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Warnings: YAOI (Boy-on-Boy Loving) Cursing, Future Lime/Lemon

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I present you with another multi-chaptered SasuNaru story. I hope you'll enjoy this one as well :)

Wanted: Perfect Mommy Candidate

+Mommy Hunt o1+

: : : : :

Inside a spacious office filled with book-filled shelves, a small boy was sitting calmly on the comfortable looking leather sofa. His black eyes were staring directly at the other occupant in the room sitting behind the ancient desk made of Burmese teak, the latter also staring at him with the same set of eyes. Five year old Uchiha Itachi was patiently awaiting that other person's response.

At his young age, he already exhibited traits that show that he belonged to one of Konoha's oldest and most respected clans, the Uchiha; white skin, the black hair which he kept tied in a low ponytail and an expressionless face. He was a handsome boy with a certain air of mysteriousness surrounding him adding to his childish appeal, not to mention having a high quotient of intelligence that made him the clan's proud prodigy.

He was a child that every parent would want to have and would surely be proud to have. Then again, he was an Uchiha and their genes had always been superior.

And he also had the best of everything—clothes, toys and education. His father and paternal grandparents always made sure that he was well-provided and those given to him were always the best.

With all of that, Itachi thought he wouldn't want to ask for anything more. He never asked for anything specific because he believed that it was useless to have something that you didn't want. He was contented with what he had; or so he had thought until one particular morning he saw a scene that made his chest ache a little.

A mother was happily holding hands with her son.

And that scene made him realize that there was only one thing he wanted. He had no problems in voicing his request to his father since he asked for any kind of favor or made any request.

"Dad, I want a mom."

: : : : :

Uchiha Sasuke's face remained devoid of any emotion for he had long ago perfected the art of maintaining a poker face in whatever situation he might be in. His superfluous brain cells were all in frenzy since his mental processor refused to accept the message that neurons cells relayed. He still didn't want to process the words that came out from his son's mouth.

Sasuke was in a very tight spot. This request was testing his parental capabilities to his limit.

As far as he could remember, his son never came to him for any kind of favors or requests, both for material things and others. This was the first time that the boy actually approached him directly, which probably meant that Itachi really wanted this

A mother means a woman. A woman who'll probably, being egoistic aside, end up falling in love (or end up obsessing, fantasizing and harassing) the young lawyer. He was not boasting; he was merely stating a strong fact. That was always the case and his curse. The more he avoids a woman, the more she becomes determined to pursue him. Just like what happened between him and Itachi's mother, Sakura.

Haruno Sakura was a beautiful woman with emerald green eyes and long hair dyed in the color of cherry blossoms. She was intelligent and confident; the picture of a modern woman who knew what she wanted and was resolute on getting it. She didn't care if Sasuke didn't like her like he was to her.

He would have never given her a second glance if it weren't for his father. His father thought that Sakura was the perfect match for his only son. To satisfy the old man, Sasuke went ahead and dated her.

He didn't have any plans for their future and it would've remained that way if it weren't for the graduation party which he decided to attend on a rare whim. The party itself was nothing but a blur and the next day, he woke up with a massive headache, naked with Sakura on an unknown bed. Two weeks later, a grandiose wedding was held. It garnered a lot of attention, some even going as far as to call it the wedding of the century. Congratulations were given to the beautiful couple that everyone believed was headed for a lasting relationship.

Months later, Uchiha Itachi was brought forth to the world, erasing all of Sasuke's doubts over paternity when he greatly resembled his father.

And they went through almost three years of a suffering marriage when Sasuke finally decided that it was enough and filed for divorce. Sakura signed the papers without a blink.

Itachi was the only thing he never regretted having from her.

Providing his son with a mother was easy. He had a lot of women after him and all Sasuke had to do was to choose, he'll be able to give Itachi what he wanted.

He could have done it years ago. But he didn't want to enter a relationship just because it was convenient; he wanted a partner that would accept him and his son equally, not just because he was Uchiha Sasuke.

The two of them had lived for 3 years without the permanent presence of a woman with the exception of his mother. Why would he want one now, Sasuke wondered.

He wanted to say no but when he looked at the young boy's eyes, he found out he could not. To ordinary people, it would appear that the boy didn't care if he got what he wanted because of his blank face.

But for an expert on the Uchiha mask, Sasuke knows that Itachi really wanted this one. And Sasuke was his father after all. Giving your child a bit of happiness that you know you won't be able to give him alone was a father's duty isn't it?

He was not the best father but he seeks his son's happiness, just like most parents out there.

Sasuke sighed and looked at Itachi. "We'll see to that."

With one of the boy's rare smile, he quickly moved towards his father and pulled the young man in a tight hug. Before Sasuke could react, Itachi was back to his seat in an instant.

Sasuke stood up and walked towards his son and ruffled his son's hair, an untypical action for an Uchiha. The boy blushed at the gesture which made Sasuke smirk. "Shisui's waiting for you in your room."

He walked back to his desk and returned to reading the stacks of papers pertaining to cases that he was handling.

