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Twins Trios


It was Halloween eve when it started. At Godric's Hollow, a small town, events started to happen that would affect the entire world. Nobody was prepared for it. A mistake was about to be made that could never be fixed.

James and Lily Potter were both 21 years of age. Lily had flowing red hair, along with her piecing green eyes that intimidated so many people. James on the other hand, had brown eyes, along with jet black hair that could never be neat. They had two sons that were loved, Harry and Percy Potter. They were both loved equally, until that fateful night on All Hallows Eve.

A man in a dark cloak swept along the sidewalk in Godric Hallow. All the muggles stayed clear of him unconsciously, not knowing what they were scared of. Many called him the Dark Lord, while a lot of other people called him You-Know-Who or He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. There was only one person in the world that called him by his proper name. Albus Dumbledore, the greatest light wizard alive, called him Voldemort. Voldemort was in a good mood tonight. The plan was ready, nothing could go wrong. He had made sure of that. His Death Eaters were all spread out for different attacks. That should scatter the Order of the Phoenix. Then he would strike. By the time the Order arrived, he would be long gone, and two thirds of the prophecy dead. The Dark Lord reached his destination.

He paused for a moment, observing the house that he should not be able to see. It was a white, two storey house. The owner obviously enjoyed gardening because there was lots of Lily's in the front yard. Just for good measure, a jet of green light burst out of his wand, killing one of them. He wished he could do that to the real person Lily Potter, but he couldn't have her sacrificing her life for her sons. Nothing he cast would work then. With any more hesitation, he stepped onto the lawn.


James Potter sat at a table in Professor Dumbledore's, no, Albus's office at Hogwarts. He was absent mindedly thinking about his favourite things: Quidditch, Lily, Trouble Making, and Lily. What team would win the Quiditch league this year? It sure wouldn't be the Chudey Cannons. He was wondering what he and Lily would do later. They were planning have another child; hopefully a girl so Lily wouldn't feel left out when Harry, Percy, and James go out to play Quiditch. James also was plotting some pranks that he is going to teach his kids to do. Hopefully they'll have an arch-rival like him and Snivellus.

A white badger appeared in the office. "Dumbledore!" said the voice of Amos Diggory. "The ministry has gotten a tip that multiple places are being attacked! Hogsmeade, as well as the muggle cities of Bristol, Plymouth and Bradford!"

Dumbledore immediately jumped into action, while everybody else started to panic. Sirius had gone very pale and started to mutter under his breath. Remus had a look on his face that someone would think the full moon came early. Lily looked thoughtful, wondering what the point of this attack was. The rest of the order, mostly new recruits, started screaming their heads off. When Dumbledore couldn't be heard, he signaled for silence, creating a big bang from his wand.

"James, Lily, Sirius, Remus and Alastor, go and protect Hogsmeade. Frank, Alice, Marlene, Emmeline, , go to Bristol. Nejy, Edgar, Elphias, Surgis, he have Plymouth. Gideon, Fabian, Dorcas and I will go and try to dispel them from Bradford." Everyone went scrambling, trying to organize themselves to follow orders. Briefly, Dumbledore wondered where this attack came from. They didn't have any warning beforehand. That thought quickly left his mind. That's not important right now. Right now they have to go protect the people.

The first people to leave were the group that was going to Hogmeade. As they were leaving, they could hear the other people flooing to a wizarding home near their destination. The group burst into a run. With the knowledge of James, Sirius and Remus, they got out of the castle in 5 minutes. As they got closer to Hogsmeade, they could hear the screams of the residents and laughs of the Death Eaters.

James ran on to the scene. Without wasting anytime, he started casting spells. "Stupefy, Expelliarmus, Stupefy, Stupefy, Stupefy!" As he fought, James noticed that there was no inner circle present.

James heard someone cream.

"James"," called out Sirius. "Fire!"

When James looked up, all he could see was orange and red. Then he noticed that he was really hot.

"Aguamenti, Aguamenti, AGUAMENTI!"

James finally managed to dampen the fire enough so that he could get out. As he looked up, he saw a jet of white light going towards him. James went flying into a tree. Then he blacked out.

!#$%^&* - Meanwhile

Voldemort blasted the door of its hinges with ease. He entered the house, and was met by Wormtail, who was instantly told to get out. Then took another look around. Voldemort scowled. This place was so neat. It also had a lot of muggle appliances. Memories from the orphanage started to show up, especially that one where he burned himself on the stove.

Voldemort headed upstairs, listening to the breathing of the two infants he was here to kill. Hmmm, he thought to himself, I must really reward Wormtail the night is over. Voldemort reached the top of the stairs. As Voldemort looked around once again, he saw a white door that was bordered with loins. Typical Gryffindor.

One of the babies started crying upon Voldemort's entry. Voldemort looked at it in disgust, and was about to kill it when something caught his eye. The other baby. It was silent. That baby had respect showing in his eye, but also something else. That baby had fear. Voldemort was stunned for a moment. A mere fifteen month old baby was trying to defy him. He respected that. Voldemort felt around for magical power. The crying baby was normal, while the quiet one had even more powerful then Dumbledore, possibly even him! Knowing that this would be the baby in the prophecy, the threat, he cried out those two unforgivable words.

"Avada Kedavra"

A jet of green light burst out of his wand. It was nothing new for Lord Voldemort. Then why did he have a sense of forbidding?

