"God damn it Malfoy, throw me the other line." Hermione's voice cracked slightly belying her façade of fearlessness. She was at this moment hanging precariously from a thin wire forty stories up above the city of New York. It was by no means the highest building in the district but it was plenty tall enough for her. What she wouldn't have done for a nimbus right now. And that was saying something. She continued to hate flying, ten years after Hogwarts she still couldn't fathom what Madame Hooch used to get her knickers in a twist for.

"Anytime soon would be super." Her voice became a scared high pitched whine. Hermione hated she was in this position with him. God damn it, of all the operatives she could have been paired with it had to be Draco sodden Malfoy.

"Bloody hell Granger, give us a second. I'm trying to jimmy the damn window, hold your weight and not drop any of the equipment. If you weren't so frigid in fear you could try and be useful."

She could hear the smirk in his voice even though a rubber mask currently covered his offending face. Well maybe not offending, but it was a damn irksome one at any rate. And one she fully intended to slap once they were safely on sturdy ground. He knew she was petrified of heights and he was purposely taking his time with the window so she would be kept dangling like a fish on a line.

Suddenly she dropped about half a foot as her wire adjusted. Squealing like a stuck pig she flayed about trying to get a grip on the seamless glass window in front of her.

"Oi, stop thrashing about Granger you'll loosen the wire and then we will both be screwed, well, technically flat out on the pavement. Hey, I said calm down. NOW."

His voice finally penetrated her psyche enough for the rational side of her brain to kick in, but it didn't last long. Her heart hammered against her chest and breathing hurt as she tried to suck air in through her mask. It was aerated with small slits but for the life of her a full breath was out of reach. She panicked and started clawing at the clasps at the base of her neck that held her visor on. She just needed air and if she didn't get a lungful immediately her head would explode. Logically her common sense told her she was over reacting but she was beyond thinking realistically.

"Oh fuck it all to hell," Malfoys irritated voice vaguely penetrated her terror.

He launched himself from the side of the building until he arced out and landed directly over her, smushing Hermione against the plate glass window. She lost what little air she had as he winded her. Malfoys chest was flush with hers and he pressed himself even closer. Once she was secure he grabbed her arms pushing them above her head, effectively trapping her so she couldn't move. Hermione was about to splutter about personal space when she realized what he was doing. His deep even breathing pushed against her chest and she felt her body relax as it mimicked his. Suddenly her lungs were full of air.

But now she was more than a little aware of their close proximity. His muscled thighs held her trapped vertically and she could feel every inch of his toned torso against her. Oh shit, now was not the time to find out she was attracted to her co-worker. She tried telling herself it wasn't Malfoy who was behind the mask and that in this position with anyone she'd feel the same. He shifted slightly which only increased the pressure and she felt a spike of lust hit her. An involuntary groan left her lips and she felt him stiffen. Oh Christ he had heard her.

His masked face was now only an inch away from hers. Hermione was grateful for its full coverage, she had no idea what seeing his ice grey eyes would do to her at the moment. She had secretly fantasized about seeing those silver eyes filled with lust and passion, especially since they had been paired up eight months ago. Damn it, she needed more self control. He shifted against her again and her eyes widened when she realized it was on purpose. The little shit was trying to put her off balance. Her breath hitched slightly as she tried to make her frazzled brain function. It had been too long since she'd had a wizard. But unfortunately the only one she wanted was currently pressed against her right now. And there was no way in hell he'd return her need, she was becoming a lost cause. He moved again but this time with a little thrust and she gasped.

"Like that do we Granger? I never took you for someone who'd enjoy extreme sex," his voice was low and huskier than before and it made her stomach clench in want. He then released her arms, "Unfortunately our employer wouldn't be too happy if we fail to retrieve the sword in a timely manner and I do know how much you hate to fail."

