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Hermione stepped noiselessly across the kitchen floor. She felt dizzy and a little nauseous, though this may have been caused by pacing to and fro at an insane rate. She had fought in a war, faced countless enemies and staved off darkness but here she was more nervous and scared than ever. It was only sex; get a grip she told herself for the thousandth time. Yet Hermione was beginning to realize with Draco Malfoy it would never be in simple terms of sex. He would complicate it and make her feel a hundred emotions she didn't want to, all because of who he was. And the stupidest thing, he wouldn't even realize he'd done it.

She sighed and sat heavily at the kitchen table, knocking a small vase of pansies over in the process. Swearing she jumped up before the water splashed over the floor, grabbing a cloth she wiped up the mess and absently thought back on the afternoon they'd just experienced.

No one stopped them from leaving the building; they didn't even garner a look from the men who manned the after hours desk. Walking quickly they headed to where the car was hidden under an invisibility spell three alley's over. Their company liked to use muggle vehicles to lessen the magical currents left behind after apparitions. It ensured they couldn't be followed by a hunter, who was equivalent to a magic sniffer dog. It was only when they were in the relative safety of the car that he spoke to her.

"I can't believe you pulled that off. How in hell did you not slay Pierre where he stood?"

Hermione contemplated Draco for a moment before answering.

"As I said earlier, I researched and read all about the sword when we got the mission notes. Didn't you?"

He snorted. "It must have been slipped off my desk."

Sighing exasperatedly she explained in no uncertain terms he should be researching and reading their mission briefs. Then she went on to tell him that missions were not all based on Indiana Jones movies, which she then had to explain what they were to him as well. He held up his hands in defeat.

"Okay, okay bookworm. I'll read the damn briefing if it makes you happy. But it still doesn't answer my question now, and don't you dare make me wait till I read the blasted thing."

"Fine, but next time you will read all the briefs. Right, the sword of Azoth is generally known as the sword which wins battles right?" At his nod she continued. "Well what's not commonly known is it feeds off the bearers own will and mind set. Yes it may have slain thousands but that's only because deep down the wielder wanted it. I on the other hand didn't want to hurt anyone; I just wanted to get us out alive. So the sword won my personal battle. Does that make sense Mr. Too Busy To Read Vital Documents?"

He nodded again in understanding, then a puzzled look crossed his face.

"So if your heart and intentions are good, the sword will not harm and maim?"

She smiled broadly at him. She actually managed to teach him something.

"Hang on Granger, what would have happened if I pulled the sword?"

Her smile slipped. "I don't know Malfoy, I'm just glad we didn't have to find out your deepest desires."

He smirked at her. "Oh I actually do think you want to find out."

Her stomach fluttered madly, but before she could respond he continued talking.

"I hate to break it to you but Pierre will not take this slap to the face lightly, I think you may have just gotten us into a world of trouble."

"You know Malfoy, after Voldemort this guys a lightweight. It'll be fine."

Draco winced when she uttered the dark lord's name blithely. They never touched on his childhood trauma, and she didn't want to. No body in the world was the exact same person at almost thirty than what they were at sixteen. Hermione was much more interested in the person he was today, not to judge him for past sins. Though it still took more time to ignore Malfoys past indiscretions than it did with Blaise who also worked at the same company.

"I'm just saying he won't forget. Just watch yourself for the next few months, okay? Keep your wards up and don't talk to strangers."

Was he being serious? She'd looked after herself fine for the last ten years; she wasn't incompetent or lax with security. Trying not to huff Hermione stole a glance at him from the corner of her eye. He was so intent on driving in the insane traffic of New York he'd left an unguarded look of worry plain on his face. All ideas of anger left as she sat back thoughtfully. Who'd have thought Draco Malfoy finally cared about somebody else's hide other than his own. It took a minute to process it was her hide he cared about. This in turn made her beet red and stumble over the conversation until they reached the apparition point. It was one thing to know he wanted to sleep with her it was another that he might actually like her a little.

"Here Granger, give me the sword and head home, you look beat. I'll deal with the paperwork. You just sign off on it tomorrow."

She went to thank Draco for his kindness when he grabbed her wrist firmly. She looked up startled into his twinkling eyes. The phrase 'Trust me said the spider to the fly' flew through her mind. She should have know there was a catch, there always was.

"What I mean to say is go home and rest up; you're going to need stamina for what I have planned. I'll see you at eight. Oh and wear something nice…"

Hermione was left spluttering as he disappeared to the office. Wear something nice, what a bastard. That brought her back to her current panicky predicament.

