Slappin' Pistons

Disclaimer: Everyone knows, but I have to repeat myself ;) I do not own the characters in this story. That privilege belongs to the gr8t Stephenie Myers!

JACOB'S POV (Introduction)

Hi, my name is Jake Black aka Blackie. I was born and raised on a small Indian Rez. located in the Olympic Peninsula of northwest Washington State. We were located right outside of a sleepy, inconsequential town named Forks. This area is known best for being under a near-constant cover of clouds and rain, making it the wettest, gloomiest state in the Continual U.S.

The only thing our little hole in the forest had going for it was the beaches. I had spent most of my childhood playing on First Beach with my best friend Bella Swan that was until she all of a sudden stopped coming to visit her dad Charlie for the summers. I had asked Charlie several times when I was growing up, where she was and why she wasn't coming to visit anymore but he never had an answer for me. He would tell me that she just didn't want to come home anymore and he didn't feel comfortable making her, so he left it up to her, and we see what her choice was.

After Bella stopped coming home for the summers I started hanging out with some of the local guy's from the rez. and they had quickly become my boyz. Being a bunch of vigorous over sized rez. rats it was really an unavoidable fact that we found ourselves in trouble on a daily bases.

At twelve years old I was pulling motors apart and putting them back together just for the hell of it. Something to do was always better than nothing. By the time I had turned fourteen I had completely rebuilt my first hotrod, and by my sixteenth birthday I had became addicted. I found that the smell of burning rubber sent my nerves on fire in a burning frenzy. The speed that was constantly running through my veins fueled by desire for more. The faster and the louder the car, the higher I got. My boyz and I started up our very own car club known as 'Bustin Nuts Racing'.

My family 'The Blacks' were well known in these parts, on all the reservation. My father and his father before him for eight generations had been the famous Chief of the Quileute's. I was the next in line and even though it was not something I looked forward to, I was expected to take over on my twenty first birthday.

So far the only benefits I seen in this life sentence was the property and money. On my eighteenth birthday the council had given me a thirty thousand dollar check along with a free pass to WSU, to study anything I wanted. I was to receive another check and keys to my soon to be home on my twenty first birthday when I accepted the official role of 'Chief Black'.

I had spent the last two years at WSU studying mechanics, and when I graduated last June I took the money that I had left over and opened my first hot rod shop, known as 'Blacks Street Rodders'. The shop was doing so well that I had decided to open up a second shop in Seattle. I spent most of our time there anyway. My boyz and I were just addicted to illegal street racing as we were the girls that came along for the rides, offering us anything we wanted, just so they could be seen as the 'Bustin Nuts Trophy Girl' of the night.

I never had the chance to look for girls; they were already on their knees at my feet licking their lips begging, before I could blink an eye at them. My boyz really enjoyed the name status I had earned myself racing there while I was still in college. Especially Paul, we had gotten pretty close after Bella had left that last summer, and I was considering asking him to partner the second shop with me. Paul and I were quickly becoming known as the tag team boyz to all the hotties that hung out on the sidelines of the races. Paul and I were more like brothers than besties; we not only thought and acted alike but we both had no intentions of ever settling for one girl. Why would we when we had them lining up at the door every night?

BELLA'S POV (Introduction)

Hi, my name is Bella Swan aka Honey B. I was born in a quiet little town about three hours from here, but grew up in Phoenix Arizona while I also raised my mother. Renee has the mind of a child; she's eccentric, erratic and definitely had no business with a kid. She didn't know the first thing about cooking or how to budget the bills. The last summer I had spent with Charlie and my best friend Jake, I had only been eight years old. That was the last time I had seen my dad or talked to Jake. Charlie still to this day doesn't know what had happened to me when I went home to my mother that summer.

She had left my dad Charlie when I was only a few months old. When I would ask her why she left she would tell me that she couldn't see raising me in a gloomy, omnipresent shade of a town. But the truth was she wasn't raising me at all, she was too busy in and out of men's pants trying to find that perfect fit, as she use to refer to the men coming in and out of her revolving bedroom door. Renee had done her best to instill in my brain that men were only good for one thing, a good fuck.

That was until she met and married a guy name Phil, all in the same weekend. I was pissed at first, but then I saw the benefits this would bring to my life. I no longer had to be the mother of my mother at seventeen, I relinquished those rights to Phil the day they said, I do. I was allowed to graduate early that year due to my perfect six year A+ honor roll status. I took all the hush-hush money I had been given to keep my mouth shut when I was eight, and got the fuck out of there, never looking back once. I went to Seattle planning to enroll at WSU, but I met him before I had the chance.

