This is the second chapter of Star Wars: Earth Assault, this chapter is probably going to be interesting.

Chapter 2: Problems Start

I woke up the mourning, when I opened my eyes, Ahsoka's face was in front of me, her eyes were closed.

I got up and did everything to start my mourning, I then made breckfast for me and Ahsoka.

"it's wierd living with someone you thought you would never get the chance to see" I thought.

I just got done making brekfast when Ahsoka came down to eat, now that I got a good look at her, she was attractive.

"morning, so what are we having for brekfast?" She asked as she sat down by the table.

"were having bacon, eggs, hashbrowns, and toast" I said.

"sounds good" Ahsoka said.

I made two plates, I set the first one down in front of Ahsoka, while I sat mine down were I was sitting.

Through most of breckfast it was silent, then Ahsoka said "it's quiet around here, do you live by some cities?"

"yeah, I'm an our away from Phoenix, but my hometown Prescot is ten miles down the road" I said.

"ok, and it is quite peacefull since you live in a forest" Ahsoka said.

"yeah, I love hearing the wind, the rustleing of the leaves, and the feel of the wind on my face" I said.

She was about to speak, but then the doorbell rung, I got up.

"who in the heck could be at my door at this our?" I thought.

I went to the door and opened it, two men wearing black suits, with maching ties, and sunglasses were at my door.

"were the FBI sir, were looking for a possible alien in this area, have you seen anything strange?" the blck haird agent said.

"an alien you say?" I said, I thought, "I can't say I haven't seen one" I lied.

"sir, we know your lying, just hand over the alien and no one will get hurt" he said.

"look guys, to tell you the truth I know how you guys work, you take them for a little "talk", but in reality it is for autopsy, plus why do you need a autopsy when you can just get x-rays, and cat scans?" I said.

They looked at eatch other, "you know, we haven't actually thought about that before" the brown haired agent said.

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I palmed my face, "you got to be kidding me, our government is stupid" I said.

"tell you the truth, we arn't into the woule autopsy stuff either" the brown haird agaent said.

"look, she's eating breckfast right now, so you guys have to wait" I said.

"we still need to take her for the safty of the citizens of America" the black haired agent said.

"the only way she is going is if I go along with her, I'm not taking any chances" I said.

"fine, but if so much as touch anything, we will look you away for a long time" the brown haired agent said.

"deal, but if you lay anything sharp on her, I will kill you both" I said.

"a deals a deal, now show us were she is" one of them said.

Before I could show them were she is, Ahsoka came into the living room.

"Michael I just had a vision" she said.

"a vision are you sure Ahsoka?" I said.

"yes, Darth Vader was invading the Earth, some of the cities were destroyed, and imperial troops were checking for survivors" she said.

"if this is true then we need to get to our base right away so we can inform them" the brown haired agent said.

"Ahsoka, these two guys are from the FBI, basicly there job is to secure the safty of America" I said.

"there job will be put to the test whenever Vader comes here" she said.

"both of you need to come with us, it is a matter of national security" the black haired agent said.

"okay, but we need to know your names" Ahsoka said.

"my name is Agent Smith, while my friend here is Agent Anderson" the brown haired agent said.

We followed them to thier car, witch was a Ford Crown Victoria, we went inside, then they started the car.

We traveled for what seemed like hours, that's when we stopped an air port, we were near a leer jet.

We went inside and sat down, once the agents got into the pilot seats, we took off.

I looked at Ahsoka agiain, her outfit was now stitched up.

We kept on traveling until we landed, once the plane stopped, we exited the leer jet.

We were at a secret military base somewere in the desert, we went into the giant building, inside were scientists, alien spacecraft, and weapons.

"this is a secret military installation, you will not utter a word about it, or the FBI will be all over you like bear on honey" Smith said.

"okay, so were do we go to help inform of the invasion?" I said.

"ill just call up the general and tell him, then he will make a meeting" Smith said.

A phone call and several minutes later...................

Me, Ahsoka, The agents, the top scientists here, and the general were all sitting at a table.

"so your telling me, that an Imperial fleet from the Star Wars movie is actually coming here to earth, to find her?" the general said.

"yep, all of it is true, and no you will not kill Ahsoka to save the planet, she's like an endagerd species now" I said.

"then what are the rest of our options right now?" one of the scientists said.

I thought for a chouple of minutes, I paced around the room, I then stopped.

"we could always let them take her, that would end it" the general said.

"no, Vader would kill her if you give her to him, so that leaves one more option, but it is bold" I said.

An atmosphere anticipation came up, I looked at them all.

"we can fight" I said, some of the scientists were surprised a bit.

"the technology of the imperials is far to advanced then our oun, we would be crushed in a month" a scientist said.

