The service ended on a sad note, ending much too soon. The many flowers that had been delivered were covered in rain, a small gazebo covering the site. The rich oak casket was decorated with bright flowers that mourners had left, some of the mourners still at the site. Of the mourners, the new and much too young widow Rain Kasshu held a handkerchief up to her nose and mouth, hot tears falling down her cheeks, her blue eyes glistening brightly with tears. At her right hand was a young boy, looking much like his father, dark hair, dark but strong eyes, and a strong will. Kyogi Kasshu, son of Domon and Rain Kasshu clung to his mother's hand tightly, his young four year old mind unable to understand why Daddy was being put in the ground in a big box. Looking up at his mother, rain dotting at his face, blending together with tears.
"Mama? Why is Daddy being put into the ground? And why isn't he getting up?"
Rain looked down at her son, squatting down to him and trying to make herself strong for him. "Domon…Daddy…he…he was hurt…really bad. And…and…" Rain covered her mouth to keep herself from bursting into tears, taking deep breaths to conceal her sobs.
"Daddy got hurt badly…from his last fight…and…and he got sick. He got really sick quickly…" She stopped, knowing if she didn't she would begin to sob. She had to stay strong for her son Kyogi, even when she was weak from the sudden loss.

"And when he got sick, the doctors couldn't make him better?" Kyogi looked at his mother, his hand squeezing hers. Rain nodded but couldn't speak, her tears and sorrow getting the better of her. She fell beside him and hugged him, lifting his young body into her arms, crying into his small shoulders. She tired to stay strong for her son, much like his father had, but here she was, sobbing into him like he had all the answers. The poor boy was so confused, so frightened; he'd lost his father in just a few weeks, and now he was the one being strong for her. And for that reason Rain loved him even more. She pulled him in closer for a tighter hug while the boy tried his hardest to squeeze her back. Kyogi looked at her, kissing her cheek, not quite understanding why everyone was so sad, but there in case anyone wanted a hug (it was one of his specialties according to both his mother and father.)

The mourners all gathered around the grave and casket, the former shuffle alliance members bowing their heads in respect.

George DeSand placed a bouquet of pure red roses on the casket, his Princess Maria Louise beside him, holding his hand as her prince put the roses on the casket.
"Bénissez-vous le Roi de Coeurs et veillez à votre famille. Reste dans la paix." Bowing to the casket, George and Maria backed away, allowing the other former members of the shuffle alliance to take their turn. Maria was beginning to cry, her red-head husband holding her close in comfort, not far from tears himself.

Argo and Nastasha Gulski stepped forward, Nastasha placing a few yellow lilies on the casket, both bowing in respect. "Continue to watch over those you left behind." Argo turned and left, as Nastasha gave Rain her greatest sympathy and best wishes, before following Argo.

Sai Saici, his love-interest Cecil and his two monk mentors, Zuizen and Keiun, stepped forward, bowing deeply and repeating prayers in Chinese. Sai Saici recovered from his bow, his eyes brimming with tears. "Ill miss ya Bro…Sis'll miss ya for sure…" He wiped his eyes with his sleeve and put his arm around Cecil who was more open about her emotions, hugging his arm as tears fell. She may not have known Domon well, but with the way it was affecting Sai Saici made her upset.

Chibodee Crocket and his crew of the four beautiful women all stood around the casket, Chibodee saluting. A member of the Neo-American guard played taps quietly, and when it ended, Chibodee put a small bouquet of red and white carnations around the casket. "Here's to you Neo-Japan. Wish it wasn't you who was gone." He lowered his head and lowered his hand from his salute, sighing as Shirley, Janet, Bunny and Cath all bowed their heads in respect, their eyes watering before huddling around the American in hopes of comforting him and themselves. Once their small session of sobs was over, the five of them paid their respects and backed away from the casket.

