Waluigi's Adventure

By Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus

"I can't believe we agreed to do this," Waluigi groaned as he folded his arms.

Toadette jumped on Waluigi's back, giggling. "Oh come on, Wally, it can't be that bad!"

ROB the robot, in all his grayish colored glory, hovered towards Waluigi and sat down, agreeing with Toadette. "I concur. There's nothing wrong with a little introduction."

Waluigi gawked as he opened his arms in an annoyed pose. "But what's the point? It will confuse the poor saps reading this!"

Petey Piranha slapped Waluigi in the back of the head, causing Gooper Blooper, Nikki The Noki, and Ashley to all laugh. Waluigi growled as he turned around, with petey merely shrugging.

"Can we just get this stupid thing started already?" Bowser Junior replied begrudgingly as he adjusted his Gadd Paintbrush.

Waluigi sighed as he adjusted his purple cap, pushing it forward as he shrugged. "Oh fine. Let's go already."

Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus: YAY! Meet the fanfic that will be my most worked on for this whole entire month! And no, I am not joshing you: unlike my older certain big fanfics (cough, cough), I'm completely confident in focusing greatly on this one. Because it's about the one character who should have had a game for himself by now: Waluigi. And lo, to counteract Nintendo's stupidity (which sadly got bigger this generation than it ever did before...), I'm gonna give Waluigi as much justice as I can. So ladies and gentlemen, read and enjoy!

Disclaimer: Waluigi belongs to Nintendo. Everything else in the story belongs to all of their creators. And any original created content in this story blongs to Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus.

Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus: Also, I threw in an extra bit for y'all, because I love ya. Enjoy, ladies and gents!

All grand adventures are splendid...

All grand adventures are intense...

All grand adventures are awesome...

All grand adventures, however, manage to start in the most commons of ways... and this particular adventure... is the very proof of that...

Waluigi yawned loudly as he stretched in his bunk bed, which was tied to two wooden poles that he personally installed himself. He opened his eyes, seeing the sun brightly shine down n him as the clear blue sky was visible, with no clouds in sight. Placing on his orange elf-like shoes, Waluigi quickly swapped his purple pajamas with his regular purple shirt and dark purple overalls, placing on his white gloves as he took off his pajama cap and placed on his traditional purple cap, stretching his arms as he placed both f his hands on his hip, looking towards the eastern direction as the sun was rising high.

"Ahh… morning." Waluigi stated as he took in a deep breath, smiling as he pulled out a red rose and sniffed it, smiling from satisfaction. "After seven months, I finally have my entire house completed." He turned around to face the western direction, his entire house standing proudly. "And I would not have it any other way."

The house was two stories high, and it was made with a mixture of both metallic and wooden objects. The paint scheme was purple and yellow, which greatly reflected Waluigi, although there was a slew of red on the roof and blue on the bottom. The green grass greatly contrasted the colors of the house, making it look great overall, especially considering all of the white stripes painted on.

"Ahh… yes. A great morning to wake up and do something," Waluigi admitted, knowing it was spring as he rubbed the back of his head, wondering what to do. "Now… if only I had an objective…"

Suddenly, before he could think of anything, Waluigi heard a shout, and he turned towards the northern direction, to see a pink, humanoid mushroom girl running towards him. Waluigi squinted, confirming that the humanoid mushroom girl was, in fact, Toadette.

"Toadette?" Waluigi stated in shock, being hugged tightly by the young mushroom girl, "What the heck are you doing all the way out here?"

Toadette giggled, looking up at Waluigi with a smile that could draw in millions. "D'aww, Waluigi! I was wondering what happened to you after all these months! After all, I heard so much of what happened!" She let go of Waluigi, placing both of her hands behind her back. "After all, you destroyed the Metaberd and saved the planet… you managed to get enough cash to buy your own land… and speaking of which…" She gasped, looking all around the Meadow Meadows. "You picked a great place to live, Waluigi! I don't think I would have ever believed you would actually consider moving here!"

Waluigi chuckled, rubbing the back of his head as he remarked, "Well, you may remember that my old home was nothing special. It was more in the dumps, you could say." His eyes widened as he snapped his fingers, pointing Toadette as his newly constructed house. "Oh! Speaking of which, get a load of this baby!"

Toadette's jaw dropped as she gasped, looking at the grand exterior of Waluigi's new house. She rubbed one of the wooden planks, stuttering with excitement as she couldn't believe her eyes. "W-W-Waluigi… this… this is amazing! Does this explain why you weren't in the Mushroom Kingdom all this time?"

Waluigi nodded, folding his arms. "Yep! I technically was not a resident of the Mushroom Kingdom, and even if I was, I would have voted to separate myself as far as possible. I can safely assure that I'm in my entire own entity." He laughed, patting Toadette on the head. "But surely that wouldn't trouble you. After all, you did manage to find me!"