Hermione pushed at him roughly and got a snigger for her effort. God he infuriated her, one minute he had her panting like a wanton women and the next she felt like a school girl being reprimanded for passing inappropriate notes. What did you expect a voice niggled, he's a bloody Malfoy. Pushing buttons is a way of life for him.

Expertly he checked her harness, then with the grace of a cat Draco lunged off her and landed neatly back at the window he was in the process of opening. God he infuriated her with his flowing muscular movements, she was positively blocky compared with him.

"Smartarse." it came out louder than she thought, she bit her lip waiting for his terse reply. His teasing voice startled her instead.

"Come now Granger one small crack about sex and you're obsessed with my arse. Go on deny it, I dare you."

Hermione growled; if there were three words in the English language Draco could utter to make her react it was those. I dare you. And of course she rose to the bait each and every time he murmured them. But usually she wasn't hanging in mid air fighting to keep her dinner down.

"Shut it Malfoy and get that freaking window open, anyone would think it's your first time. Amateur."

Hermione thought she heard him chuckling about the use of her non-swear words, and barely contained the urge to whack him and tell him to hurry it up. Yet not even twenty seconds later she heard the snick of the window releasing. Begrudgingly she admitted that Malfoy was the most proficient and intelligent operative she'd worked with. He was also sly, sneaky and sometimes barely on the right side of the law to get the job done. He truly was a Slytherin through and through.

Hermione had been working for the Magical Artifacts Recovery Service for five years now; and never regretted turning down any of the ministry jobs that were offered to her at the end of the war. She loved finding and retrieving key magical relics from all over the world. A number had been lost after hundreds of years of misplacement, others forgotten completely and sat on shelves gathering dust and some still remained in treasure chests deep within mountains. But the majority of recoveries were of a more delicate nature. Former death eaters and their international brethren had sequestered thousands of key pieces and smuggled them out of England. And Hermione and Draco were the best in the business of getting them back, until heights entered the equation. Then she tended to get flustered.

She was most surprised when told Draco had joined the company earlier that year; and even more so when they were paired up as a team. She honestly hadn't had much to do with her former school nemesis since the war ended. She kind of wanted to keep it that way. But life obviously thought she needed a challenge, especially when it hurled an exceptionally handsome, tall, lithe, masculine grown up Malfoy at her. Her unwanted lusty feelings towards him had unsettled her at first, until his true prat nature came out. That at least took the shine off wanting to date him but didn't quite cover other urges.

He was always pleasant to her when other people were around but when alone he teased her relentlessly always trying to get a rise from her. When she complained about him, her superiors told her in no uncertain terms to 'grow up and work out your differences considering your adults now'. Suffice to say Hermione huffed and stormed out of the office. She'd only complained because Malfoy dared her to.

It only made matters worse that they had the highest recovery rate out of all other operative teams. It cemented their working relationship. And it also pitched them together in some rather compromising positions. She was now trying to climb through a window without Malfoys help, she was being pig headed but she didn't care. Hermione also knew her arse was in the air and very close to where Malfoy stood waiting for her. Dignity was a foreign word as she tripped on her wire.

"Excellent form as usual Granger."

She spun around to give him a piece of her mind but stopped short. He'd taken his visor off and his white blonde hair was damp from sweat. He'd obviously run his hand through it and it now fell softly over his forehead. The gray eyes she so desperately didn't want to see before, now rested on her and the corner of his mouth was raised in the traditional Malfoy smirk.

"What is it Granger? No witty remark or snide comment. You're slipping; middle age is always harder on women. Men tend to age like fine wine whilst women…"

"Don't even think about finishing that sentence you git." Hermione unclasped her visor and shook her long brown curls out, glad to be free of the constricting rubber. "And twenty eight is not middle aged. In fact I heard that women reach their sexual peak at around thirty. Pity that boys reach it at eighteen; looks like your best years are behind you Malfoy, oh well I'm sure there are some girls out there that will settle for an out of form wizard."

