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The airplane landed as planned and people left the flying object with a huge round of applause for the pilot and his staff. The weather was wonderful and Ayase didn't regret one second that he wore his shortest pair of shorts and sunglasses.

Once he was in the cool airport of Rome, Ayase grabbed his luggage once it passed by and noticed how people were looking at him with big eyes. The Italian language sounded rather ongoing. It was like nobody wanted to stop talking.

"Ciao Senore!" a man suddenly started to talk to Ayase. He was wearing a costume and Ayase felt sorry for him since he walked around like that in this heat. His golden skin gave Ayase goose bumps. The light grey eyes lay the accent on his handsome looking face.

"Excuse me but… I don't understand Italian…" he whispered in his best English. Typing it was a lot more easy then pronouncing it…

"Are you Mister Ayase Yukiya?" the man asked in English with a cute Italian accent. Ayase couldn't help but giggle a bit.

"Yes, I am. I suppose you are my driver?" he said. The man only smiled.

"The name is Marco Abruzzi." The man replied. "My wife told me to pick you up." he held out a hand towards Ayase.

"Pleased to meet you, mister Abruzzi." Ayase tried to pronounce his name correctly but weirdly enough, he wasn't made for speaking this foreign language. Ayase slid his hand in Marco's and watched as he gently pressed his lips against it. Ayase couldn't help but blush; after all he did like men and this one was sinfully good looking.

The man smiled at the look of Ayase's face. He retreated his hand and lay it around the boy's shoulder.

"All right, darling. Time to go."

As pleased as he was Ayase dumped himself in front of the air conditioner of the car. Italy was the hottest country he could ever imagine. As Marco started the engine Ayase waved the cool air at his face in a rush.

"Is Italy always this hot?" he asked, which made Marco laugh at him.

"Darling, this is the sun on earth!" he said and his light grey eyes were covered by his sunglasses. Ayase new he had to love this country. Japan wasn't always this hot and he loved the sun more than anything. It would give his pale skin a nice colour.

They were passing through the mountains. The light fields in between the large hills. The blond boy removed his shoes and rested his feet upon the seat he was sitting. What Ayase didn't notice was that Marco was staring at him. Not angry, but actually quiet enjoyed. As he laughed out loud he turned of his air conditioning and opened the windows of his car fully, which made the half long blond hair fluttering in the wind.

Ayase gave a sweet smile at the man and his blue eyes couldn't help but catch Marco's attention.

"How about sunglasses, honey? Don't you have them?" Marco asked suddenly. Ayase gave him a look. He knew he forgot something! His sunglasses…

"I forget them at home… I'll find one around here, right?" he asked in his angelic voice.

"If you want, we can stop and buy one at the market. They're cheap and copies but… mine's a copy too." Marco winked at the boy. Ayase giggled for a moment.

"I'm sorry, I never buy fakes. I have the money to pay the labels so I'll spend that money too!" the boy gave the man a smile.

"Then my wife would be happy to take you to one of her Chanel stores. They also have beautiful men sunglasses."

"I'd be happy to go with her." Ayase said. The man shook his head lightly, smiling at the sight of the pretty boy next to him, feeling how his heart felt a lot warmer then it ever did and this time, it wasn't thanks to this country's weather.

The car drove through a busy little town and Marco explained that every Monday there were little markets selling fruit in the town they were staying. Agriturismo Speranza itself was a little further away from the civilized world.

As they were driving over a sandy path Marco closed the windows again and switched on the air conditioning.

"I don't want you to choke here." Marco said while removing his sunglasses and winking at the boy.

A wooden board was placed in a bow over the road saying: 'Agriturismo Speranza' in a southern type. Ayase couldn't help but to feel excited at the view. The car drove over little pebbles and stopped on the parking, surrounded by high hedges. Ayase moved towards the door, eager to open it as soon as possible, but was stopped by Marco.

"Don't." he said while getting out of the car. Ayase sighed deeply, he liked this man already and was even about to help him get out of the car! The door opened suddenly, a hand waiting to be filled by his hand and Ayase let his slip on the other with a smile. He turned around gracefully, being touched by Italy's warmth and stood up in one move.