"Thank you dad," Itachi stood up and bowed as a show of respect. He went to the door and got out of his father's study. The small steps became softer and softer until it faded.

The lawyer let out a long and problematic-sounding sigh.

He needed a lot of physical and mental preparation for the barrage of harassment, passes and molestations coming from those too much make-up applying, too little clothes wearing and way over the top clinging women.

: : : : :


"Deidara! Come back here you little~!" the school security guard chased a little blonde boy around the wide, fenced playground. The other boys and girls briefly paused on what they were currently doing to watch the scene with indifference, then merrily continued on their own activities. It was just part of their normal routine nowadays.

Itachi was sitting in a bench completely absorbed with his reading. Beside him was a redheaded boy toying with a weird looking puppet.

"You'll never catch me, you old man! Yeah!" Deidara zoomed past the two boys and dived in a conveniently thick bush. The panting middle-aged guard, who had been chasing the mini-terrorist in the making for thirty minutes, stopped in front of the boys.

"You guys saw that troublemaking friend of yours?"

The young Uchiha looked up from his book for a second before returning to reading. "I was absorbed in my reading, Mr. Guard. Sasori, you saw Deidara?" He flipped another page of the bound paper.

"Hiruko didn't see that loud boy," the redhead said, referring to his man/scorpion hybrid marionette.

The older man scratched his balding head and frowned. He wondered how exactly these two, well-mannered boy got along well with that pest of his life. He could not believe that one seemingly innocent five-year old blonde will be the cause of the decrease for his human life. And he thought kids were supposed to be sweet, cute and chaste little angels, not the follower of the devil whose sole mission was to set explosions everywhere.

"If you see him, tell me okay?" the two boys nodded without looking. The guard left and resumed his search.

The leaves behind the bench rustled and Deidara emerged with twigs, dried leaves and two ladybugs resting comfortably on his yellow-orange locks never bothering to shrug them off. The blond squeezed himself between the two, not receiving a single complaint even if he was bothering them.

"That stupid old man. My art would never be understood by the likes of him. Art is a blast!" he flailed his small arms wildly in both sides, his companions reflexively dodging.

Hanabi Deidara has an obsession with different kinds of explosives. He brings firecrackers to the school, which comprised mostly of really loud and dangerous ones. It was a mystery how he manages to get his hands on so many of them.

He was kicked out of different schools because of this behavior before arriving in Konoha Preparatory School. His seat mate was the eerily quiet Kairaishi Sasori, who only talks with his puppets and dolls. And he was also Deidara's first friend (only according to him since the redhead didn't reject or confirm it either).

Itachi closed his book and put it inside his bag. He certainly won't be able to finish reading anything with Deidara practically burning his ears in his art-talk.

"Hey Itachi." The small blonde turned his head to the right. "How's your mommy hunting coming along?"

"Dad's working on it." Itachi shrugged his shoulders and leaned his back on the bench's back support. He couldn't help the excitement running on his blood with the mention of the word 'mommy' though it didn't show on his face.

"Why do you want a mother for anyways? I mean, your life's all good with you being rich and a genius." His friend kept on inquiring. "It's not as if your life would be better with a mother in it. Mine certainly isn't."

"They tell you to brush your teeth, clean your room and eat your icky vegetables," Sasori commented. "Mama also keeps my puppets away from me."

The redhead was very antisocial, preferring the company of his wooden friends rather than his own breathing, talking and irritating kind. His parents transferred him from one school to another in hopes of curing his introvertedness. They even tried to enroll him in a special school for children with autism under a doctor's order. The plan was quickly abandoned when he spoke to the specialist clearly and directly looking the man into his eyes.

"I rather spend my time alone with my human-like toys than spend it with a man like you who pretends to understand everything when you clearly don't have the knowledge to tell the difference between being autistic and wanting to be alone."

His grandma, a puppet maker, enrolled him in Konoha and took charge of him. His life was a lot better now without the constant interference of his parents.

"My grandma's nicer. She lets me play with my puppets all the time and even makes me more puppets." The boy only talks a lot when the subject is about his beloved marionettes.


The two just looked at Itachi. They were already used to this reply. The three of them are friends after all, in whatever way you look at it.

"Well, time for me to set a time-delayed bomb for that guard." Deidara jumped off his seat and ran into the guardhouse. Sasori just continued disassembling Hiruko and changing its body parts.

Itachi simply waited for the bell to ring. It was still another ten minutes before all of them children enter that colorful, stuff-animal filled room of learning. He watched different pairs od parent and student enter the school through the gates.

A small, mousy woman with brown hair leaned her face down and kissed her little chubby companion.

"Be good at school dear." She hugged him and laid another kiss on the child's forehead. She waved and rode on her car.

The young Uchiha wondered how it felt to be embraced like that. All he got was hugs from his grandmother once a month when they visit the Uchiha state and from his Uncle Obito.

A mother's embrace was said to be the best kind of hug that there was. And Itachi wanted to know what made it the best, what a 'mom' meant in a child's life.

What was it like, to go home with her waiting for you with a smile and telling you 'welcome back'?

Itachi wanted to know.