The words had barely left Hermione's mouth when she was driven back into the office wall with such force she cried out in shock. Draco had a hand on each shoulder and was leaning in dangerously close to her face. Dangerously because now his mercurial eyes bored into hers and her stomach fluttered in desire. He had to bend slightly as his six foot two frame was considerably taller than her own five eight, but right now they were nose to nose. And it terrified her, she could smell his aftershave, it was spicy and expensive and her head swirled with images of her licking her way up his neck devouring his smell.

"I. Am. Not. Out. Of. Form." His clipped words brought her from the brink of doing something decideably stupid like kiss him. She licked her lips instead and saw his eyes follow the movement. God it only made her want his taste more. He leaned in even closer and she felt the ghost of his breath on her lips. If she wet her lips now her tongue would come in contact with him. It took all her willpower not to throw caution to the wind and do it. Draco must have sensed her growing desire as his eyes danced in mirth at her predicament.

"Let me go Malfoy we have a job to do, what if we get caught?" Her words were breathless and she was embarrassed at how obvious her attraction was.

"It's after hours Granger, no body but the cleaners are here. And I wont let go until you admit I'm irresistible and very much in my sexual peak."

"Well now, how can I admit to that when I have nothing to base my opinion on?" the words had left her mouth before she could think about their meaning. It was only his sharp intake of breath that alerted her to the fact she had pretty much propositioned him. Oh god he would laugh and tease her unremittingly now. She could imagine him puffing up his chest because Hermione Granger had flirted with him. Shit today was going from bad to worse very quickly.

"Would you really do it though Granger, that's what I want to know?"

Her eyes widened at the huskiness of his voice, it was sending spurts of lust straight to her core "Do what?"

"Get a thorough and well-informed opinion of my form, in a night of experience."

"You have to be joking Malfoy." She tried to push off the wall but he held her fast, Her stomach quivered at the thought of being trapped by him, not being able to move as he had his way with her.

"On the contrary Granger, you're the one making wild accusations about my manhood. I merely want to put all doubt to rest before my poor reputation takes a beating from your lies."

"I wouldn't say anything, you know that. I hardly talk to the girls in the office anyway. Plus your libido would never come up in civilized conversation. I was making a joke and you're taking it out of context."

His next words sent a shiver up her spine

"Don't get scared and back off, go on Granger live a little, I dare you."

Oh god.

Before Hermione could yelp a suitable reply a bang from the hallway startled them into movement. She quashed the momentary pang of disappointment and ran for the desk. Was she mental? Did she want to spend a night of delicious naughtiness with Draco? The reply her body gave worried her, and thrilled her.

She slipped under the table sliding like a baseball pro, Draco soon after. Hermione flattened herself on the ground and peered through the gap at the base to the door. Malfoy slid up behind tightly, pressing her further onto the floor, his weight distracted her for a moment and she almost forgot to breathe. Trying to get her crazed hormones under control she wiggled attempting to alleviate the uncomfortable feeling in her belly. She heard a growl behind her as Malfoy grasped her hips and held her steady.

"If you don't stop squirming like that right now, we will get caught, and not in the middle of stealing the sword."

Hermione's face burned when she realized what she'd inadvertently done. Her body was really making it hard for her brain to take control. She stopped moving and stared at the door which was slowly opening. Malfoys hands remained splayed on her hips; the heat was distracting and sent shivers through her body. She had never been so aware of another human being in her entire life. Even other men who she actually wanted to sleep with never made her feel on fire like this. To make it worse Draco and she were completely clothed neck to toe in cat suits. Imagine being naked?

A dark sneaker came into view and Hermione thought the gig was up. After so many successful missions today they would fail because she hadn't had sex in a year and Malfoys damn hot body and inappropriate proposition had her flustered. She could hear a tinny melodic sound and saw a large yellow bucket being dragged in. It was just a cleaner; she could hear an eighties remix from his MP3 player. Draco must have felt her body relax as he slid his hands further up her body. She froze; she couldn't say a thing or move without alerting the cleaner. She was at his mercy until the floors had been mopped.