He had been the one to introduce me into the world of street racing. I had seen a beautiful silver and blue crotch rocket setting on the side of the road one day for sale and I stopped to look at it. I fell in love immediately, not only with the bike, but the owner too. That was until he decided to rearrange my face and break and few bones in my legs in a club one night.

If it hadn't been for the stranger that quickly became my hero he would have succeeded in killing me. That hero had quickly become my boss, my landlord and my best friend with benefits. Emmett had taken care of me while I was in the hospital and moved me into the spare room in his apartment when I was released. I had began working for him at his strip club 'Caprice' when I finished my PT training.

After he had found out what my real love in life was for, he introduced me into his underworld life. He used the club as a cover up for his underground racing ring. He had let me enroll for a few of the races using his bike and I had won every single one. I woke up one morning after dreaming about owning my own bike and realized that I had become addicted to speed. The faster and harder the vibration between my legs the happier I was. I pushed every bike to the max, I never felt the fear others talked about, I only craved the burn throughout my veins.

I had quickly became the most requested dancer at the club, causing a lot of jealousy from the little kittens that had no idea how to swing there ass. I had started my own bike club with my girls and we basically ran the club for him. Emmett let me have free reign to do with it as I pleased as long as I didn't let the public rif raf coming in know about the underground ring.

He had given me my first Suzuki Hayabusa that topped out at 231mph to thank me for all my help with his business. We made a good team together, but that is all our relationship would ever be, the perfect team. I had no intentions of settling down with anyone, my mother had ruined every fairytale romance notion I had ever loved as a kid.

I was happily married to my stang better known as 'Blackie' and my bike club 'Fine Ass Racing'. I had everything I could ever want in cars, bikes, my girl Cheyenne and my hero Emmy, or so I thought. It had only taken one seXy ass smirk, in one three minute chance encounter from that fine piece of ass to show me just how wrong I had been!

And that was the night my life got thrown into the hottest, most dangerous race of a lifetime!


"Dude, you got that 67' Nova ready yet?" Sam rolled out from under the royal blue beast and gave me a shit eating grin.

"Yeah Blackie, you gonna let me light her up this time? I mean I am the one that sliced my damn finger open boring those thick ass heads out." Sam jumped up off the creeper and jerked the keys from my hand, hopped in the driver seat and lit her up. The monster roared to life on the second click of the switch growling sending vibrations straight down my spine and through my dick.

"Damn, that sounds almost as good that tight ass bitch I had wrapped around my cock last night!" Paul hissed coming up grinning and slapping me on the back. Paul was a player with a filthy mouth, but hey what can I say, he learned it from the best.

I stepped back from the blue beast pulling Paul toward the office with me. Now was the right time to talk my plans over with him. "What's up bro?"

"I've been thinking about opening another shop, what do you think about that?" I asked, as I plopped down in my new black leather seat the guys had gotten for me. They had all pitched in and went shopping for my office, turning it into the perfect bachelors pad, as they had called it. I had came into the shop the first morning after opening the shop to find my office decked out in black, complete with a black leather couch.

"Sure sounds great, but where you plan on starting it up at, I mean Forks is not big enough and I don't think PA needs another shop. I mean we kind got the area covered with this one, right?" Paul asked looking a little confused.

"Well we spend most of our time in Seattle these days anyway, so I was thinking there would be great. I was going to see if Sam would consider taking on more responsibility here, maybe shop manager or something and I'd increase his salary." I watched as shop manager clicked in his pee size brain and he began to glare at me.

"What the fuck, bro, you firing me or something! Why in the hell are you going to give Sam my damn job?"

I started laughing hysterically at him and tossed my college football at his head. "Paul I'm taking you with me dumbass! And I thought it was about time you became my partner, don't you think?"

"WHAT! Are you fucking kidding me Black? You better not be or I'm going to stomp your ass in the ground!"

"Nope, no joke and I went this morning and looked at the property. All I have to do is call and let Beth know if I want the property or not. It's a bigger shop with eight bays and three storage buildings. It's pretty massive we'd be able to triple what we do here in one week alone."

"What about employees, are you planning to take any from here, or what?"He asked with the wheels starting to turn in his head. I watched as he began counting the guys out in the shop working now, probably wondering who would be best to pull from here.

"I'm taking Jared, Embry and Quil with us to start with. Then after we get a few cars started I'll hire some fresh meat. I think Sam can make do with Seth, Brady and Collin. I'll even let him bring in some of the teens that are training down at the rez. to work on weekends if he needs them."

