Chapter 22: Changing Destinies Part 2
By Dean's Sassy Seductress and Dean's Little Temptation
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London was at the sink washing dishes as she looked out the window. She put the last dish away and dried her hands, her stomach began to turn. She frowned and rubbed it. Something wasn't right.

"Syd!" she called out and Syd came running in.

"What's wrong?"

"Something's wrong."


"I-I don't know my stomach is all in knots and I keep thinking about Dean and…"

Syd put her hands on her sisters shoulders and made her look at her, "London you're stressing you need to stop its not healthy for you or my unborn niece."

"You think it's a girl?" London gave Syd a smile.

"I know it's a girl because girls dominate in our family."

"Dean may argue with us."

"Then let him."

Syd put an arm around London's shoulder and walked with her into the living room, "Everything is going to be fine. Our men are going to kill that B-I-T-C-H and we are going to live a happy hunting life until she's born." Syd rubbed her hand over London's belly.

"Syd…the baby is the size of a penny and doesn't have ears so you didn't have to spell that curse word."

"I'm practicing."

"Do you think Dean will want me to keep hunting while I'm pregnant?" London sat down on the couch while Syd turned the TV on.

"You kidding? He doesn't want you hunting now. You are going to be home ridden for the rest of your life."

London rolled her eyes, "Great."

"So you think he'll pop the question?"

"What?" London turned her head quickly to look at Syd who had a smile on her face.

"You know will Dean Winchester say the big 'I Do'?"

"I think we're getting ahead of ourselves…you know Dean, I don't think so."

"Ok let's say if he did where would the wedding be?"

"I always wanted a wedding on the beach but that's not going to happen. I want it. I really do but it's Dean, come on, he was scared to commit to me."

"But he did…He'll change his mind once the baby is born."

London just gave a small smile before turning back to the TV.

Syd looked at her sister one more time and sometimes she hated trying to be the strong one. She was scared that Sam wasn't going to come back but she had to be strong for London. She could easily miscarriage if she worried too much and her anxiety didn't help especially when she was thinking of Dean.

Syd bit her bottom lip as she turned her attention back to the TV. As she watched the TV she felt as if she was zoning out and began to get a little light head. Her blood began to pulse through her veins quickly and she held onto the arms of the chair tightly.

"Syd! Sydney!"

It sounded like London was far away but she saw her in bending down in front of her then it went black.

London watched her sister's head tilt down but her hands were still holding onto the arms of the chair tightly.

Sydney was pushed through a dark hall through the vision and to a room where she watched Dean being thrown against the floor and an invisible force ripped open his chest, blood was splashed against the wall and his face. He quickly died his eyes open and staring up at the ceiling, as if he was stuck, frozen in that time where all he thought about was the last thing he said to London and his death.

Sam was thrown in front of Syd, his head bleeding. Lilith came up behind him with a blood filled grin as she stabbed him in the abdomen and cut from side to side spilling his intestines out, "S-Syd…" It was a gargle but she could tell it was her name he said and all she did was stand there watching this horrible image.

Lilith took a hand full of hair pulling his head up and slicing his throat ear to ear blood spilled down his neck and she let him go watching him fall to the ground laughing. She licked the blood on the knife…

Syd took a deep breath and looked at London's tear stained face before London could say anything Syd moved to the side of the chair and puked. "Oh my God! Oh my God!" she cried out.

"Sydney what the hell happened? What was that?"

"I saw it! I saw their death!"

"Who? Who's…" London stopped thinking of Dean, "We gotta go Syd! We gotta stop it! I can't have this baby without him. He doesn't even know! He has to know!"

"No, no you stay," she wiped her face and got up from the chair.

"No! That's bullshit! I'm going!"

"London you're pregnant! You're endangering yourself and the baby!"

"Syd, please…I-I want to help. I need to. I'm the only one that can help Dean if anything happens. Remember I can heal him and if I try I can heal Sam."

"But at the price of killing yourself and the baby…"


Sydney looked at the look on London's face and nodded, "Ok…ok, but I swear if anything happens to you or the baby I will never forgive myself."

"I'll be careful. Look who was my teacher." She gave a small smile but it faded thinking of Dean dying.

Syd nodded as she grabbed her gun, "Alright, let's go get our guys."

Dean, Sam, and Bobby started down the long driveway up to an abandon house where Bobby believed Lilith to be hiding. They parked both cars off in the wood and got out of their cars. Dean and Sam headed to the back of the impala and crabbed the duffel full of different weapons. "Do you think she is really in there?" Sam asked as Bobby approached them.

"Have I even been wrong before?" Bobby asked as he glared at Sam.

"Sorry Bobby."

"Ok, I am going to walk around and see if I can find Ruby or any other demons that night be standing guard."

"Maybe we should all just stick together." Dean said.

