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Summary:Nobuta loved Shuuji, didn't realize but loved where did that leave Akira?

He watches them couln't help but note Nobuta's slight lean towards Shuji. He knows Nobuta isn't aware of doing so but he can't help feeling hurt.

Akira watches them always and they never notice. No matter how much Akira tries, he cannot be a part of the two without breaking them apart. Whenever he speaks, he feels like he's ruining their moment. They always fell silent and that makes him more miserable.

Nobuta. He feels his heart beat hundred times faster when her name comes to his mind. He knows what he feels for her must be love after all, because it is too painful to see them together, both silent, so fitting. He knows Nobuta loves Shuuji. He sees it in the way she looks at him. Longing but careful as if he is the most fragile thing in the world. They way her eyes darken when he takes his leave first. The way she clench her hands when she sees him with Mariko. And Akira also knows as long as Shuuji exists Nobuta will never notice Akira or his feelings because Shuuji is irreplaceble.

Shuuji, on the other hand, is more complicated. Akira can't figure him out. He knows that Shuuji takes off his mask only when he is with Akira and Nobuta but he can't figure out what Shuuji feels about them. Shuuji acts like he hates being around them but Akira can see the way Shuuji's eyes lighten up whenever he sees them. Almost like he is suprised himself that Akira and Nobuta return in spite of whatever he does or says to them. Akira loves Shuuji, he hasn't had a friend like that before. Something about Kiritani Shuuji intrigues him. He feels relaxed with him,he trusts him.

So when Shuuji decides to leave, he feels both happy and miserable. Happy because when Shuuji leaves, maybe just maybe, Nobuta will finally see Akira. She would finally notice him and maybe even love him back. But Shuuji would be leaving, his best friend would be leaving and he doesn't think he can handle being away from him.

That's why he doesn't stay behind with Nobuta. Deep inside, he knows she'll never love him the way she loves Shuuji. And he knows Shuuji, he knows that even though he says he'll be OK, Shuuji doesn't want to be alone again. And Akira couldn't let his friend be that way again. Besides, Shuuji's face, when he entered his new class and saw Akira, was very worth it.

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