"Bro, are we going to race up there tonight?" He questioned, glancing out the door as he closed it, so we wouldn't be heard by any customers. My boyz were well aware that Paul and I were doing illegal street racing but no one else in the area knew about my secret life. I wanted to keep it that way too. If my dad found out he'd tell the Chief what I'd been up to and Charlie would hang my ass upside down.

"Actually Paul I got a lead today on an underground ring being lead right there in Seattle. The owner supposedly owns that strip club out on Hiatus Blvd. and from what Beth told me it's pretty rocking, with bikes and rods. They race every weekend and even go as far down as California to the bigger rings to race. We could make some killer money with that shit!"

"Cool, so what's the plan? How you plan on getting us inside, you know how hard it is to get in on the bigger rings." Paul rushed out, looking out the window seeing Charlie headed toward the office. I got up, sticking my black book back in the hidden drawer of my desk.

"We got plans tonight at that club, now do me a favor and go tell Sam about our plans so we can get out of here as soon as Charlie leaves." I told him, getting up and walking to the door to greet Charlie.

I opened the door and Paul slipped out saying "Charlie my man, what's up? All those ladies must be suiting you pretty well these days, you look ten years younger." And then he smacked him on the shoulder continuing his path out of the office, laughing at Charlie's remark to his.

"What can I say; I'm a ladies' man." Charlie said chuckling, walking in my office and sitting down. I was wondering what he was doing in PA, but didn't have time to ask before he started talking.

"So Jake, how's business going these days? You seem pretty busy out there today."

"Sure, sure, but that's not what you wanted, is it?" I asked sitting down on the corner of my desk. I could see Charlie was nervous about something. He was sitting there running his hands through his hair, which was his nervous habit.

"Yeah, I guess your right son. I got a call from Bella's mother today and it seems that she has not talked to Bella in over two years. I have you heard from her at all? Renee wouldn't tell me anything that happened; just that she was worried about her." He asked, biting his lips just like Bella used to.

"No Charlie, I haven't talked to Bella since the last summer she had been here. I told you before she never called or wrote me back when I tried so I gave up after that first year. You've talked to her since then though, right?" I asked, giving him a puzzled look. I had thought he told me a few months ago that she had called him. I tried not to ask too much because she had hurt me when she ignored me. I eventually got over her and moved on with my life, but that was a boat I didn't care to rock.

"Yeah she calls me about twice a year or so, but I was under the impression she was still with her mom. Renee said she graduated a year early and took off not telling her where she was going and has only called her once since she left. I'm worried and need to find her, but I honestly have no idea where to start."

"Charlie I wish I could help you, but it's been thirteen years since I saw or talked to Bella. Hell, I doubt I'd even recognize her if I saw her. But you know if I hear anything I will let you know." I told him, as he stood up shaking my hand, then pulling me into a two slap man hug.

"I haven't told you lately son, but I'm proud of you. Keep up all the good work and stay out of trouble." He said chuckling and I felt sick to my stomach. He had more faith in me than my own father did and I was doing shit he'd break my neck over.

"Thanks Charlie." I said feeling the guilt rising in my throat. Charlie left leaving me sitting there wondering if Bella had gotten herself into some sort of trouble. I had no way of knowing, and I definitely had no idea where she'd be now. I knew I'd probably drop dead of a heart attack if I ever seen her again.

"What'd the old man want?" Paul asked strolling into the office.

"Bella run off a couple of years or so ago and her mom has just told Charlie. He wanted to know if I had talked to her or anything."

"Bella, is that the girl you use to annoy the hell out of me about when we were kids?"

"Yep, that'd be the one and only and I still haven't talked to her. I have no idea how to help Charlie find her." I told him, as I got up grabbing my keys and glasses off the desk. "Anyway let's get the fuck out of here, we got places to be and bitches to see!" I said chuckling, shoving little Bella back in that corner that was labeled 'One way street' and locking her away.

"Okay, we can stop at my apartment on the way and shower for the club. I think you might have some clothes left there from the last time you and those twins stayed over." I said grinning, remembering that wild night. I had not gotten a wink of sleep. Those girls were insatiable and hyped up on ecstasy. That was one hell of a night, leaving my bedroom and living room unrecognizable.

"Sounds good, I'll meet you there, I drove my bike in today."

Paul had followed me to my apartment and we had made quick time getting ready and heading out for the two hour drive to Seattle. For a normal person this was a four hour drive, but with our speed and on our bikes we could make in little over two.