The man in front of him gave him a smile and to Ayase's surprise it wasn't who he thought it would be. This man had blond hair and light brown eyes. He looked Japanese, but his hair colour made Ayase doubt. The man smiled playfully at the flustered boy in front of him, who clearly did not know what to say or do. He took a step back and bowed deeply for the boy.

"I'm Toranosuke Gion." the man said in plain English and Ayase couldn't help but smile.

"I'm Ayase Yukiya…" he whispered back and as Gion stood up he smiled.

"Gion! I told you to help him get out of the car and then bring his stuff to his room!" Marco said angrily and with that Gion left as soon as possible. Ayase liked it here already.

"He's Japanese, but grew up only speaking English and Italian." Marco explained and Ayase nodded.

"He looks friendly." Marco smiled.

"O he is. But wait until you meet the rest." Marco held out his arm.

"This way, mister Ayase. I'll introduce you to my wife."

They had passed the swimming pool and Ayase wanted nothing else but take a refreshing dive in it. At the swimming pool he saw a mother playing with her daughter in the water. She gave Ayase a friendly smile and continued to her actions. Marco explained that she was an English woman, from Great Britain and that her husband had died recently. She was left with only her daughter.

The good news Ayase had found out was that only people who could speak English were aloud in this Agriturismo.

The entrance hall was the biggest, with a big lobby where they would give you the key to your room. Ayase smiled at the sight of the brown haired woman standing there and at the look of her friendly round face he hoped and sort of knew it was Carlotta.

"Hello," she said, removing her from behind the big lobby. "You must be Ayase Yukiya, am I right?" she gave him a warm smile and Ayase nodded.

"You probably know who I am, don't you?" she asked and held out her hand.

"Hello darling." Marco said and kissed is wife's cheek.

"I'm sure you're Carlotta Abruzzi." Ayase said and he shook the hand.

"I am. I saw Gion bringing your stuff to your room. If you want I can take you there first so you can unpack everything, make yourself comfortable. If you want we can send or cleaning lady to unpack with you?" Carlotta said and she moved herself towards the wall, on which pictures hang off her and her husband and under a row of keys. She took the one from the hook above which stood number 15. Again his lucky number, Ayase grinned.

"Here you go. Should I call our maid?"

"No, I'd like to pay first. You can send your maid after if you want." Ayase replied.

"No problem." Marco replied. "I'll leave you too it then? The Hudson family is coming today too?" he asked.

"Yes, they asked you to pick them up too."

"I'll be going then, see you later." he kissed his wife fully and winked at Ayase. "Have fun."

"Thank you." Ayase replied and Carlotta waved her man goodbye.

Ayase gave her a look. She took out a hairpin and put up her long brown hair in a little knot. Her blue eyes gave Ayase a warm welcome.

"So, the payment." she said.

"1400 euros it was, right?" Ayase asked and the woman nodded towards him.

"You know, Ayase. You really seem like a nice person. I hope you can handle our personal." she said a little worried.

"Your husband mentioned it too. Should I be worried." she smiled gratefully as Ayase handed over the money and she placed the key in his hands.

"Not really. Some of them just are… hard to understand."

"All right… I'll keep it in mind." as Carlotta smiled, she held our a phone, dialling the number four when suddenly a female voice was heard.

"Someya, is that you?"

"Yes, miss Carlotta, is there a problem?"

"Not really, just a new costumer. Where are you now?"

"I'm cleaning up room 16 for the Hudson's. Should I come over first?"

"Yes. Mister Yukiya has arrived."

"All right, I'll be there right away." and with that, Carlotta put down her phone.

"She'll be here right away to take you to your room." she said with a smile. "Dinner will be at eight, so if you want you can come over between 7 and 8. I'll be your personal cook tonight."

"I'll be there." Ayase said and gave Carlotta a smile.

"Gion! Wait." she suddenly said as Gion came from the stairs.

"Someya was cleaning room 16, could you proceed with that?" she asked in a whisper and continued her conversation with Gion.

Ayase already liked it here. The atmosphere was perfect. Gion was friendly. Carlotta was friendly. Marco was friendly and even the woman from the swimming pool looked rather nice. Only was Ayase a bit worried about what to say to her, since he didn't want to hurt her by saying something wrong.

