"Who is it?" Han demanded first, since he had to most compelling reason to ask.

"Tell them," Jessa said softly, casting her gaze downward, and rubbing her fingers together nervously. "I can't."

Luke grinned. "Someone we've all met. Guess."

"I hate guessing games, Skywalker," Jade snarled. "They make me very cranky."

"Everything makes you cranky," Han informed the red-head.

Mara jumped up off the sofa. "I'll tell you something else that makes me cranky, and that's arrogant Corellians that pressure people into marrying to cover up their mistakes."

"That part only makes you cranky because you wanted Luke for yourself," Han said smugly.

"That is not true!" Mara shot back hotly.

"Then why are you so worked up 'cuz Luke took life-vows with Jessa?"

Mara's face turned a deep crimson. "Because he's not in love with her, and he was only doing you a favor."

"Han, quit teasing Mara," Leia ordered, then turned to Luke. "I'll guess. She said he was Corellian, so my guess is Talon Karrde."

"Nope," Luke replied, still grinning. "Anyone else care to try?"

"I think it's Calrissian," Han mused aloud. "I know he's not a Corellian, but his system was colonized by Corellians centuries ago, so technically, I suppose he could make that claim."

"Not even close," Luke said with a snort.

"Good to know," Han said. "I'd hate to think Jessa would fall for that con artist and not me."

"I'll have you know I have better taste than falling for Karrde, Calrissian and especially you, Solo," Jessa said haughtily.

"Good answer. Maybe you're not so bad after all," Mara informed Jessa.

"Come on," Luke cajoled the group. "You haven't made a guess yet, Mara. Who do you think it is?"

"Garm Bel Iblis," Mara replied snidely.


"Booster Terrik," Han guessed.

"I'm not insane," Jessa griped.

"Soonir Fel," Leia conjectured.

"Crix Madine!" Han shouted, getting into the spirit of the game.

"Would everyone please shut up?" Jessa yelled in disgust. "It's Dash Rendar, okay? Dash! Not some guy old enough to be my father!"

"Dash? DASH?" Han repeated in disbelief. "I'm way better looking than he is."

"In your dreams," Jessa said.

Leia patted Han on his wrist. "Dash is rather… dashing."

"Does he know he's Nana's father?" Mara questioned.

"No, of course not," Jessa answered. "If he had found out, nothing would have kept him from me and our baby. Dash has character."

"I've got character," Han protested. "Although having character is overrated."

Leia twisted around in her seat and frowned at her husband. "If I didn't know any better, I'd say you're acting upset that Dash is Nana's father instead of you."

"No, no," Han protested. "It's not that…"

"It's just that Solo's giant ego has been deflated by finding out Jessa prefers Rendar to him. Am I right?" Mara needled.

"No," Han muttered sullenly, slumping down.

Mara gave a derisive snort, then addressed Jessa, "This still doesn't explain why you jumped all over Skywalker when you arrived."

Jessa shrugged. "That just kind of happened. I always wanted Nana to have a good father, someone she can look up to and admire. No one could be better than a Jedi Knight."

"Thanks," Luke said, blushing.

"You're still getting it annulled," Mara stated firmly.

"What's it to you, Jade?" Han pushed. "Maybe Luke would like to stay married to Jessa. It should be his decision, and not yours."

"You have no idea how close you are to finding out if there is an afterlife for morons, Solo," Mara warned.

"I'll go with Luke to the Clerk's Office tomorrow, and we'll file for the annulment," Jessa said with a sigh, warding off further disagreements. "Then he can take me and Nana to the spaceport and we'll leave on the first transport that's heading toward Ekibo. Will that be okay, Luke?"

"Sure," Luke replied, feeling a bit flustered as well as relieved. "That sounds fine."

"Are you going to tell Nana and Doc the truth?" Han questioned.

"Yes, I will," Jessa said slowly. "I'd like to contact Dash and tell him everything, too. Maybe, just maybe, my father will forgive and forget what transpired in the past."