When we got into downtown, we found this little backwoods mom and pop diner to grab some dinner. When we were finished we made our way to the club. From the road the club looked to be booming already and it was only 9:30. There were at least seventy people standing in the line waiting to get in at the door.

"Damnit man, we will still be standing there waiting to get in when they shut down." Paul grumbled strapping his helmet to the handle bars of his Ducati.

"Nah man, Beth told me who to talk to at the door. We won't be waiting in line." I said locking up my helmet and walking toward the door.

We made our way to the front of the line and were quickly stopped by this grizzly sized man. He put me and boyz to shame with his size and we were exactly average sized boys.

"Can I help you with something?" He asked, crossing his arms over his chest and rocking back and forth from foot to foot.

"Yeah, I'm looking for someone named Blaze."

"And you are?"He asked.


"And what do you need with Blaze, B-L-A-C-K-I-E." The burly man mocked.

"Are you Blaze?"

"And if I am?" He grinned evilly.

"Yeah, right, so could you tell B-L-A-Z-E, that Beth sent me here?"

"Ah shit man, why didn't you say so from the get go?" He said, unlatching the red rope and letting us through.

We walked in to the club hearing 'Kickstart My Heart' blaring in the background and seeing all the blue neon lights shooting in every direction. This was a huge club but it didn't look like there was enough room to slide one more person in here. There were girls swinging on poles, and more girls in cages to the side of the stage dancing like go go dancers. I spotted a table off to the right of the stage that was empty and quickly grabbed Paul's arm yanking him in the direction of the table to set down.

I sat there looking around for someone who looked like they might be in charge, but all I was seeing were strippers running around grinding on each other just as much as they were dry humping the guys shoving money in the g-strings.

"DAMN!"I heard Paul growl. "LOOK AT THAT ASS!"

I chuckled; you'd think he was some sort of virgin or something. "Dude, it's not like you haven't seen ass before."

"Not an ass like that!" He said pointing out the blonde girl's ass strolling toward the bar.

I looked around searching for a man that might be the owner, but what I found was a woman standing behind the bar looking like she was barking out orders for the bar maid. My eyes locked on the petite brunette as she leaned in nose to nose with a guy grabbing at the ass of one of the girls that walked by. This brunette grabbed his shirt pulling him to her nose to nose and said something causing the guy to cringe back from her, and then she released him to a guy looking to be about 6'7 and every bit of 250lbs of pure muscle.

"Bro, look at that girl on that pole! How the hell does she do that?" Paul asked bring my attention back to him. I glanced up at the stage seeing this blonde swinging upside down on the pole with her legs spread completely apart.

I turned my attention back to the movement at the bar and becoming entranced by that girl again. She looked somewhat familiar too me, but I couldn't place her. I didn't think she was one of the many women I had been with but there had been so many that I couldn't be sure. But I'd like to think if I had slept with someone that fine I'd remember her.

"Um...I have no fucking idea but I'd like to take her home with me." I told him slapping his arm and pointing in the direction of the brunette goddess getting ready to step up on the bar.

"Holy Shit!" I whispered watching her step up onto that bar revealing her thong, just enough to make my mouth start to water. She flaunted her assets with such grace and carried herself like an angel floating around.

"Fuck me!" Paul squeaked out seeing her drop down in front of the blonde with the ass he had been following when we first got here. The brunette had dropped down to the girls knees and began sliding her tongue up the girls legs, stopping at her core and planting a sweet short kiss there through the pale pink see through gown looking thing she was wearing.

"God that was hot!" I whispered to myself, thinking that if I were to ever break my number one rule, it'd be for her. Damn did I just think that? No fucking way! I'll never go on more than one date with the same girl, there just too much trouble. I turned my head looking for someone that looked like an owner again; I had to get my mind off that girl.

"No fucking joke!" Paul hissed standing up adjusting himself and setting back down.

I feverishly tried my best not to look in the direction of that girl again and was doing pretty good until Paul ruined it for me. "Hey man, she's starring straight at you." I ignored him acting like I had not heard him, until he slapped my arm. "Fuck man, look she's pointing at you and talking to blondie over there."

I looked for a brief second and he was right, she was watching me intently and talking. When she noticed I had caught her she looked away as if she had blushed. I chuckled, thinking of the tongue fuck she had practically just given the other blonde in front of everyone and then one look from me and she blushes.

Well that was an ego boost, not that I needed one. Damn this girl looked so familiar to me, how did I know her? Who is she?