"Boy, I have been doing this a lot longer than you. All you need to worry about is Lilith. I will meet back up with you."

Dean and Sam looked at him and nodded, "You be careful out there." Sam said.

"You too. Well, let's get this show on the road." Bobby said and they all began the journey up to the old house.

Dean and Sam walked up the step slowly and quietly. When they got to the back door they stopped and looked at each other. "You think this is really going to work?" Sam asked.

"I have no idea but all I do know is we got one shot to get this bitch so we go in and don't hold back." Dean said.

"Hey Dean, if uh, if this doesn't go as planned I just …"

"Oh no. We aren't doing that again."

"What are you talking about?" Sam asked.

"The 'if we die I just want you to know I love you and I want you to take care of Syd' and all that crap. No one is dying here tonight except for Lilith you got it?" Dean said and Sam smiled at his older brother and reached for the door handle.

They walked in and were careful to watch their step. They didn't want to let Lilith or anyone else know that they were there. The house was quiet and it made them both a little uneasy but they had to stay focused. They only thing that was keeping them going was the fact that London and Sydney would be waiting for them when they got home and after this they would have a shot at a normal life.

Dean and Sam walked up the flight of stairs with their guns raised. Dean had Ruby's knife in his jeans, he was tried to keep it hidden until the last second. He didn't want to risk Lilith taking it. It was the only thing they had that was sure to kill her.

The house was completely dark except for the room at the end of the hall and they knew she had to be in there. Dean looked over at Sam and whispered, "Are you ready for this?"

"As ready as I'll ever be." He said and they moved closer to the door.

On the count of three, Sam kicked in the door and they both ran into the room with guns aimed but saw nothing but an alter. "Where the hell is she?" Dean asked.

"Right where I am supposed to be." Dean and Sam whipped around and saw Lilith in the doorway.

Before they could react, she raised her hands and threw them both against the wall. "Oh come on now boys. I expected more from you after everything we have been through together." She said and moved in closer to Sam. "Hi ya Sammy. Boy have I missed you. Looks like my power against you is back. You should have been drinking up instead of playing house with that bitch of yours."

"You leave her out of this!" Sam seethed.

"Touchy Touchy." She smiled and turned around to Dean. "And where might little Londy be tonight?"

"None of your damn business!"

"Wow, you boys got it bad." Lilith said. "That's ok, I will meet them soon enough. I have just been dying to play with them." She said and looked at Dean one more. "The way Alistair played with London. You remember that….right Dean."

"Shut the hell up."

"I remember him bragging over and over out how he made her scream over and over. I even think she liked it a little." Lilith laughed.

"I swear to God I am going to rip you apart." Dean seethed.

"I would love to see you try. I think I am the one in control right now." She said and turned to him, "Where was I? Oh I remember, Sydney and London should be here any minute to join in on the fun."

Sam and Dean looked at each other in panic, "What the hell are you talking about?" Sam asked.

"Oh….let's say I may have planted a little, tiny premonition in Sydney's head of you two being ripped apart limb from limb. So it's only a matter of time before her and London show up to save the day then the real fun will begin." She laughed. Dean and Sam looked at each other and knew they had to do something before London and Sydney was seriously hurt.

Sydney and London pulled up to the house they heard Bobby talking to the guys about. It was quiet and they looked around the neighborhood. It was dead.

London sucked in a deep breath and bit her bottom lip. Sydney grabbed a hold of her hand and nodded, "You're going to be ok? You can always-"

"I'm not waiting in the car. Forget it. I'm going in there, saving my man and letting him know that whether he's ready or not I am having his child."

Syd smiled at her, "Then let's go."

As the two walked up to the house they noticed a body lying on the porch. They quickly walked up the porch steps and found Bobby.

"Oh shit," said Sydney as the two kneeled next to him, "Bobby. Bobby wake up." She tapped his cheeks and he groaned letting the girls know he was alive.

London stood up and looked on the other side, "Syd look." Syd turned her head and saw Ruby lying on the ground.

London made a move to walk over but Syd grabbed her arm and made her stay behind her. She didn't want that bitch to wake up and stabbed London, that's a sneaky move that bitch would pull but when the girls walked up to her they saw her stomach stabbed, salt spilled around her and knew she had to be gone.

London turned around towards the door and heard a gunshot behind her. She quickly turned to see Sydney with her gun in her hand.

"Can't be too careful," she shrugged looking at London then back at Ruby, "Rest in hell you sneaky bitch." The two walked into the house and heard the quiet eeriness which was getting under their skin even more because the guys were in here with Lilith.

"Ah," said Lilith with a smile and turned towards the door, "Honey," she turned her head to the guys, "the girls are home."

Dean turned his head quickly, "Lon-" his voice was cut off when he felt a force gripping his throat the same with Sam. The two gasped for what little air they could get.

"You two need to wait your turn!" She growled which made the house shook.