"Excuse me, are you mister Yukiya?" the same female voice as number four said. Ayase turned around. The woman had a long black ponytail and dark brown eyes which looked very friendly. Her thick lips were fully covered in bright red lipstick, which made her look as pretty as her voice.

"I am." Ayase replied and he scanned his eyes over the sexy outfit of the woman. A little skirt with a refreshing blue shirt over it. Her high stiletto's looked rather uncomfortable but she didn't seem to mind it.

"I'm here to help you unpack then! Room fifteen?" she asked with a perfect smile.

"Yes, I'm Ayase Yukiya." Ayase said, holding out his hands and the woman shook his hand friendly, revealing her long painted fingernails.

"I'm Someya Kaoruko. Also Japanese." Ayase grinned at her wink and as he said goodbye to Gion and Carlotta, he followed Someya up the stairs.

The room had a television and a black couch which suited the windows. He had the most beautiful view over the swimming pool, with the high hills beyond. The sunlight gave the room a lot of colour and his suitcase stood right next to the couch.

"So…" Someya said. "This is the living room and the bathroom is right there." she said and she walked towards the bathroom. There was a bath on the right and a shower on the left. The toilet was hidden in a separated corner in the room. The blue tiles of the room gave Ayase the most dazzling feeling.

When he walked back to the living room Someya told him the way to the bedroom. She opened the door towards it. There was a huge bed in which at least three people could sleep and it had a beautiful beige coloured sheets and he couldn't help but to sit down on it. The painting above the bed was the view he had from the living room and the light of the window next to him made it look bright. His dark wardrobe had enough space for the clothes he carried along with him.

"Do you like the room?" Someya asked.

"Are you kidding me? I love it!" Ayase replied and the smile on Someya's face made him feel satisfied.

"Time to unpack?" she asked and Ayase nodded. Yes, he felt like unpacking!

"I'm sure you and I are going to be great friends." Someya said as she looked at Ayase's clothes. There were only shorts and small T-shirts in the suitcase which actually made Ayase look really female. Since he liked males and felt more like the female one when he had a relationship he wanted to dress more like one too.

As Someya unpacked another pair of shorts she smiled.

"You actually carry along a lot of female clothes… you're male, right?"

"Yes, I am. But I'm gay… and the female one."

"Ah… I'm sorry I guess."

"You shouldn't be! I just… I broke up with my boyfriend recently. I found out he was sleeping with his secretary. His female secretary."

"Auch." Someya said, putting another shirt on a peg. Ayase smiled.

"I'm trying to forget about it." Ayase whispered.

"Don't worry, we'll all help you!" Someya replied, standing up and smiling. Ayase smiled back and never felt as happy and relaxed as he did now. This holiday just had to be perfect.

Someya had left to help at dinner and meanwhile also the Hudson's had arrived. Ayase dressed himself for dinner and watched a few Italian programs on the television when he realised he was pretty bored. He decided he should go downstairs to have an early dinner.

When he was downstairs there was nobody to be found in the lobby and when he arrived at the place where he should have to have dinner nobody was there too. All the tables were empty and there was no one to receive him.

He slowly entered only looking around when he suddenly heard a yelling voice from behind the door which said: personal only. Ayase gulped softly, knowing he was about to do something he shouldn't have done. He opened the door a little further and saw how Gion was looking at his boss together with a few others. He was dressed as a waiter, in a black suit with a white apron over it. The rest, who stood around him wore the exact same thing, except for Someya-san, who wore a dress with an apron. At that time Ayase discovered that only she and Carlotta were the girls here.

"You're only here to do your job!" Marco said towards a guy standing in front of him. He had light blue eyes and dark hair and also looked rather Japanese. Next to him stood another man, looking exactly like him.

"Sorry sir." the man said and Marco gave him a murderous glare.

"I wasn't finished yet…" he said and the man took a little step back. Marco sighed deeply. "As you all know there are a few new people who arrived here today. They have never been here before and want the time of their lives. Make them feel pretty. Give them complements, do whatever the hell you want but keep your goddamned hands off!" everybody whispered a soft: 'Yes sir' towards Marco.

"Especially the dancers. I know some of them look rather pretty. Gorgeous even. But you only learn them how to dance. That's it. Nothing else. If I find out that one of you has touched, kissed or even slept with one of them… you're fired. And I'll make sure you never ever get a job ever again." Ayase swallowed deeply. The Marco he met this morning looked totally different from the one standing there. Marco opened his mouth to say something else when suddenly a light fell into the room, followed by door closing and a man entering. Ayase couldn't help but to wonder who it was.

