Code Lyoko Stories

XANA's Invasion

What if XANA survived past the shutdown of the supercomputer? What would his next plan be? Lyoko will just be a stepping stone to what XANA has planned next.

Chapter 1: The Warning

A whole new school year has started since the supercomputer was shut down & the world was at peace from the evils of XANA (it was shut down in November 26, 2007). Lots of changes had happened to Kadic like new students, new classes, but same old posse. Aelita is dating a more confident Jeremy who has gotten into gymnastics for self-improvement. Odd is still a lady's man trying to get the girls. Yumi is dating a more open Ulrich. William is having an on-off relationship with Sissi, though they both still harbor feelings for their original crushes. Everything seems to be going peachy, but peace doesn't last forever.

In a far away laboratory underneath the ruins of the Bastille, there were groups of renowned researchers who were studying the quantum phenomenon that was known to us viewers as "return to the past". They were also dealing with hacking problems from an unknown matrix coding. It was a data stream of sorts that appeared to be in the form of some sort of human-like being. One of the scientists came up put & in a code which went into their quantum scanner which would materialize data to be deleted physically. Unbeknownst to them they weren't bringing in a monster, it was a real human being trapped in cyberspace. "Scanning data, converting data, virtualization." Flashes of lights were going on as a red alert was happening. "Wait something is wrong. The data we're bringing in is corrupted, it could turn into an organic virus once released into the real world." The scientists panicked. "Overriding virtualization program."

"Computer scanning…Unable to abort virtualization." The computer responded.

"Then quarantine the virtualized subject, but allow oxygen inside the scanner tanks."

"Quarantine beginning. Quarantine completed." Then a burst of steam came out from the scanner as it opened up to reveal a human. It was a middle-aged human being with grey hair, glasses, & a white lab coat with French insignias on it.

"Uh. Huh. Who's there? Where am I?" the man spoke.

"Hello doctor. I am Dr. Hopper. I am brothers with your good wife Franz Hopper, or should I say Waldo Schaeffer". The main doctor who ran the scanners said.

"How do you know my name?" Hopper spoke (I'll just call him that because he is better known to you fans by this name, 'kay).

"I know about you Franz, because I am your brother-in-law. You were married to my sister, remember."

"She never told me she had a brother."

"She always felt that she should wait for the right moment to tell you, thought that moment never came due to the Men in Black. I know about your history, I know about Lyoko, & most importantly I know about XANA. I brought you back because someone has, well for lack of a better term, a secret organization has reawakened him from the supercomputer despite your brave sacrifice."

"What?!?! The Lyoko Warriors need to know the truth or XANA will go after them again & with the factory under his control, there is no way for them to stop it."

"We can't. XANA has gained allies with a black ops group in the French government known as the Carthage Corps, they were all members of the secret project known as Project Carthage that you helped design. They have enhanced it to omniscient proportions & are planning a coup d'état on the government. We need to be ready & keep an eye on the Lyoko Warriors, without them knowing, otherwise XANA will know you are still alive."

"But, Aeilita."

"I know you haven't spent much time with her in the past few decades or so, but we need to stick to the plan. Your love could cost France it's freedom. Do you really want that."

Hopper thought about it for a moment & then grudgingly said, "Um, no."

"Good. Now lets get to business."

I'll upload chapter 2 soon, very soon, though I'm still working on chapter 3, so don't expect that for a week or so.