Toadette giggled a bit, slightly blushing as she held her hands together. "Oh… Wally…" Toadette gasped, remembering why she came here. "Oh yeah! I just remembered! Princess Daisy wanted to see you!"

Waluigi's eyes nearly popped out of his head as he couldn't believe what he heard. "W-wha! Daisy! I almost completely forgot about her!" He groaned as he placed his right palm on his forehead. "What exactly does she want?"

Toadette whistled innocently, simply stating, "Well, she was bored with just playing sports and having parties, so she wanted to see if someone could go on an adventure with her…" She smiled, looking at Waluigi. "What do you think, Waluigi? Do you think you could help with the situation?"

Waluigi sighed, looking down at his feet as he folded his arms together. "I don't know, Toadette. An adventure is pretty big. You sure she wants to go on one?"

Toadette nodded, replying as he patted Waluigi on his right shoulder, "Well, I'll go and bring her over. It can't be that bad! Besides, I'm tagging along with you!" She giggled as she ran off, blowing a kiss to Waluigi before she left.

"Wha…" Waluigi was left in awestruck as he watched Toadette turn into a tiny dot towards the northern direction, sitting in his bunk as he tried recollecting his train of thought.

Waluigi was snoozing back in his bunk, the time being 7:32, fifteen minutes after Toadette has left. A tumor shook the area, causing Waluigi to fall right out of his bunk, and onto the grass. Rubbing his head, Waluigi got up, to see Toadette coming back, this time with Princess Daisy in tow.

"See, Waluigi? I told you I would come back!" Toadette claimed as she giggled, holding onto Daisy's right hand with her left. "And now that we're together, we can all go on one big adventure!"

"Yeah!" Daisy piped as she grabbed both of Waluigi's hands, looking at him face to face with a confident smile. "I've been dying for an adventure since 1989! Let's go and have some nice nature exploring, Wally!"

Waluigi moaned, pulling away from Daisy as he folded his arms again. "I told you not to call me Wally! It makes me sound like a college student…" He heard Daisy and Toadette giggle, making him groan some more.

"Oh Wally, don't be so silly!" Daisy comforted as she covered her mouth with her right hand, "Why, we knew each other since I was a baby! There's no shame to being called a nickname!"

"Yeah!" Toadette piped in, adding her own little memories of childhood, "Why, they called me "Bucket Head" back in Kindergarten, but I didn't let that get over me!"

Waluigi thought for it a moment, and he sighed, nodding as he eventually agreed. "Very well. Let's go on an adventure."

"YAY!" Daisy and Toadette cheered as they both hugged Waluigi, nearly squeezing him as they each held onto his hands. Waluigi rolled his eyes as he was forced to skip along, before a huge burst of wind blew the three characters down on the grass. Waluigi opened his eyes, seeing a strange, white-colored green stripped machine snatch Daisy and using its bluish mechanical hands tie the Sarasaland princess with ease, letting an evil mechanical chuckle as it headed eastward. Daisy screamed for help, causing Toadette to gasp as she and Waluigi got back on their feet.

"Oh my gosh, oh my gosh!" Toadette panicked as she squirmed, trembling with fright as she tugged onto Waluigi's overalls, "Daisy got kidnapped for the first time in twenty one years! What are we gonna do?"

Waluigi rolled his eyes as he pulled Toadette's hands away from his overalls, tucking his cap down as he stated in a bold, serious tone, "Well, Toadette, although not in the way it was intended, it looks like we're going on an adventure. A grand adventure, that is…" He finished off dramatically as he ran right after the mechanical copter, with Toadette running right behind.

And thus began one of the most epic adventures ever to be created in the history of adventures…


Welcome to this action/adventure fanfic's tutorial! Do you need a introduction to the character?

"No," Waluigi flatly stated as he folded his arms, groaning. "I don't know why we have to do this-"

Silence, Waluigi! For I, the narrator, is telling the viewers at home about this fanfic.

"Sounds stupid," Waluigi muttered under his breath as he rolled his eyes.

Anyway, this fine tall purple-clothed fellow you see right in front of you is Waluigi. He's the star of this fanfic, and will be the main character throughout the course of the story.

"Waa," Waluigi groaned as he slapped his forehead, shaking his head sideways in dismay.

As you can see, Waluigi is a very pleasant fellow!

"In your dreams," Waluigi muttered as he stuck out his long tongue.

Waluigi must progress through the various areas that await him on his adventure! First, he must head eastward throughout the beautiful Meadow Meadows, which is his newfound home! And my, oh my, will he encounter such simple creatures!

"Buzz Bombers are not simple," Waluigi retorted as she smashed several of the blue-colored mechanical bees with his trusty purple-colored tennis racket.

Waluigi, what did I tell you about interrupting the narrator?

"Just shut up and continue, you brain dead moron..." Waluigi grumbled as he tossed away his tennis racket.