She looked down at herself as she flung the cloth back at the sink. The dress she wore was simple yet flattering. Low cut at the back and almost obscenely at the front, Hermione still blushed red from the memory of the shop assistants low whistle. It flowed just below her knees and every movement made it swirl lusciously against her legs. She had never dressed with the intent of seduction before, it was a foreign concept and she still wasn't sure whether she should be wearing a bathrobe with nothing underneath. Surely her lack of experience had reached mythic proportions at work by now. Not that she was a virgin, she just didn't brag about her conquests like some. Damn Malfoy for putting her off balance like this, why did she care what he thought?

A curt knock at the door announced his arrival. Her stomach plummeted towards her feet and she began to tremble. A few stern words to herself got her moving, this was just a night to rid unresolved sexual tension, nothing more. She was in control, she was gorgeous and he wanted her as much as she wanted him. Oh Merlin, she was toast and he wasn't even through the door yet.

Catching a glimpse of herself in the hall mirror she stopped dead. Skin pale as moonlight and deep brown eyes large and swirling in exhilaration met her steady gaze. She blinked to eliminate the sight of her now flushed face. There was no shame in wanting Malfoy, none at all. Probably the shame comes later she considered wryly. He knocked again.

She opened the door slowly to see the object of her desire waiting patiently. He had obviously come straight from the shower as his hair was still damp and hung in his eyes. The sane part of her brain groaned in protest, he was just too much, her senses would surely overload and short out.

Beginning at her feet he looked her up and down thoroughly, leaving her breathless and heated more than if he'd just kissed her soundly. His face was unreadable, Hermione had no idea whether he approved or not. Raising an eyebrow she stared back at him, when he still said nothing she stepped aside to let him past. Damned if she would speak first, this was his game not hers.

He brushed against her as he made his way to the kitchen, making her dress tighten deliciously. She stifled a low moan and followed his retreating back. He too had dressed up, in a suit no less. He looked magnificent, it was obviously very expensive and tailor made. Nothing but the best for Draco, it made her wonder why he was here with her.

Draco strode over to her kitchen table and removed his jacket in one fluid motion. It was like watching moving art as he hung it on the back of a chair with a flick of his wrist. He turned his deep silver eyes towards her and she felt her resolve fade fast. Not that she had much to begin with anyway.

Heat rose between them, tangible in such an enclosed space. Tension ran rife alongside anticipation; they were so close it hurt. But maybe this was all a big joke. Maybe he didn't feel the same need gnawing away at his insides as she did. Hermione was shaken out of her inner ramblings with two deep liquid words,

"Undress me."

For a second she was stupefied, not a muscle would respond to her will, he wanted her to take control. Her wide eyes took in his overconfident stance, and for the first time she doubted her appeal. But a strange positive voice within her took over the fears and squashed them flat. Who knew where tonight might take them but for the first time in a long time Hermione Granger would live in the now. And now was telling her to undress him.

She moved ahead hesitantly at first but with each step she gained more poise. Looking up her breath stilled as she drank in his perfect aristocratic face. Draco still had not shown any true emotion; just his usual look of arrogant indifference graced his features. It was his public face, the one he showed the world on a daily basis. Well Hermione wasn't the world tonight and she wanted to replace that look with one of complete abandonment and desire. For all his teasing earlier that day, the much anticipated moment was upon them and it was blatantly obvious to Hermione he was just as unsure and nervous as her. He had reverted back to his usual proud façade, the one where he didn't let people get close to him. Well, she would see how long that lasted.

Angling forward she pressed herself against his taut body. Reaching up behind his neck she flicked his collar up to remove his tie. He leaned into her hand slightly as she touched the bare skin of his neck. It was an unconscious movement, something which showed he wasn't as in control as he pretended. She smiled slyly, knowing he would beg for her touch if that's what she wanted. But she wasn't cruel by nature, she wasn't a Malfoy.

Her hands slid back over his shoulders to the knot of his tie loosening it slowly. Too slow obviously. Draco grabbed it and ripped it off in one sharp tug throwing it across the room.

"Impatient aren't we?" Hermione grinned up at him.

Draco growled deep in the back of his throat making her shiver. She pushed herself against him craving the hardness of his length on her stomach. She swallowed sharply a stab of desire making her falter for a second.