"no way, we can hold them off, thier tech has it's limits" one of them said.

"exactly!, there tech has some limits, like thier fighters, thier fastest fighter is the TIE Hunter, and it only goes eight hundred miles per hour" I said.

"the fastest military fighter in the world is the MiG 25, and it goes around a thousand and eight hundred miles per hour" the general said.

"our infantry have an advantage when it comes to weapons, and thier gear, stormtroopers suffer from poor vision and flexability, while our guys can run and jump, and our weapons can kill them in one shot" I said.

"but what about our vechicles and navy?" one on the scientists said.

"the navy and vechicles can easily get wiped out, but we can destroy thier capital ships with B-2 bombers loaded with mark eighty two bombs" I said.

"but how are we going to convince the president to let us prepare for the invasion, we don't even know when they will arrive" Smith said.

"the imperials can come any minute or day now, so we must convince him quickly before the worst happens" I said.

"allrighty then, but I don't know a lick about the imperials tatics and stradagy, we need someone that doe's to help lead the U.S. military" the general said.

Suddenly all the scientists, the general, and the agents looked at me and Ahsoka.

"I'm sorry, but I'm just an artist, I don't know anything about leading a woule military force" I said.

The general got up and placed a hand on my shoulder.

"son, the United States needs you if we are going to survive this invasion, and if we do, others might join the cause" he said.

"but why do I have to do it?, can someone else do it?" I asked.

"your the only one that most likely has the knowlege to defeat them, your our only hope" he said.

I thought for a moment as I paced around the room.

"fine, but Ahsoka get's U.S. citizenship, and the troops have to follow my orders to the letter, if I tell them to jump, I expect to hear how high" I said.

"there is no time to loose, we need to get the the president to warm him of the threat ASAP" the general said, we then followed the general to the hanger.

We took off from Area 51, and landed in Washington D.C. in a couple of hours, we then went to the White House.

We all went into the Oval Office and told the President of The United States, Barack Obama of what we discoverd.

He was sitting in his chair while his Vice President, Joe Biden was standing next to him.

"I thought that we coverd this up, but I guess I was wrong" he said.

"a week ago at exactly 3:26 AM, a squad of F-22's found seven Unindentified Flying Objects on thier radars, they then gave chase" he said.

He took out a file from his desk and placed it on his desk, he then opened it.

"these are the pictures the F-22's took o the bogies before they engadged them" he said.

We looked at the photos, captured on them were seven TIE Scouts in "V" formation over the Nevada desert.

"this is the audio recording of the event" Obama said, he pressed the play button.

We could here the whine of the F-22's engine a bit, then suddenly a male voice was heard.

"this is Alpha Leader, we have finished our patrol and are heading back home" he said.

"roder that Alpha Leader" the communications operater said.

Just then another pilot that had a younger male voice said "what the?-, sir I am picking up seven UFO's at 2'o clock, thier a couple a hundred meters from us"

"Rodger that Alpha Five" Alpha leader said, there was some silence.

"air traffic control, we have seven UFO's at 2'o clock, and thier a chouple hundred meters from us, permission to intersept" he said.

"rodger that Alpha Leader, you have the green light to intersept" the Air Traffic Controler said.

"squadren we have green light to interspet the UFO's, standerd formation" he said.

It was silent for awhile, but we could here the whine of the F-22 still, just then a female voice said "sir, I have visual of the UFO's, they are small and grey, and thier using some sort of black and grey matierial for wings" she said.

"lets see if we can try and communicate with these UFO's" another female voice said.

"attenchion pilots, your in restricted airspace, you must land" Alpha leader said.

There was no responce, Alpha lead tried again, "if you do not respond we will be forced to shoot" he said.

Just then one of the pilots said "they're scattering off", just then we heard the TIE Scouts fire.

"woah that was close!, that ship's weaponry nearly took off my tail" Aplha Five said.

"looks like these guys arn't friendly, you have permission to engadge" Alpha Leader said.

We coud here screeches from the TIE Scout's engines and laser fire from them, but we could also here the machiene guns of Alpha Leader's F-22 fire.

Just then one of the pilots said "aw yeah, take that you alien scum!", we could here a TIE Scout spin out of control.

More shots were fired, and we could here battle chatter as well, The President stopped the autio recording.

"we also have a cd of the fight as well" he said, he got a cd out and played it on a TV, we chould see the TIE Scouts coming into visual range, then after that they scrambled, followed soon by combat, we could see that five of the TIE Scouts were shot down.

"what happen to the last two?" I asked.

"the last two escaped before the F-22's could shoot them down again, they somehow jammed their sensors for five seconds while they made thier escape" Obama said.

