Ok, so this is a story about what would have happened if Stefan didn't met Elena but Damon does, putting Elena in more danger because of Damon's desire for blood. Elena's going to look different in this than in the book, so here's the first chapter, I hope you like it. Please comment Thanks!


Chapter 1

'Damon?' Not again, please not again. Stefan hoped internally. It had been nearly 23 years since he last seen his brother, to him it wasn't long enough, but at this moment he could feel Damon's power radiating through the boarding house. Stefan looked around the darkened room, even being able to see in the dark he couldn't see him. The curtains were flown forward then in the same instant were motionless.

'Damon?' this time Stefan asked with more agitation. He looked all over the room moving cautiously with stiff movements.

'Yes, brother?' the emotionless, velvet voice replied. Stefan stiffened and turned slowly to face the arrogant looking smile that revealed Damon's sheet white teeth with razor sharp fangs and his compelling dark eyes. He could tell by just glancing at his bright complexion that he had fed recently and by the small blood stains that were still on his lips. Damon turned off his smile like a high voltage bulb being switched off leaving only darkness.

Stefan stared behind his shoulder not wanting to have to look him in the eye, 'What do you want?'

'It's nice to see you too'

'Damon' Stefan was getting fed up with Damon's pointless games 'What do you want?'

'What, I can't visit my brother without wanting something?' he raised his perfectly arched eyebrows in a questioning way. Stefan didn't know how much more of this he could take.

Stefan looked him straight in the eye and replied in exasperation 'No, you can't'

He could only ever remember Damon 'visiting' him looking for either a fight or just to make his life more unbearable than it already was.

'I'm looking for someone. Are you happy now boy?'

Even after one hundred and sixty-two years, he still calls me 'boy' Stefan thought hopelessly.

'You will always be a seventeen year old, so yes I will always call you boy' Damon replied to his thought.

'Who are you looking for?' Stefan said giving up on trying to stare him out.

'I'm not sure yet', Damon sprawled on the sofa yawning, 'It's tiring feeding from humans, isn't it? Oh, no that's right you drink from animals, shame.' Damon laughed darkly.

'Who are you looking for?' Stefan repeated, trying to read Damon's thoughts.

'It's no use trying to read my mind, I'm stronger than you, always will be', Damon laughed humourlessly at Stefan's useless attempt. 'Haven't you remembered anything from when we were living in Italy, our etiquette teacher would be so disappointed? 'You need not know other peoples business' Damon imitated perfectly.

'It is my business if you're looking for someone in Fells Church; I'm planning on staying here and it's not going to be easy every girl here screaming 'Vampire'. Stefan stepped forward preparing himself in case Damon lost his temper.

'Too bad, now if you don't mind, I have to get some sleep. I have school in the morning'.

I really don't what to know what goes on in his head Stefan thought as he tried to imagine Damon going to school…