Leaning up she nipped the side of his neck wanting only to inhale the raw masculine scent which was Malfoy. Christ, she was so excited and he hadn't moved his hands at all. His cheek began to twitch and she admired his sense of control, it was more than she possessed at the moment.

Moving back slightly she caught his gaze. Dark silver captured chocolate brown. Mesmerized Hermione found the top button of his shirt and began to unfasten it. Staring into Draco's steel grey eyes gave it a whole new level of intimacy. Hermione experienced a throb between her legs, it was coming on too quickly she needed to savor the moment more. Her fingers shook slightly as she pressed the button through the hole. Six more followed suit and his shirt was open.

Hermione took a deep breath and grasped it by the lapels pushing it back over his broad shoulders. Though she didn't remove it completely, effectively it trapped his arms by his side. They both knew he could get out in a second but that was the fun of the game, pretending.

Licking her lips seductively she took in his bare chest for the first time. He was a pure Adonis. Perfectly sculptured muscles showed how hard he worked, and sparse light hair trailed down his stomach into his suit pants. Hermione tentatively placed her hand against his lower abs and was rewarded with a tensing shudder. Leaning forward she flicked her tongue around his nipple, biting subtlety as her hand trailed down to the waist band of his trousers.

She let one finger dip below the tightness of his underwear, he gasped and jolted slightly. She hadn't even touched him and he was barely in control of his actions. Desire blinded her and she bit the inside of her cheek for clarity. The slight metallic taste of blood infiltrated her senses and she regained some power over the situation. Swallowing hard she continued to lathe his chest while pressing into him.

"Gods Hermione." He managed to groan between gritted teeth, he wanted to move but didn't want to at the same time. She was getting drunk on power.

Snapping his pants open she grasped both underwear and trousers and pulled them down in one swift motion. Hermione ended up on her knees in front of Draco. Taking him in her mouth she pleasured him beyond comprehension. His small growls and groans urged her on until she moved faster. He felt on edge.

Instantaneously Draco pulled her away with a deep rumble, he looked down at her shaking his head like she was a naughty girl.

"What is it Draco? Do I disappoint?" She said it with a small secretive smile knowing he was as turned on as her.

"Never," with that one word hanging in the air he pulled her to her feet and crushed her against his chest. Looking deep into her eyes he whispered, "Your turn"

She felt beyond naughty now; she didn't think she would last if he was to undress her.

He turned her around so his body pressed up against her back, she shuddered faintly, and berated herself for showing him how affected she was. She let her head loll against his shoulder inhaling his scent again, he was ridiculously intoxicating. His hand trailed up the side of her body, slowly, painstakingly until he slid it inside the v of her dress cupping her nakedness. Hermione gasped forgetting momentarily how perfectly his hand molded her. Just as she tried to complete a coherent thought he bent over and licked her from shoulder blade to earlobe. She trembled where she stood; suddenly she was wearing too many clothes.

He bit her earlobe softly and she felt his grin against her as she made small whimpers in her throat. He was entirely too smug, but he deserved to be, she was spontaneously combusting.

Suddenly he brutally pushed her forward. Holding out her hands she smacked down onto the table top hard. The pins and needles on her hands reminded her she was dealing with Malfoy, and she loved every second of it. He thrust his thigh between her legs parting them wide viciously. She was losing control; her breasts pushed into the table tingling and aware.

He pulled her dress up over her hips and she writhed involuntary. Draco's low chuckle made her face blaze. She was now a wanton woman at the mercy of the Slytherin Sex God. Was she blooming mad? Hermione wasn't wearing much in the way of underwear and his low intake of breath alerted her to the fact he appreciated it. Swiftly she felt a small pressure and then a twang as her underwear was hastily ripped from her body. She saw them flutter down next to his discarded tie. Merlin she wanted him, needed him, no she craved him. It burned deep inside of her she thought she'd cry out from the sheer frustration of it all. She could barely keep still.

She tried to drive herself back into him, but his large hand on her back held her firm. What the hell was he waiting for? And engraved invitation? She yelled out in exasperation just as his hand met the flesh between her legs. She squirmed, Merlin she wouldn't last long at all.

His fingers teased her mercilessly whilst the other still applied pressure to her lower back. The combination of bliss and immobility thrilled her to no end; she realized she was his prisoner. Hell, she had no thoughts of escaping, ever. She imagined what they would look like, her bent over pushed face first into the table while Draco Malfoy tried to send her into oblivion. It was almost enough she saw stars. Unexpectedly he removed his hand and she cried out in shock.