As the light approached the baby, a silver bubble appeared around his head. For a moment, Voldemort was concerned, by waved that away when the spell went right through the shield. But then Voldemort watched with growing dread as it did not strike and kill the baby like it was supposed to. The spell hit him and bounced right back, leaving a lightning bolt shaped scar where it hit. Voldemort desperately tried to dodge, but for the first time in his life, he was too slow. The spell hit Lord Voldemort in the shoulder, ripping him from his body, but not dying, thanks to his anchors. All around England, wizards felt their left arm burn, and then their Dark Mark faded so much you almost couldn't see it.

The explosion rocked the house. The roof in the nursery started to collapse. Chucks of rock rained down on the babies. Only once did one of them get hit. Percy Potter got caught in the right cheek, creating a scar in the shape of a crescent moon. At last, the entire roof caves in, somehow avoiding the two babies.

Far away, all the attacks seized the moment the Death Eaters felt their mark fade. No one was aware of the event that had just transpired.


The Order of the Phoenix sat around the table at Hogwarts, talking about the night.

"Why did all the attacks seize, Albus?" asked Fabian Prewett. "They were almost at the same time too. That can't be a coincidence. You-Know-Who probably planned this to make us fear the worst. Albus, there were 482 muggles were slaughtered in each village! This war is never going to end! Even if it does, then we will most likely not be the winners!"

Fabian started to walk towards the door. Just before he got there, it was blasted open. Severus Snape, spy for the Order, appeared panting and was very pale. He stood there for a few seconds, and then sat down.

He mumbled something that no one could make out.

"Speak up, Severus," said Albus.

Snape looked up and uttered two words. "He's gone"

For a few seconds, the order stared at the spy, then whispers broke out all over the room.

"Silence," roared Albus. "Severus, how is it that you know this?"

Snape unrolled his left arm. Every gasped. They could barely see the Dark Mark that they knew was there, branded on Snape. In fact, it was so faded that they couldn't see it unless you were looking for it.

"Albus, how did this happen?" asked Lily Potter. Her piercing green eyes looking across the room, locking onto Dumbledore. Unlike her husband, she had no trouble calling their former Headmaster by his first name.

"I do not know," he said slowly. "It could have been anything. For all we know, Voldemort could've had a potions accident, any type of accident for that matter. If you learn anything, contact the rest of us via Patronus." The headmaster stopped, thinking about what they should do. He continued a moment later. "Let's call it a night for now. Warm beds a wait, along with possible peace!"

The Order meeting quickly broke up after that. No one even noticed that Peter Pettigrew was missing. He hadn't even come to the meeting. James and Lily bid good night to the rest of the order and left the office.

"What do you think of Snivellus's-I mean Severus's announcement Lily flower?" he changed the name quickly seeing his wife's look.

Lily sighed, but not before giving him another glare. "I don't know James. It just sounds too good to be true. Let's go."

They reached the gates, and disapparated with a pop.

James continued the conversation after they both reached their destination.

"So, do you think it's true?" he pressed. "What's wrong Lily?"

Lily had stopped dead in her tracks, staring palely ahead, where the house is. James followed her gaze, and quickly paled just as much as her. They stared at their house… Or what was left of their house. The house that James had grown up in was demolished. The roof had clearly collapsed, taking the old foundation with it.

"The… The prophecy! Lily, go and make sure that Percy and Harry are all right. I'll send a message to Dumbledore and the Order."

Lily ran straight into the ruined house, vaguely hearing James say Expecto Patronum. She entered the ruins of the old Potter house, looking for the nursery. Finally, she found Harry and Percy in the center of a circle that didn't have any rumble in it. Percy was lying on top of Harry, who was unconscious.

"James, James, JAMES!" Lily cried in hysteria as multiple pops signified the arrival of the order. "THE BABIES ARE STILL ALIVE!" Every one heard her and rushed to the scene. Dumbledore pushed his way to the front, then bent down to examine the twins.

"Oh my," he murmured quietly to himself as he spotted the scar on Percy's cheek, and a Dark cloak lying on the ground a few feet away. Dumbledore walked over and looked at it. It was Voldemorts, reeking of dark magic. "It appears," Dumbledore continued slowly. "That little Percy here has done the impossible. He has survived the killing curse."

A gasp of astonishment and disbelief went up in the order. "Not only that he managed to reflect the curse, and hit Voldemort. Tonight's attacks were probably planned to distract us. But Percy, somehow, managed to stop Voldemort (everyone flinched at the name) for us! He is, the Boy-Who-Lived"



By Rita Skeeter

It has leaked out that He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Name met his downfall last night. How? Well, isn't that the interesting part. He was defeated by none other than Percy Potter, son of famous aurors Lily and James Potter. According to Albus Dumbledore, "Percy Potter not only defeated *censored for our readers*, but also survived the killing curse, which is unheard of!"

Thank our lucky stars for Percy Potter folks. We were slowly losing ground to You-Know-Who in the war, but thanks to this 15 month infant, we're hoping for more generations of peace. To Percy Potter, the Boy-Who-Lived!

The rest of the article and paper went on and on about the Potters and Percy. Not one did it mention the Potter twin. Not once did they think about him. For that day on, Harry Potter became the forgotten child.

(1)-Names from when Moody shows Harry the photograph of the original Order of the Phoenix in the Order of the Phoenix, Page 158.

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