Sorry it's been so long! I've been busy and I just started another story. But, without further excuses, here is chapter 7. Hope you enjoy!

There had seemed to be an unspoken agreement that they wouldn't continue with iCarly. Freddie didn't even bother asking if they were going to do it that night, somehow already knowing the answer. That morning, Carly quietly ate her cereal. Thankfully Spencer wasn't up yet, as Freddie was planning on avoiding him at all costs. He was so embarrassed! He went red just thinking about what had happened the day before. Hell, he didn't even come out of the bathroom until ten o clock that night when everyone was in their bedrooms.

"Well, are you ready?" Carly asked as she took their cereal bowls to the kitchen.

Freddie grabbed his backpack, only somewhat reluctantly. He would much rather face school then Spencer. At least it was a temporary eight hour escape, in which he could plan what he was going to do when school was over.

"Let's go," he said.

As they made their way out of the building and to the bus stop, Freddie suddenly felt bad for spending almost no time with Carly. He realized he missed her.

"Wanna go to the Groovy Smoothie after school?" he asked. "Sam, too?"
Carly seemed taken aback, but happy that he was actually offering to do something.

"Yeah!" she practically bounced. "Sounds fun!"

Freddie smiled as they boarded the bus. There were some stares and whispered conversations as people saw that he was back, but he tried to ignore them. It was only going to get worse as the day progressed.


Spencer woke at about nine o clock that morning, feeling surprisingly refreshed and in a decent mood. He swelled with happiness when he thought of yesterday's events. He knew he should feel guilty, but nothing could bring him down from his high that morning. Spencer got all giddy when he thought of it. He'd had that affect on Freddie, and he'd enjoyed it, perhaps too much.

Spencer was in such a good mood, he was going to make a sculpture for the first time in weeks, and he had the perfect inspiration for it. Excited to get started, he took a shower and went to the junk yard, looking for scrap metal, followed by a trip to the store to buy some paint and some tools. Today was going to be a good day. Finally, a good day.


Freddie was more than happy to be going to the Groovy Smoothie with Carly and Sam by the end of the school day. It was like the funeral all over again. People were apologizing, people he didn't even know, giving him their condolences. All he wanted was for things to be normal, why couldn't anybody understand that?

Ok, maybe he was overreacting, he knew that. Everybody was truly sorry and just being nice, but still, he couldn't help but get irritated.

He started to feel better as they walked into the familiar hangout. Him and Sam were even getting back to their old bickering, and Tebow was right their offering them burritos on a stick. It made Freddie smile. For the first time in a very long time, he felt like he could live through this.

"So, Fredward, I bet you're excited to be back in school and become a geek all over again, huh?" Sam asked as she sipped her smoothie.

"Man, I'm so behind on everything," he said. "And my computer crashed, which means I have to repair the hard-drive, which will take a new 300-gigabyte-OW!" Freddie grabbed his head, where Sam had just thrown her fork. "Sam!"

"You were boring me!" she exclaimed, in a tone that suggested that she did nothing wrong.

Carly just sat there, idly texting the whole time. "Some things never change, I swear!" she mumbled.


Spencer had been working hard on his sculpture all day long, and was ciated with dirt and sweat when the kids arrived.

"Spencer, we got you something from the Groovy Smoothie!" Carly called.

Spencer put down his drill. "Is it a-"

"Yes it's a smoothie," she interrupted.

"Sweet." He almost laughed at the expression on Freddie's face when he walked into the living room. Oh, yeah, he's totally embarrassed.

"You're working on a sculpture?" Carly asked in surprise.

"Yeah, I started it this morning," he breathed, wiping his sweaty forehead for dramatic effect.

"You seem like you're in a good mood," Sam stated the obvious.

"I am, actually," he responded. "How was your first day back, Fred-O?"

Freddie looked at him like he didn't know what to say. Spencer smiled again, and he saw Freddie blush and look down.

"Uh, it was fine," he mumbled, rubbing the back of his neck.

"Well, I'm gonna go put my bag upstairs," Carly said, and then we can go."

"Where you guys going?" Spencer asked.

"The mall," Sam answered.

Damn. Spencer had to admit that he was having a good time at Freddie's expense. Yeah, it was kind of mean, but oh so amusing. He wanted nothing more than to be alone with him, and he had a great idea of how to accomplish that.

Carly bounded down the stairs. "Alright. You guys ready?"

"Uh, wait. You and Sam go. I want to show Freddie something I'm working on." he said.

"We wanna see it, too!" Carly argued.

"Nope!" I laughed. "I'm afraid its something that only Galaxy Wars geeks like Freddie and I will enjoy."

"Ugh, nerd stuff!" Sam sighed. "Come on, Carls," she dragged the other girl out of the door. Freddie looked very agitated. With pursed lips he turned to Spencer.

"Well, what do you want to show me?" he asked.

Spencer barely let him get the question out of his mouth before he basically tackled Freddie into the wall and trapped him into a passionate kiss. He had been thinking about doing that all day. Freddie made feeble attempts to push him off, but was losing his will as the kiss went on. He wrapped his arms around Spencer, and Spencer pushed himself harder against him.

Freddie broke away, panting. "What are we doing?" he breathed.

Spencer kissed him again. "I have no idea."


Freddie's mind was spinning. Should he stop? He sure as hell didn't want to. He didn't think he could at this point. As Spencer pushed him harder against the wall, kissing his neck, Freddie was getting more and more turned on by the second. He let himself go in the sheer pleasure that Spencer was bringing to him. He closed his eyes and focused on the way his soft lips felt against his skin.

Spencer slowly moved his hand down and cupped Freddie's throbbing erection. Freddie gasped in pleasure.

"Come on," Spencer said, grabbing his hand and pulling Freddie into the direction of his room. Freddie went eagerly, not wanting to rethink anything, second-guess anything.

Spencer had barely shut the door when Freddie embraced him, now exploring Spencer's neck. He relished the taste, the feel of the groan escaping Spencer's throat. They made their way to the bed.. Spencer was in the process of undoing Freddie's pants when the doorbell rang.


Of course someone would come over! Spencer panted on top of Freddie for a second, his hand still lingering on Freddie's jeans.

"I'll be right back," he sighed in defeat. This better be important!

Spencer worked on calming himself down before he looked through the peep hole.

It was a police officer. His insides turned to jelly. This couldn't be good. He opened the door.

"Hello, officer," he said.

"Mr. Shay," the officer acknowledged. "Is Freddie Benson here?"

"Uh, yeah. Come on in. I'll go get him."

The officer remained standing right by the coffee table. Spencer went into his room, by which time Freddie was standing there and buttoning his pants back up. "It's an officer," he said weakly. Panic flew across Freddie's features, but he composed himself and followed Spencer to the living room.

"Hello," Freddie said roughly.

"Mr. Benson," the officer said, all professional-like. "I'm afraid I have some bad news."

Spencer looked over to see Freddie in blank surprise. "What is it?" he asked.

"You father... he has... escaped." said the officer, looking down to the ground.

The entire room tensed into a horrible silence.

"What?" Freddie exclaimed, seeming like he was barely able to breathe.

"Your father has escaped from prison."