"Yeah," Han grumbled. "Then you can have him send me an apology letter for dragging me through the hellfires of Mustafar while I was there."

Jessa stood up, and smiled. "Don't hold your breath, Solo." She turned to Leia. "Would you take me to Winter's apartment? I'd like to pick up my daughter now."

"Of course," Leia said, standing as well. "I'm sure Winter is more than ready to have me come get the twins and Anakin, too. And Threepio. I mustn't forget Threepio."

"No," Han groused. "We mustn't forget Goldenrod, must we?"

The next morning

When Leia answered the door early the next morning, a frantic Luke was standing next to a very unhappy looking Mara Jade.

"Now what's the matter?" Leia questioned, stepping aside so they could enter.

"She's gone!" Luke gasped. "GONE!"

Han strolled out of the kitchen, carrying a cup of kaffe. "Who's gone?"

"Jessa and Nana," Mara responded tightly. "They checked out of the hotel early this morning, and left Coruscant on a public space-flight."

"So?" Han questioned, appearing confused. "That's what she said she was gonna do."

"But we were going to go to the Clerk's Office when it opened and get our marriage voided before she left," Luke hissed out in frustration. "When I contacted that Office, they said Jessa never showed up there, and that I could file alone, but without her signature it would take a year to finalize, because there is some law that is has to show she actually abandoned me. Can you believe this?"

"Huh," Han said. "Imagine that."

"That's all you've got to say?" Mara snapped. "Imagine that?"

"Well, yeah."

"Oh, Luke," Leia said, putting her arms around her brother. "I am so sorry."

"Good thing a year goes by pretty fast," Han added unhelpfully.

Leia glared at her husband, then turned her focus back to Luke. "Is there anything else you can do?"

"The Clerk said if I get her signature, and two witnesses to confirm she signed the form, then they could process the annulment and it would be done in six to eight weeks," Luke said glumly.

"So that's what we'll do," Mara declared suddenly. "We're going to follow her to Ekibo and get that signature if it's the last thing we do."

"We?" Luke questioned, raising his eyebrows.

"Of course," Mara said. "She might not sign the form unless I'm there waving my lightsaber under her nose."


"Well, it's true," Mara snapped, pulling Luke toward the exit. "Come on, Farmboy. We got a trip to the Corporate Sector to take."

As they hurried out the door, Leia shook her head. "Whatever was Jessa thinking?"

Han gave a chortle, and tried to hide his mirth behind the cup of kaffe. Leia turned her suspicious gaze toward her amused husband. "Did you have anything to do with this?"

"I might have."


"Luke deserved it," Han said defensively, then, unable to restrain himself, started laughing.

"You planned all of this?" Leia asked in shock.

"No, not all of it," Han replied, wiping his eyes as he continued to chuckle. "Just the last part… where Jessa took off without filing for the annulment. I sorta commed her last night and asked her to do that for me, as a favor. I pointed out she owed me, since she let everyone think Nana was my kid for all those years."

"But, why?"

"Paybacks are hell, Princess," Han said, repeating her earlier words to him. "Luke needed to be taught to keep his nose out of raising our kids, and if he's busy flying around the galaxy with Jade, what better way to keep him preoccupied, I ask you?"

"Will Jessa sign the annulment forms?" Leia questioned.

"Oh, yeah," Han said. "When Luke eventually catches up to her. I gave her enough credits that she and Nana can spend a few months taking the long, scenic route back to Ekibo."

"Han!" Leia said, appalled. "That's terrible."

"Is it?"

"How could it not be?"

"Luke loves Jade, and it's obvious Jade loves Luke," Han pointed out, taking another sip of the steaming beverage. "By the time they get Jessa's signature, maybe they'll have both finally figured that out."

"You're very sneaky," Leia admonished Han.

Han set the cup down and wrapped his arms around his wife. "A sneaky scoundrel. I like the sound of that."

"You would," she complained, right before he kissed her. Leia forgot all about further protests.