Waluigi encounters humanoid enemies that look like eggplant called Eggplantmen. He also sees humanoid creatures that look like live puppets named Primids. Both the Eggplantman and Primid are extremely common enemies that Waluigi encounter. Next on the list of common creatures are the mechanical Dino Wrenches, who resemble both wrenches and snakes, and pack in quite a punch!

"Dino Wrenches have nothing on me!" Waluigi proclaimed as he grabbed a red rusty Dino Wrench, tossing him into a handful of Eggplantmen and Primids that were approaching.

These three enemies, as do all other enemies encountered on Waluigi's thrilling adventure, come in many different colors! Some of them are easy to get rid of - others, however, can pack in an extra punch that will make Waluigi think twice!

"Shoo! Beat it! Get lost, ya crummy munchers!" Waluigi yelled as he tried getting three purple Dino Wrenches off of him, who were biting hard on his tall lanky body.

Of course, it wouldn't be too hard for our Waluigi to handle! Next, gold coins lie on the path, all about in the areas that Waluigi will visit. He can use gold coins as currency for several objects that may help him!

"Yeah.. as if..." Waluigi dismissed as he chuckled, stuffing several gold coins down his dark purple overalls.

Now that we got the objective out of the way, that concludes this tutorial. Now go out and rescue Princess Daisy, Waluigi!

"I will rescue her, and when I do, I'm going to come back here and gloat it in your face, stupid announcer!" Waluigi taunted as he laughed, running off towards the eastern direction.

Meet The Cast


Waluigi, that ever so dashing fellow, made his debut in public as a pretty damn good tennis player. Despite his nature, Waluigi won fair and square, proceeding to appear in practically every sports competition ever. He's also been competing in the Olympics, and has a wild side for parties. Despite this, Waluigi isn't the first guy you would think of when it comes to heroes... he's a big jerk. A jerk with a heart, but a jerk no less. Waluigi is crafty, he is cruel, and has his ways with elements, such as electricity, wind, and plants. All he wants is peace, but with the way the world works, he'll have to fight against it in order to get some peace and quiet.


Toadette is a sweet, young, kind humanoid mushroom girl, donning pink all over. She's exactly what you would think of sweet young girls. Loving sugary sweets as one would imagine, Toadette has a pure heart, and she even has feelings for those who would appear to be jerks such as Waluigi. She's also surprisingly fast, and makes good use of her ponytails via whirling them like propellers.

Petey Piranha

Petey Piranha is large, buff, and tough. Petey is also the oldest of the group, having been around for a surprisingly long time, his most harshest time living occurring around the Ice Age. Despite appearing to have no brain, Petey is pretty smart, using his appearance to catch his many foes off guard. He enjoys eating and sleeping, but nothing gets him more excited than to be partying or causing action. Petey has one time sucked in a piece of hammer space, which was since been floating just right above his stomach. Its thanks to this that Petey can swallow and take out anything, be it a rocket, a couple of grenades, or even a cruise ship. Not to mention, Petey's infamous brown goop that he spews out from time to time.

Gooper Blooper

Gooper Blooper is also big, but he is not as strong as Petey. He has four tentacles, two in the front, and two in the back. He also as an additional set just below his mouth, of which he'll summon if his main four get cut off. Gooper lives in the water, but can adapt to land as well, as proven by the fact that he can whirl in the air spinning his tentacles. He can shoot either water or black goop, which is incredibly helpful in sticky situations. He also is concerned, worrying about the state of which he places himself in along with his friends.

Bowser Jr.

Bowser Jr. is the mischievous, devious prince of the Koopa Clan, going as far as to extend their reaches to the stars above. He's quick, and nimble, when he needs to be, he has stealth skills and can trick even the strongest of foes with his cunning nature. His prized possession is the Gadd Paintbrush, of which since the fateful day he encountered, he has held onto dearly ever since.

Nikki The Noki

Nikki is a young, highly energetic female blue colored Noki who lives with her family and friends on the pleasant shores of Beachy Beach. She may act young and naive, but don't let her looks fool you, she's older than you think. Despite this, she gets along well with Toadette, and surprisingly enough, Ashley. Her blue bandana coincides with her yellow ponytail, a style she based on one of her idols.

Ashley The Witch

Ashley is, as you can tell, a witch. She's rude, mean, greedy, all those stereotypical things you associate with a witch. She's also pretty young, but that doesn't excuse her for tormenting young children with delight. She also seems to have a strong gastronomical system, having been able to use her flatulence as a weapon. Despite this, for the moment, she prefers old school witchcraft.


R.O.B., the Robotic Operating Buddy, sometimes referred to as the "master robot", is the most intelligent member of the gang, having the most knowledge by far. He's also the second oldest, only younger than Petey Piranha. ROB prefers not to fight, though despite this, he's quite capable of breaking a few skulls on the battlefield. He was created by Master Hand to help ensure the liberties of Central City, and since he has made the Central City Natural Library his home, giving all who come a vessel of knowledge.