London and Sydney felt the house shake. They held onto each other and onto the wall close to them.

"What the hell was that?" asked Sydney looking around.

"I have no idea let's just find the guys and get the hell out of here," said London as the two walked up the stairs.

As the sisters made their way through the hallways Syd's hand squeezed London's because this was the same hallway the premonition that was sent to her revealed and if they walk through that door and see what she had seen London wouldn't be able to make it. But hopefully they were making good time and they were going to save the guys just like the guys had done for them so long ago.

Just as the two were about to open the door at the end of the hallway it flew open and there stood Lilith and the guys against the wall gasping for air.

"No," said London quietly and then burned a hole into Lilith staring angrily at her.

"Oh sweetheart don't pay any attention to them," said Lilith walking up to the girls. Sydney snarled staring angrily at Lilith, "Don't be so mad, we're going to be such great friends."

Dean and Sam watched Lilith stalking up to the two with a knife behind her back. It was being twirled around in her hands. They felt the release on their throats and their bodies start to weaken as Lilith walked up to the girls.

Dean looked around trying to find anything to help them out of their situation. Right when he looked back at the girls he watched as they were forced to kneel in front of Lilith. Lilith lifted her foot and stomped on Sydney's hand.

"No!" yelled Sam.

Lilith bent kneeled down and took a hold of London's face, "So pretty, I would hate to put a scar to it…who am I kidding I would love to." She grinned as she pulled the knife from behind her back.

"No, no!" yelled Dean but Lilith was even listening to him and Dean saw Castiel and Bobby walk in on the other side, "Cas! Take the girls home!"

Before anyone could do anything there was a bright light and everyone closed their eyes. When the light was out the guys found themselves on the ground along with Lilith and the girls were gone. Dean quickly got up taking Ruby's knife out of his jeans and both brothers ran up to Lilith as she continued to blink from the pain of the bright light Castiel had set off in the room.

Sam slid on the floor pulling Lilith's arms behind her and Dean stabbed the knife into her stomach. Lilith screamed her eyes rolling up into her head turning them pure white and then she was gone. The brothers were breathing heavily, they did it, Lilith was gone, Ruby was gone…no apocalypse. Things were finally turning up in the Winchester's lives.


Dean and Sam traveled the long road back to Bobby's but they were determined to get there in one night. "I still think one of us should have driven back with Bobby. He took quite a hit to the head." Sam said.

"Yeah but you know Bobby. His pride is hurt."

"How? He killed Ruby. Nothing to be ashamed of."

"Yeah well we had to carry him to the car. You know how Bobby is about that kind of thing."

"I guess you're right." Sam said and looked down at his wedding band. "So you think the girls will be mad?"

"Of course. They missed out on a good fight." Dean smiled, "But they will forgive us. Let's say I have my ways of making London forgive me." Dean winked and Sam just smiled.

"I am just glad they are ok. Things could have ended badly."

"I know but we can't think about that right now. Let's just get home."

It was almost eight that night when Sam and Dean made it back to Bobby's. Bobby had called them a few miles back and said he was stopping off for a beer but Sam and Dean said they just wanted to get home.

They walked into the house and dropped the bags to the floor. "London! Baby, where are you?" Dean called out as he ran up the stairs.

"Sydney?" Sam called and checked the den and kitchen but she was not there.

Dean ran back down the stairs and up to Sam, "Where the hell are they?" Dean asked with worry.

"I sent them home."

Dean and Sam turned around and saw Castiel standing in the doorway, "Ok so why aren't they here then?" Sam asked.

Castiel seemed confused, "But I thought you meant…"

"Thought we meant what, Cas?" Dean asked.

"I sent them back to their home, Dean. Where they are from." He said.

Dean turned around and looked at Sam, "Oh, he sent them home." He said and looked back at Cas, "What do you mean you sent them home!"

"I thought that is what you wanted. I thought you wanted them to be safe." Castiel said. "I am sorry for the misunderstanding."

"Ok great well start flapping and get them back here." Dean said.

"Cas, wait." Sam said and walked over to the angel and his brother. "Maybe this is for the best."

"What! You can't be serious, Sam. Syd is your wife!"

"I know that Dean and it is my job to protect her. They could have died because of us, Dean. I don't know about you but I couldn't live with myself if that happened. I won't let her get hurt. Deep down you know I am right." Sam said.

Dean walked away and ran his figured through his hair with a tear in his eye. He knew Sam was right. His head was telling him London would be better off without him. She needs a normal life.

His head and heart battled it out for what seemed like an eternity. With a heavy heart he turned back to his brother and the angel. "What should I do, Dean?" Castiel asked.

Dean looked at Sam who was just as upset by what they had to do but it had to be done, "Let them stay." He chocked out. They promised to always keep the girls safe and no matter how much it hurt, that is what they were going to do.

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