"then that's how they found earth then, a TIE Scout has enough consumables for six months of travel" Ahsoka said.

"then drastic for drastic measures, we need to alert the citizens of America and the world of the attack" I said.

"you cannot expect them to believe this do you?" the general said.

"if the president plays and shows all the information to the public, we should be able to grab there attention to there cause" I said.

"but what if that's not enough?" Obama said.

"then......I'll deliver a speech anout why we need to stand up against this invading force" I said.

There was a moment of silence in the whole room, then the President sighed.

"are you sure you can inspire the whole united states to our cause?" he asked.

"most of it, we would get total commitment from people who are under the banner of the Rebel Alliance, but the Imperial sympathizers will most likely be against us" I said.

"the general told me that you are the only one that knows about Imperial stradagy correct?" he said.

"yes, I know alot about it, but I don't know all of it" I said.

"regardless of that statement......I will give you temporary military command of all the U.S military" he said.

"what the-, but sir, you can't possibly trust all the U.S military to this......boy" Joe Biden said.

"your lucky the presidents here, or I would have thrown you out of the room through the window" I said.

"this young man is most likely the only person that can help plan attacks and defencive plans against the Imperials, so we need to use him" he said.

The room was silent yet again, I could feel tension in the air around us.

"then it is settled, alert all the news stations that I have an important announcment to make" he said.

He got up just as we did, "Michael, if you could follow me to the IAS" Obama said.

I followed him into a hallway, we then enterd a room that had a blue curtain, a pedastil with the presidentual seal, and in front of it was a camra, all the camra crew was ready.

"once I make my statment and show the nation all the info I sowed you, I will step down, then you will deliver the motivational speech" he said.

"but I haven't wrote any of it down, plus I don't know were to start" I said.

"choose your words carefully, it can make or breck the decision" he said, with that he got on the pedastil just as the camra went on.

I watched from a TV from one of the entrence ways, President Obama was on the pedistil.

"my fellow Americans, there is something that I must inform you of, an imperial fleet is going to be in the orbit of earth" he said.

"last week, at exactly 3:26 AM, a squad of F-22's found seven Unindentified Flying Objects on thier radars, they then gave chase" he said.

"the photos, film, and autio recording your about to see are top secrect files, and contain information about the enemy" he said.

He showed them everything, the photos of the TIE Scouts, the audio recording, even the fimed combat, once it was done he reappeared on the screen.

"what you have seen and heard was not fake, they were actual happenings, now heres a speech from our temporary Commander in Chief" he said.

He got of the podium and went to me, even though I was in a commander uniform, and had ribbons that the president let me "borrow", I still felt nervous.

"your speech will decide the outcome of this imergency broadcast, remember that your the nation's only hope" he said, he then left.

I walked and got into the pedistal, I then cleared my through, then took a deep breath and let it out.

"My fellow Americans, we all have our freedoms, but now something is coming to try and take it away from us, an Imperial fleet of the Galatic Empire is coming to Earth, what we thought that was fake, is truly real" I said.

"They are here for someone from Star Wars that is real, but she is now a legal citizen of America, they have taken freedoms of other planets that we know, but we, will not share the same fate!" I said in a stern voice.

"War is something that we know best, and we have been through many wars through the course of time, from the Reveloutionary War, World War Two, and The War On Terrorism we are currently fighting in Iraq" I said.

"Our Great Grandfathers, Grandfathers, and our Fathers have fought or are in a current war, and us, the citizens of America, must defend what is righfully ours!" I said sternly again, I then breathed and continued.

"our enemy may have better tech, but we have the heart and courage to fight for what we believe in, like our forefathers did in the Reveloutionary War, we will not give up even in the darkest of times, and this is the darkest, a war machine is approuching our door step, and we must defend our country and our way of life at all costs!" I said, I pounded the top of the pedistal with my right hand in a fist.

"We are truely blessed to have our freedoms, and Ill be damned to have it taken away by some white armor claded stormtroopers, and AT-ATs!, I love having the freedoms that our forefathers have given us, and I will die to defend my freedom, we must all do the same to preserve out freedoms!" I said louder

"We must rise up, rise up and show our enemy and the world how much we would sacrafise to keep the freedoms we have cherished for centuries, we must rise against the up coming oppresion, rise up against the Imperial War Machiene, rise up against the power they have, and rise against them to defend our freedom!" I said loudly.

"the Imperials can take our freedom when they can pry it from our dust coverd, scratched, buised, cold, dead hands!, long live America!" I said.

From Calafornia to New York, cheers could be heard across America like a sonic boom, citizens were chanting "long live America!", and "destroy the imps!", America was truely in unity.

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