"God, No." Damn was that her voice that so husky and breathless, and needy?

"What's that Granger? You want me to stop?"


"Beg me; I want to hear my name on those gorgeous lips pleading me for your release."

She would usually get offended at his arrogant attitude, but right now it sent spikes of lust straight through her. Merlin she did want to beg him, but she would not be so easily broken. She shook her head vehemently. Christ, she just wanted him to touch her again.

"Is that a no? Oh Granger, I'll have you begging by the end of the night, mark my words."

With that he dropped to his knees and licked a trail straight through her hot centre. He had both hands splayed on her waist holding her steady as his ministrations slowly undid her sensibilities. She began wriggling uncontrollably as his tongue danced around her. There was no way she could hold off the blinding white light of her release. She screamed his name, oh god it was exquisite agony. Shards of lust flew through her; she saw white and exploded in a mass of quivering nerves.

"Draco, oh Merlin Draco, that was…" She trailed off speechless. Before she could completely come down and lose the delicious content feeling he wrenched her off the table. Spinning her around so quickly she thought she'd fall, but he held her in his secure strong arms. He bent over and kissed his way up her neck making her shiver in gratification.

"Shattering is the word I believe you're looking for. Do you know how hot it is to hear my name on your lips as you unravel?"

She held her breath as his lips finally captured her own in a searing kiss. She was officially made of liquid bones. He was all that held her together, without Draco, there was no Hermione in this instant. She stilled in shock at her thoughts where did that come from? One orgasm did not make her lose her self. His hands cupped her face and she looked up into his eyes which at the moment resembled hot mercury. He was drowning in desire, desire for her. Power like holding the sword flowed through her veins. It hit her like a drug, only she could give him the release he craved. Only Hermione Granger could satisfy Draco Malfoy tonight.

He lowered her down until she was lying against the cold wood of the table. Then grasping her ankles in his hands he lifted them up until they were wrapped around his neck. She could see a vein throbbing from his shoulder to his ear; he was at the edge of his control. Hermione smiled up at him, Merlin he was beautiful.

Before she could think he plunged straight into her. She arched her back up off the table and shrieked; it hurt but no where near enough for her to make him stop. It hurt perfectly. She needed more. He roared in rapture.

"Merlin Hermione, you're so beautiful." His voice was strained and wavering from trying to keep himself in check.

She felt intense pressure building inside and wanted to help Draco on his way. Who was she kidding; she craved to see him lose himself in orgasm, it was the one moment in life somebody was completely vulnerable in front of another. She started to make loud keening noises and knew she was at the precipice again.

"You're so unbelievably stunning. Oh God, I want to watch you undo around me."

As she felt the familiar pleasure wrap around her body she cried out his name again. His guttural scream of release pushed her over the edge and she writhed in ecstasy. After a second his heavy boneless weight collapsed on top of her, breathing profoundly.

He moved his head slightly and placed a soft light kiss just behind her ear. She smiled in response at his sweet gesture and laughed as he whispered,

"You little minx, I demand a rematch."

"Hmmm, sorry Draco, what was that? I was lost in thought; you see I have this new adjustable shower attachment…"

She got no further before he spirited her off the table and all but dashed to the bathroom.

Several hours later and every room in her apartment sampled they lay in a sweaty tangle amongst her sheets, laughing and teasing each other until her eyes began drooping of their own accord.

"Hey Granger,"

She opened one sleepy eye and rolled over slightly so she could gaze up at him.


"Have dinner with me tomorrow night."

She stiffened a little then relaxed as his hand rubbed her arm in slow long strokes. It was comforting and she couldn't believe how one crazy day had changed her opinions and feelings for him so much. She actually admitted to liking the annoying prat now. But where exactly did she want this to go? He frowned a little and reached over tucking a strand of hair behind her ear. She shivered and pressed her face into his hand.

"I don't know Draco…"

"Don't. I've waited a long time to do this properly."

"Do what?"

"Ask you on a date." He smirked at her and this time she found it adorable. Oh no, too much of his attention and she'd be a goner. Maybe she should take a chance.

"A date hey? How about you let me think about it?" With that she lay back down and got comfortable. He growled and pulled her into his arms and spooned up behind her embracing her tightly. She felt cozy, safe and beyond sated. As she drifted off into a contented sleep she heard a small murmur in her ear,

"Go on Granger, I dare you."

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