His hand moved painstakingly slow as if waiting for her to stop him, she didn't know if she couldn't or if she wouldn't. His thumb grazed just below her right breast and she inhaled sharply, the sweet pain of wanting him driving her to distraction. He cupped it tenderly and squeezed slightly testing the shape and weight of her. She felt his groan against her back rumbling through his chest, it undone her. Her nipples hardened instantly as he thrust himself against her, she could feel every inch of his hardness achingly on the curve of her backside. Merlin he was bigger than she thought possible, a loud whimper left her mouth and Draco stilled his hand. The cleaner continued his sweeps with lack of care; he just wanted to be gone.

Suddenly she felt a pinch and her panties wet right through; he had her nipple between his thumb and forefinger squeezing lightly. She ground herself wantonly against him and felt him shudder slightly in desire. He tweaked harder until it was almost painful but she'd never felt anything so hot and right in her life.

The slamming of the door barely registered in her hazy state but she managed to shake herself free for a moment. Pushing herself backwards she tried to move out from under the desk. But Malfoy had other ideas and slid his hand down towards the slick heat between her legs. She jolted like a startled deer and in the process made him smack his head on the underside of the table.

"God damn it Granger, what was that for?"

She couldn't answer coherently; the feel of his hand on her breast was still too real. Instead she clambered up and grabbed her discarded bag of tools and just breathed. When she was under control she spun around to see him still sitting half under the desk watching her intently his eyes dark with lingering desire. She looked away quickly before she jumped on him. It was the heat of the moment, nothing more. She really didn't want Draco pawing her. Liar her thoughts taunted her.

"Right come on lets go, the cleaners gone. It's the perfect opportunity to snatch the sword."

Draco sat as still as a statue not moving a muscle, staring. She squirmed under his intense gaze, when she couldn't hold it anymore she looked away. She heard him swear under his breath. He got up adjusting the front of his suit accordingly, she tried not to watch but found her eyes drawn to him. He stalked over to her and she took a skittish step back, he stopped abruptly and she thought she saw a flash of doubt in his eyes. But before she could analyze what that could mean his smirk returned full force, his eyes going hard.

"You're quite the tease Granger; I should have known you wouldn't have the guts to finish what you started."

Hermione saw red.

"What the hell, I started? You're delusional as well as a stuck up chauvinistic pig. You manhandled me under a desk no less. I didn't ask for your attentions."

Malfoys eyes twinkled at her as his sneer deepened. "Oh but you did. Maybe not in so many words, but you wanted me alright."

"Whatever Malfoy, but I think touching a girl against her will is underhanded, even for you." Hermione felt her cheeks redden, she was lying outright. But she was so angry at herself for responding like a horny tart towards him.

"Watch what you say, you don't want to be eating humble pie later on. Because I will make you beg for my forgiveness, on hands and knees." His eyes narrowed as he spoke and Hermione felt a small pang of fear. It sounded like he meant every word, yet the notion of her on all fours in front of him made her dizzy with lust.

"Go fuck yourself."

"Oh I don't think that will be necessary."

He spun on his heel and headed for the door; he slowly opened it and checked the hallway then began to slip out. Hermione was hot on his heels so when he stopped abruptly she smacked into the wall of muscle that was his back. He spoke softly over his shoulder at her.

"This isn't over Granger, I made a dare and I fully intend to collect what's rightfully mine. That is unless you're backing out of my challenge?"

Hermione's stomach clenched in lust at the raw need his hoarse voice portrayed. Throwing everything she had learnt in a lifetime of peril to the wind, she reached up on tippy toe and licked the shell of his ear and whispered roughly,

"Oh Draco, I wouldn't dream of backing out of a dare, just be sure you're prepared for a long night."

His guttural groan and loss of verbal communication was enough to make her smirk in an almost exact copy of his own.