Chapter 2: the Infection

In a nuclear power plant outside of Kadic Academy, there was a riot happening near the area & a virus was released into the mainframe of the core regulators. While everyone left trying to escape the nuclear explosion, someone stayed behind. A possessed worker stole some isotopes from the nuclear core. At a robotics convention at the school, there was a contest for most power efficient robotics & for those who can use simple tools. Jeremy made a power tool robot that was designed to mine for raw materials within the earth. Herb, although not as good, still was a strong second place with his surgical table robot for special surgery procedures. The machines were then stolen later that night in a random break-in.

During these past few months these band of techno robbers appeared, Jeremy & the Lyoko warriors still didn't have a clue as to what was going on in cyberspace. In the cafeteria, the lunch-ladies were preparing meatloaf when a cloud of dust fell in the meat. Then when Jeremy got his meal, the dust was revealed to viewers as a powerful alfatoxin with mysterious but fast-acting carcinogens as well inside of Jeremy's piece. The piece of meatloaf also attracted a mosquito infestation which bit everyone's favorite dog, Kiwi & infected him with a highly potent rabies virus. "So Odd, How's Kiwi doing?" Jeremy whispered.

"Great actually. I've been able to take him for some walks around the campus at night without Jim noticing. Though he is getting more restless. He keeps trying to tell me something."

"Like what Odd." Jeremy then takes the first bite of what will be his downfall while Odd continues the conversation.

"Like he's got some bad dream or a vision or something like that. Huh? Kiwi?" Then there in plain sight was little old Kiwi, foaming at the mouth with a ferocious expression on his usually ugly, yet cute little face. Jim saw him lunged at the little doggy but Kiwi was too quick & intercepted Jeremy for a bite on the face & clawed his chest, Kiwi then somehow tossed Jeremy into the kitchen, through the ceramic dishes hanging from the rolling dish order device, & right on top of the stove. "Kiwi, heel." But little Kiwi wouldn't respond. "Bad dog, stop it right now. How dare you hurt Jeremy." Then he finally got a hold of his collar & stopped him. Aeilita, Ulrich, & Yumi got a hold of Jeremy off the stove.

Kiwi was still in a rabid state, Jeremy was badly injured, & to add insult to injury, Odd was sure to be suspended due to Kiwi's attack (heck he'd be suspended just bringing him here). Then Jim stood there with a grim & serious expression on his face. "Della Robia! What is the meaning of this? It's bad enough you brought a dog to school, but now your little 'pet' has just mauled another student & caused a lot of havoc today. What have you got to say for yourself?"

"Jim, come quick Jeremy's not just injured, he's sick with something." Aeilita said, cutting off Jim's reprimanding.

"& another thing. Say what?!?!" Jim looked at Jeremy who seemed to be in shock & was having convulsions through his chest region & his limbs which were on fire from the rabies infection. Jeremy skin was burning red from 3rd-degree burns & rabies bites. XANA's plan was going perfectly. Then a specter of his took control of the nurse while she was cleaning her office.

Odd was being taken to the headmaster's office while Sissi brought in the school nurse. "Ms. Delacour, come quick! A student was badly injured during lunch, come quickly!" Ms. Delacour stood there for a moment then went to the cafeteria. She put some rubbing alcohol on the wounds & had the Lyoko girls carry him on the stretcher.

A few hours later…"Well good news, bad news. The good news is that the rabies bites & burns have already been treated. The bad news is that now, for some reason he's developed liver cancer. It is only in the pre-development stages, but it's already left Jeremy on an IV & a breathing device. We're not sure where it came from. For now he's being transferred to a local cancer center for better treatment."

"Jeremy." Aeilita sobbed. Yumi came & patted her on the back to comfort her. "How could this happen? What did you ever do to deserve this?"

"It's okay Aeilita, I'll do everything in my power to help Jeremy get well again." Odd said as he walked into the room with the same morose expression as the rest of the gang.

"Huh." Aeilita said while her expression went from sadness, to rage. "YOU! How could you do this?"

"What are you talking about Aelita?" Odd responded with surprise & fear.

"Don' play dumb with me. You know why Jeremy is in this mess. It's because of that stupid dog of yours that you had to have with you here at school that Jeremy got infected. Even if it wasn't Kiwi's fault, the least you could've done is control him before Jeremy got in this mess. Now look at him, he's a prisoner in his own body." AT first Aeilita looked like the Angel of Retribution, now she looked like she just need to get away from everything. Yumi went after her, but not before giving Odd the evil eye.

Odd went back to his room before his punishment could be delivered. He saw Ulrich there listening to blues music. Odd pulled off the headphones for a second & asked, "Ulrich what should I do? Everyone thinks this is my fault, but I can't blame Kiwi for my actions, can I?" Then Ulrich gave him the silent treatment, by ironically increasing the volume on his headset. "Huh. That's what I thought."

Odd thought there would be only one person left in the group who didn't hate him, Sissi. As he went down the halls, he saw people staring at him, whispering about him, & glaring at him with the evil eye. No one would ever forget what happened today, not even if they returned to the past a thousand times. When Odd made it to Sissi's room, he saw a note there on the doorknob.

"Dear Odd,
If there's one thing I can't stand, it's when my friends get hurt. Yes, I know, Ulrich has considered me part of your friendship group. But what hurts me even more is that one of my own friends just betrayed me by hurting another friend. Yes I know you didn't mean to do it, but I still feel betrayed. If you want anyone to forgive you, you either leave Kiwi to the pound, or leave us
Forever. I hope you make the right decision.

From yours truly,

Elizabeth 'Sissi' Delmas"

Odd knew he had lost his friends due to this incident. Hopefully he can protect Jeremy with his life now. Jeremy deserved it after what happened today. Then there was a screeching siren that came in from the front entrance. Odd was going to follow it to the hospital to see him. Then out of nowhere five of the men in black, the same ones who were trying to arrest Franz Hopper for trying to destroy Project Carthage. "Sorry sirs, no entry allowed. Now please step baaack." Then one of the men in black threw the police officer into the forest with just one arm. "Hold the line men. Fire". The police fired but the men in black blocked the bullets using electric fields, and then they shot taser blasts at the police knocking them aside. The ambulance left immediately, but hot in pursuit was the men in black, on foot, at 80 mph (or would it be kilometers since we're in France). One of the men in black kicked off another's shoulder & shot a taser blast in front of the ambulance & it screeched to a halt. The men in black phased through the police barricade & took their victim, Jeremy Belpois. They ran off into the distance straight for the factory that the Lyoko warriors have always used to fight XANA.

I'll try to finish the next chapter soon. Sorry about the long paragraph at the end