mend quicker and they could go home sooner but he felt it was now time to get them moving. He could see Sam watching him like a hawk with a worried expression and held his hand and murmured to him when they were alone. After dinner Dean got up and dragged Sam with him to the bathroom. As soon as the door was shut he hugged Sam to him.

He knew he had done the right thing when Sam wrapped his extra-large body around him like he was never going to let go. Dean smiled despite the tiredness he felt because as per usual Sam was pushing it away for a while. Dean knew even though Sam was close all the time he benefited greatly when he could lie together with Sam or lay in his arms. Dean recognized that Sam had reduced his fatigue simply by being with him. The closer they had become the better able to handle the bone weariness he felt twenty four seven for the last few months. He had never said so to Sam but he could tell he understood.

Sam took a small step back and looked Dean in the eye just as Dean thought they were going to melt into each other.
"I love you, De."
"Love you to, Sammy."
"I can't wait to get you home where I can protect and look after you better."
"You know what our life is like, Sammy. This was just one of those odd things that happen. I say we record it like we normally do just in case and when we leave tomorrow night we leave it behind."
"I for one would like to summon her somehow and beat the crap out of her but I recognize there isn't much I can do since she's dead, so I will instead smoother you as much as possible."
"Smoother me?"
"With love. Now sit for a minute."

Dean sat on the closed toilet seat while Sam leaned against the sink.
"You need a shave, babe." Dean remarked.
"You to. Maybe we could have a shower when we pick up our stuff tomorrow night."
Dean grinned at the implication that they could shower together. "You bet."
"Okay, let's get you back to bed for now."
Dean stood and used his upward motion to hug Sam, kissing him hard on the lips.

Sam kissed back but didn't want to get to far into it as it wasn't the place to get to exited with only a thin door that anybody could knock on anytime. Sam was happy when Dean was back in bed resting. He could see Dean was still very tired and it concerned him that they had a trip in a plane in front of them. He could only hope they had reasonable seats as they had on the way there and that Dean could get some sleep. Sam went to the cafeteria while Dean hacked through his high energy meal. Sam felt for him and brought back a thick slice of apple pie. Dean immediately cheered up and they spent the night watching TV and generally being playful with each other. They had an early night after Dean had his last dose of stronger drugs.

Friday morning was a whirlwind of activity as the doctors checked Dean over and sent him for scans and tests. By dinnertime Dean was dressed and ready to go so they left in a cab for the hotel. Dean had been wheeled to the cab in a wheelchair and was grateful to walk slowly inside the hotel and get to their room unnoticed. Dean had his boots on but done up very loosely so was able to step out of them when they ambled inside.

Dean went to his bag and sorted through it while Sam did the same. Dean held some things out for a shower and went to the bathroom. Sam joined him as he stood at the sink without a shirt getting a razor out of his toiletry bag.
"Want some help with that?" Sam took in that despite his best efforts Dean was looking just as skinny or if not a little more than he had been. At least the bruises and cuts were healing.
"That sounds great."
"Sit down babe."
Dean sat down with a sigh.

Sam filled the sink with warm water and grabbed a soft face washer from the pile. Sam lathered the small bar of soap with water onto the cloth and applied it to the whiskers on Dean's face. Sam held the washer to Dean's face to help with the shave and stole a kiss when he pulled the cloth off. Sam grabbed the shaving foam and applied it to Dean's face blinking when he realized he was getting a little turned on rubbing Dean's face. Sam started shaving Dean's face going with the grain and turning his face when he needed to. Sam took a short break to wash the razor. When he returned Dean smirked at him.
"Make sure you do a good job."
"Whys that?"
"I want to look smooth for my sweetheart."
"Nothing to do with lots of kissing?"
"That to." Dean grinned.

Sam finished the shave kissing Dean deeply at the end as he acknowledged to himself it had turned him on. Dean rose and pulled Sam to him.
"Can I shave you?"
Sam raised an eyebrow. "You up for that?"
"Oh yeah. Its good right?"
"I'm looking forward to a shower with you if that's what you mean."
Dean grinned as he rinsed the cloth and ran new water in the sink. Sam sat on the toilet while Dean prepared what he needed. Sam held the wet cloth to his face while Dean stuck waterproof patches he had been given to keep his stitches dry over the few he had. Dean slipped off the cast by undoing the Velcro as he had been told he could just for bathing.

Dean rubbed the foam on with his good hand crouching down so he was level with Sam. Dean shaved Sam a lot slower than Sam had him but it only added to the sexiness of it to both of them. By the time Dean wiped the last of the foam away they were both getting hard and kissed hard when they stood at the same time. Sam turned the water on and they jumped under the water together.

Sam washed Dean carefully including his hair which almost had Dean slipping down to the floor in delight. He managed to stay upright long enough to wash Sam and wring a very quick orgasm out of both of them. Dean was surprised he had gone at all since he was very tired but he guessed it was a case of what the heart wants.

Once dressed in their suits, without ties at Dean's insistence they packed up their belongings and dropped them by the door. Dean managed to get his once again cast hand into his sleeves by leaving the buttons on the cuff undone. Sam pulled Dean down to his lap on the couch where they kissed for a few minutes.
"How you feelin babe?" Sam asked.
"Tired, a bit sore but better when I'm close to you."
"Love you, De. Sorry I say it so much but it's true." Sam wrapped Dean up in a huge hug.
"Not too much, Sammy. I love it like I love you."
Dean placed his head on Sam's shoulder and felt like he could stay there forever. Predictably the door knocked just as they settled in.

Sam opened the door to find a bellboy with a luggage carrier.
"Your car is waiting for you Mr. Archer."
Sam indicated the bags and they were soon going down in the lift. Sam kept Dean between himself and the bellboy. Dean raised an eyebrow and Sam gave him a defiant look that said 'I don't care I'm in charge of defense and I'm gonna do a great job.'

When they went to the desk to pay up the manager came around the desk and told them the bill had been paid and they were free to go whenever they wanted. They went out to the car and slipped in just as the bell hop closed the trunk. He waved good bye as Dean went for his wallet.
"Moneys no good it seems." Dean murmured.
"At least we're heading home where everything goes back to normal."
"And not before time." Dean agreed with a hand on Sam's thigh before leaning forward and talking to the driver in a low voice.

Dean leaned back and Sam looked closely at his face. "You sure you're okay for whatever it is we are doing next?"
"Defiantly. Besides we get on a plane soon and I can take a pill and flake out."
Sam frowned but was willing not to press for more information since Dean had set this up. Sam sat back and took in Vancouver's lights as the city lit up for the night. He hadn't seen much of it and found the city to be pretty as viewed in the back of a car with his man holding his hand.

The car soon pulled up at a small stone building that looked like a church or hall. Sam decided they were at the back entrance as the road they were on was narrow and there were a row of tidy plastic bins outside. Dean scooped up his camera he had kept out and opened the door for Sam to climb out before telling the driver to take it easy for a while. He led the way inside holding Sam's hand like he was worried he would get away. Dean pulled Sam along a thin hallway with doors on either side. Sam didn't get time to read the signs until Dean opened a door almost at the end with 'Waiting 1' on the door.