Slappin' Pistons


It's been almost nine months since Bella and I ran off and got married in Vegas. "Vegas" I whispered to myself, staring out the window into our backyard. I was immediately hit with flashbacks, remembering how surprised she'd made me when she had agreed to marry me on a whim like that. I never in a million years thought she would ever marry me. I thought I was in a dream or something, when she asked me if I was coming or did she need to find herself a groom fill in for me.

Bella had never looked more beautiful to me than she did that night when she stood there giggling when we said our I Do's. She truly looked happy and carefree for the first time in the four years that we had been apart of each others lives. Her smile was vibrant and so full of life that night, and she hasn't stopped smiling since. She makes it a point to tell me everyday how she feels about anything and everything that goes on in our life. I never even have to try and read her emotions through her face anymore.

Although everyone was happy for us they were extremely shocked that she'd actually made a move like that, it was so un Bella like. Bella was scared to tell Jake. She had said he would hate her and leave her life again. I had tried to tell her in so many words without just spiting it out there, that she didn't have to worry about that, but she wouldn't listen until he proved her wrong.

Jake had been working things out with Leah, his high school sweetheart. But, she had hurt him almost as bad as Beth had hurt me. Jake and I had gotten close while Bella was in the hospital, and one of the many sleepless nights we sat there watching Bella in her coma he had shared their story with me.

Leah had cheated on him with one of the guys from Forks high school. The boy just happened to be Jake's biggest football competition and Jake had the unwanted pleasure of walking into the locker room with his team mates and catching them after he and Leah had been named King and Queen, so you could only imagine his humiliation. But, Jake had admitted to me that he still loved her and always would. She had been the cause for him to become such a player and he wanted to change that.

He had also admitted to me that although he had this strong connection that drew him to Bella, and would never give her the chance to disappear from his life again, he felt that the bond between she and I was real and he wasn't about to risk her happiness by pushing her into something that might or might not turn into something special for them.

When Bella had disappeared, or so we thought, and Jake was staying at the house with me so much, we had become like brothers. He had helped me to keep from going completely insane. If it had not been for the guys and Charlie, I don't think I would have made it through that time.

Charlie was the one that I had been worried about telling that I had ran off and married his daughter in the middle of the night without asking him. I mean sure he was just coming back into her life, but he loved her very much and wanted the best for her.

He had been ecstatic when we called him the next morning and told him what we had done. Charlie had told me that he couldn't have picked a better man for his daughter than me, if he had hand picked me himself. I was extremely happy to hear that because after everything that he had come to find out about me, I just knew he would decide that I wasn't good enough for her. In all honesty I had never felt good enough for her, so it wouldn't have been a surprise to me for someone else to think I wasn't either.

Charlie was a good man with more pull on the west coast then I had given him credit for. He had worked through a lot of the bullshit that Cole had put Bella through and the black mailing he had done to me. I don't know how they were able to pull it off, but the tape he had been using that looked like Bella killing Wyatt was proven in court to be tampered with, so they had no case against her and there was no evidence at all that I had even showed up that night and fought with him, other than hear say.

After the medical records had been pulled showing that he had attacked her, it was all dropped and she no longer had to worry about being charged with his murder, if there was even one that took place. Charlie still wasn't convinced that Wyatt was dead since he had been alive when I left with Bella, and they had never found his body.

Charlie had turned over all the evidence that I had been collecting of the shady dealings that Cole and Carlisle had been apart of and they were both now setting behind bars waiting to go to trial. Cole was in far more trouble than my father. Cole and his Pageant ring had been taken down with the evidence that Bella still had from when she was bought. The feds were able to catch all the guys including the one that had bought Bella.

The biggest problem that I now had was trying to figure out who had been driving Midnight Paybacks that night. I fully believed that it had been Beth, but she had a iron clad alibi when Charlie checked and we couldn't find Wyatt's girlfriend, it was like she had just fallen off the face of the earth. So that was still an open case that Charlie was trying to solve.

"Emmett, it's time." I heard my sister yell at me through the door. I turned looking up the stairs toward my bedroom, then quickly looked around for Jake and Blaze. They were who I was looking to for support during this.

"Come on dude, everything will be fine, stop your damn worrying shit." Jake said chuckling as he patted me on the back.

Dr. Smith, well, aka Major Bryan as Bella calls him opened the door and looked down at me. "You coming?" He asked smirking from ear to ear.

"I swear sometimes he makes me mad enough to punch that smirk right off his face." I spat looking over at Jake.

"Yeah, tell me about." He added walking me to the steps. Right as I made it to the first step, I heard her first screams. I ran up the steps taking them two at a time and jumped down the hallway, stopping at the bedroom door to take a quick breath.

"EMMETT DALE MCCARTY GET YOUR GODDAMN ASS IN HERE WITH ME!" She yelled. I turned looking down into the living room at all the guys laughing as Paul spat.

"Boy she's got you by the balls now."

I didn't think it was that funny. He was always making comments that she had taken my balls from me the day I married her and Blaze would always add his two cents in and tell him nah, she took that boys balls the first night she strutted her ass up in his club like she owned it. And Blaze was right, she owned me from the moment my eyes locked with hers and she knew it too.

"Hey babe, are you ready for me to be in here now?" I asked smiling as I walked up next to the tub and took her hand. She smiled back then winced a little from the pain. I was still looking at her amazed that she was being so strong and doing this at home.

"God, you get more beautiful every time I look at you. Babe, you are positively glowing." I cooed leaning down and kissing the top of her forehead.

"OH GOD!" Bella yelled with an iron grip on my hand.

"It's okay babe, breathe..." I whispered as I slid down on my knees wrapping my arms around her.

"IT HURTS I CAN'T DAMN BREATHE!" She yelled looking at me like she wanted to kill me.


"Babe, I did try to talk you out of this, remember, you told me no that you wanted to do natural childbirth with no pain meds." I whispered fearing she was fixing to throw something at me when I didn't agree with her that it was my fault.

"Bella, your crowning...get ready to push." Dr. Smith said smiling. I knew he had the hots for my wife and it pissed me off that she was still using him as her doctor. But, I had to admit that he had taken really good care of her.

I wrapped my arms tight around her helping her lean up as she screamed and cussed me for ever getting her pregnant to begin with. I let it go through one ear and out the other as I whispered how much I loved her and how strong and special she was. I buried my face in the crook of her neck when she bit down on my shoulder trying to block how much pain she was in.

All of a sudden she stopped screaming and when limp in my arms scaring the shit out of me. I turned my head around to see what was going on about the time that the baby cried out and Bella looked up to me smiling.

"Bella, Emmett, meet your daughter..." Dr. Smith whispered with a smile as he handed her over to me and Bella.

Bella looked down at our beautiful daughter, taking her into her arms she leaned forward and kissed her cheek whispering... "Hope Haven McCarty"