I watched her as she looked frustrated at blondie and through her hands up in the air. She seemed to be torn about something and pissed at someone. She jerked a shot glass up off the blondes' tray and threw back the drink, ran the tip of her index finger over her lips and walked toward the stage. She was going to pole dance. Shit, I thought, feeling myself already craving to explode from the anticipation of seeing her bump and grind on that pole.

Blondie walked up on the stage and the girls made way of doing some sort of sexual strut around each other like animals tracking their prey, as 'Closer' by nine inch nails started playing in the background. As the two girls clawed and pretended to scratch at each other while removing each other's clothes, I had become dumbstruck. I couldn't remove my eyes from her while her clothes were being removed.

By the time blondie had stopped pulling at the girls clothes she was down to her black lace thong with a matching bra. Blondie danced off the stage as the lights dimmed to complete darkness with a blue laser light shooting in every different direction as she began climbing the pole, flipping herself upside down, hooked to the pole only by her legs.

"Damn I'd like to have them legs wrapped around my face like that." Paul said, never looking away from her as she was grinding on and climbed that pole.

"Mu-hum" Was the only response I could manage as I listening to the words of the song change from Closer to Buttons. Damn that girl was good; she never missed a beat in between the songs. When the song was over she grabbed her skirt and black tie shirt up off the stage, then did a fucking back flip right off the stage landing right in front of my table.

"FUCK" I growled feeling the twitch against the zipper of my jeans. She looked straight at me and smiled. I think she realized what she had done and was happy with my painful dilemma. She turned her back to Paul and me but didn't bother to leave. She slowly bent over stepping into the skirt giving me the perfect shot of her ass swallowing her g-string, as 'Lollipop' began to play. I watched as she turned not removing her eyes from mine and slipped the tie up shirt over her shoulders, letting the ties hang open she walked straight up to Paul, still glaring in my eyes.

"Hey Mr. Tall-Dark-And-Handsome maybe you'd like to help me out with something." Paul gulped, but nodded his head yes.

"I was just wondering if I might be able to get your help with something." She said looking at me all sweet and innocent.

"Sure" Paul finally got out, wiggling in his seat.

"You see my HANDS are just so tired tonight, I've had a pretty HARD day. Would you mind SLIDING this tie IN that Hole for me?"

I felt my dick twitching and throbbing watching her licking her lips, smiling innocently at me the whole time she spoke to Paul. I felt my hand grab the corner of the table trying to hold myself back from grabbing her up and fucking her.

I have to give her kudos, she was fucking good at what she did and for some unknown reason to me she had chosen me to torture tonight. And torture was the perfect word as I watched Paul pull her roughly against his thighs, with her in between his legs and slowly tie the ribbons of her black silk shirt. She didn't remove her eyes from mine as she gave me a sexy mysterious smirk, winked, pecked Paul on the cheek and then pulled out a cherry lollipop from her pocket. I wondered what the hell she was going to do with that for a brief second, seeing her unwrap it then slide it in her mouth, sucking on it watching me, popped it rather loudly then handed to Paul. "Thanks Babe, I'll have to return the favor sometime."

Watching me the whole time, she turned and shook her ass all the way to the bar. "Fuck-Me-Stupid-And-Call-Me-Smart!" I whispered, now trying to shove my dick away from my zipper.

"Man that bitch is going to give me blue balls before the night is over with!" Paul hissed getting up and heading toward the bathroom.

I watched as the same drop dead sexy brunette made her way back toward me, strutting her ass like there was no tomorrow. She walked right up to the table, standing in between my legs, not six inches away from my now throbbing cock. I could feel the heat rising in my dick, as she leaned against the table with her ass sticking out purposely for me to see. Her little purple mini skirt barley covered her ass cheeks, showing her black lace g-string. Just looking at her fine ass had my cock ready to bust a nut.

"May I get you a menu so you could see what the specials are?" She seductively asked, glancing back over her shoulder at me, right before I noticed her tongue slid out of her mouth and graze her bottom lip. Damn she's fucking hot! I wanted nothing more than to yank her up and fuck her right here in front of everybody in the club.

Not removing my eyes from her sexy ass, I seductively responded. "Oh I think I can see the specials just fine from where I'm setting. Why don't you back that hot ass up just a little bit more and I'll show you what MY specials are." I said, hearing the huskiness pooling out of my voice, as I reached my right hand out and grabbed her ass cheek.

"BIG FUCKING MISTAKE!" I heard a male voice yell at me, as she spun around, eyes going wide looking at whomever the cockblocker was.