Drabble - A Slayer's Wish
author – Devylish
pairing – buffy spike
words – 314
disclaimer – please see profile.
rating - PG
AN – drabble I found lying around that I never posted. 'yeah' spring cleaning!

She curled up in his sleeping arms, her head pressed comfortably against his chest; his forearm draped across her hip, his pale hand on her naked thigh.

If she thought about it – if she dared to think about it – about how perfect this felt - so good – she'd be frightened; she'd run away. Run as fast as her legs could carry her.

But she wasn't thinking about anything tonight. She'd turned off her brain; closed off the door to her ever churning mind. And in the ensuing silence – the sweet silence – she heard nothing. She was at peace.

It was darkly amusing to her that peace only came to her in the darkness; in the guise of leather wings, whiskey cured blood, and soft cool lips.

Darkly amusing because she knew that no one else would understand. No one at the council of know-it-alls. None of the slayers who had fought so hard... so valiantly before her. None of her friends – the friends who would tear her heart out if they knew; if they knew she was here.

With him.

She wished – silently – that she was stronger. Stronger than she was now. Strong enough to wrap his arms around her in the face of all of their piercing eyes. Strong enough to always give her light to the safety of the night. Strong enough to expose her own darkness to his brilliant eyes.

As her breath flushed warmth across his chest, she brushed her lips against his skin and she made another wish.

She wished the night was endless; that the distant sun that twinkled in the depths of his eyes was the only warmth she needed. Or, failing that endless night, she wished the sun would rise and melt her flesh into his...

...the light and the night meeting and fading into blissful 'nothingness'.