Waluigi, Toadette, and Silver The Hedgehog were up against an entire armada of aqua and emerald colored Dino Wrenches, who appeared to be more advanced than the normal red colored Dino Wrenches as they matched the colors of the Aqua Emerald Bridge, preparing to chew out any trespasser. Waluigi shouted a war cry as he dashed towards the Dino Wrenches, whipping them good with his whip as Silver used his green psychic powers, picking up the Dino Wrenches and chucking them off the bridge as Toadette spun her pink pigtails and flew into the air, overlooking the Dino Wrench army marching in.

"Those naughty wrenches can't get me from up here!" Toadette exclaimed as she yelped in pain, feeling a shock as she was being fired at, the Dino Wrenches in the back spitting out electrical blue sparks at her. Toadette tried dodging them, but she kept getting shocked, falling back down on the bridge as she groaned in pain, unable to move.

Waluigi briefly turned around to see Toadette down, only to be hit in the face by a Dino Wrench. Waluigi was knocked back, with four Dino Wrenches pulling Waluigi into the wave of Dino Wrenches as they all jumped on him, biting him all over his body. Waluigi screamed for help as he was bitten and shocked, electricity going through the Dino Wrenches' bodies.

Silver dashed towards Waluigi and fired a couple of psychic shots at the wave of reptilian like nuts and bolts, helping Waluigi up as he was bitten in the butt by a Dino Wrench. Silver slapped the crunching wrench off of him as he rubbed his injured butt with his right hand, before being knocked on the head by yet another Dino Wrench. Waluigi then began spinning about, forming his Waluigi Tornado as he whirled through the wave of Dino Wrenches. Little did the trio know that this was only the beginning...