At last it was Rain's and Kyogi's turn, as they stepped up to it, Kyogi put his hands against it. He looked up at it, and knocked on it, hoping to hear his father's knock back. It was a game for the two of them, when Domon would bury himself in work with his gundam or remain out of sight in his room for whatever reason, Kyogi always knocked a certain way to let his father know he was there and worried for him. It was always his father's responding knock that made him smile and know he was welcome inside that made him come to love the game. However, when a reply wasn't made and the room was almost deathly silent as the boy performed the ritual he and his father made, Kyogi backed up, hiccupping to compensate for his sobs. Stepping up onto the casket by the railing that was around it, he stared at the lid, sprawling himself against it as much as possible. His tears formed small clear puddles on top of it, his small fingers, attempting to cling to it. Rain went up to him and pulled him into her arms, kissing him gently and hugging him, swaying slowly to calm him as much as possible. She asked Shirley to take Kyogi, who fussed at her and reached out for his mother. Rain turned towards the casket, her emotion betraying her as she lay across it partially. She kissed it and closed her eyes, sobbing quietly. "Why did you have to be taken from me…?" Rain's legs began to give out on her, dropping to her knees beside the casket, sobbing uncontrollably now. Why had he been taken? Why couldn't they have lived their lives, go on to their tenth, twentieth and maybe even fiftieth anniversary? Why couldn't he be there while their son grew up into a fine man much like his father? And their son would grow, graduating from middle school, high school, college, then have a rewarding job he loved. Or even become the next representative of Neo-Japan in the fourteenth and fifteenth gundam fights, his father giving him tips and cheering for him all along the way, proud to be the boy's father as he made his way to the championship. But his father wouldn't be there to see it. He wouldn't be there to see any of it.

Rain was silent as she held fast to the casket, still quietly sobbing, even though it had calmed a great deal. Opening her sapphire-blue eyes that glistened with tears, Rain fought to get up. Not leaving the casket just yet, she placed a kiss on it, and pressed her forehead against it.
"I will love you for all of eternity and beyond, for you are the man I married, and even though your death has parted us, I can never stop loving you."

Rain stepped back from the casket, taking the now sleeping Kyogi in her arms from Shirley, bowing her head. Once the service had been completed, the casket was slowly lowered, the flowers that lay on top of the casket disappearing into the grave. As the grave was sealed, the stone was brought out, and a majority of the flowers were put aside until the grave had been completely sealed, then placed on top and the person with the stone set to work placing it.

Hours later, the man with the stone finished, and allowed Rain and Kyogi to see it. Giving his condolences and apologies, the man left, leaving Rain and Kyogi alone with the grave. Kyogi, now awake enough to see, fussed at his mother so he was put down, going up to the grave; pressing his young chubby fingers against the engravings of the stone. Confused by them and what they meant, he turned and looked at Rain, giving her a look.
"Mama? What do these mean?"

Rain looked down at him, and then squatted beside him, her voice quiet as she pointed at each line to help further explain things to the young boy.

"That's your Daddy's name up at the top. See? Domon Kasshu. The lines beneath that are what we asked that nice man earlier to carve into the stone.

In loving memory

A wonderful man in life and death

A brawler, a father, and a loving husband

May he live on in our hearts for all of eternity.

May he be blessed."

Rain covered her mouth and attempted to keep herself from sobbing again, holding Kyogi close. "Your daddy was a marvelous man, I hope you know that."

"I do Mama…I do. He was a great man that many looked up to. That's why Uncle Chibi, Sandy, Sai and Argo came right?"

Rain smiled warmly and nodded, wiping her eyes as she held back her tears.

"That's exactly right. They loved your father too, in a different way that we do. They loved him because he was close friends with all of them. They came together the way they did back when your Daddy was in the fights because of him. Just remember that, and you can do anything. And Domon… will always be with us. Ok?"

Kyogi nodded and leaned against Rain a bit, yawning quietly. "All this crying is making me sleepy Mama…"

Rain smiled and gently picked him up, cradling him against her shoulder. "That better?"

Rain smiled and gently kissed his head, leaving one more flower and a note to Domon.

It grieves me to see your life taken so suddenly,

Without your love and warmth present, we seem lost,

But with your passing, we will not think of your death as a sad time, but of happy times,

With those happy times, warm loving memories of you rekindle our hearts,

Giving us the chance to find love and friendship in others.

You shall be missed forever, and it was premature that you were suddenly taken,

But you are at peace, and nothing means more to me than that.

Rest in peace my love, and rejoin your mother, Kyogi and your Master Asia in the spirit world, and continue to watch over us and provide us with hope.

Forever and lovingly yours,



"Yes Kyogi?"

"Can we visit Daddy tomorrow?"

Rain looked at him and thought she might cry again, but smiled warmly and nodded, kissing her little boy. "Of course. I think Daddy would like to see his little boy."

Kyogi smiled and snuggled against her, sighing quietly as he fell asleep again, as Rain walked away from the grave, bowing her head and silently praying as she walked.
Turning back for a moment when they were back at the entrance, Rain sighed.

"Until tomorrow my love."