The man was wearing the same costume as the rest wore but it looked somewhat more carefree. His dark brown hair lightly covered his eyes and his handsome, Italian looking face had piercing brown eyes. His sharp nose made his face less perfect but somehow it made him look even better. Every single eye in that room was focused on the man and Ayase had to admit: it wasn't hard to look at him. He seemed a lot bigger then anyone would ever be and his muscular body was visible through the cloth of his clothes.

Marco give him a furious look.

"Now where have you been…?" he tried to say calmly but it was way than clear that he had to hold himself.

"You told me not to smoke inside. Now that I smoke outside, you're still displeased. You have to learn what you want, boss." he said and his thin lips showed the most gorgeous smile that made Ayase's heart skip a beat. A few smirks were audible in the room.

"Get in the line and pay some fucking attention." Marco said, sounding furious.

"All right, all right." the man said, make a movement with his hands towards Marco that were meant to keep him relaxed. He stood next to Gion who gave him a funny smile.

"Now that you're all here… I want everyone to take good care of our costumers… especially mister Yukiya." Ayase jumped when he heard his name being spoken out loud.

"He paid a lot of money to stay here… it's his first holiday in years and I want him to feel at home. He is good looking."

"So now you're into guys?" the brown haired man asked, grinning. "Poor Carlotta." everyone laughed a bit until Carlotta suddenly showed up, appearing from the kitchen.

"He is good looking, Kanou…" she said and again Ayase gasped for air. Kanou Somuku? That man was his dance teacher. Kanou turned his head towards the female figure walking in.

"You all better best be careful. I don't want fire any of you." Carlotta said, standing next to her husband.

"Now… since we're all done talking, lets welcome our guests." at that moment Ayase realized he was still standing in front of the door. He had to get back. In a hurry he ran back to the stairs, straight up to his room and put his key in the lock.

"Mister Yukiya?" an old voice said. Ayase turned towards the voice in a hurry and saw the Hudson wife in front of him.

"Miss Hudson!" he said and the woman giggled.

"Call me Caroline darling!" she said. "You'd better lock that door as good as you can. You never know who could come in here…" she whispered and then followed her husband down the stairs. Ayase took a deep breath, taking back the key. The only reason why everyone was so friendly was because of his money. He hated to be rich.

He slowly walked back down the stairs. Thinking about how to act. He couldn't just say he knew everything! He even liked the looks of his dance teacher so much, his heart could explode any minute now!

As he reached the last few stairs he noticed how Gion was guiding the Hudson couple towards their table and no other person appeared to help the next costumer, who would be him.

He stopped in the doorway and waited. Everybody in there looked happy, even the woman from the swimming pool and her daughter sat happily while drinking a glass of lemonade. Ayase couldn't help but smile at the sight. Caroline Hudson smiled at him in a friendly way and waved when she caught his attention. Also her husband gave Ayase a precious smile, which made Ayase nod his head.

On the table in front of the Hudson's sat a small family, both wife and husband and their teenage son was playing his PSP while chewing on his chewing gum. That seemed like a hard person to control.

The rest of the room was empty. It wasn't that big of a dining hall, but then there were also few people staying over. Only eight rooms for maximum six people.

"Excuse me." Ayase gasped loudly at the sound of the low voice. He turned his head slowly towards it and notice the dark brown eyes he saw before and the sexy smile that made him melt that instant. "You're Mister Ayase, right?" Kanou asked, still smiling.

"…uhm…" Ayase said with a trembling voice and he took a deep breath. He could hear the man grin. "Yes, I am."

"Then, my name is Kanou Somuku and I'll be your waiter for tonight." He held out his hand towards Ayase and as Ayase placed his in the other person's he knew that he got it bad.

He was brought towards the table next to the lady with her daughter. As he sat down the woman gave him a nice smile.

"So, can I give you something?" Kanou asked.

"No! I mean, yes but… uhm." Ayase sighed deeply, shaking his head and standing up again.

"I want to go to bed." Kanou gave him a confused but still amused look and when Ayase realised what the man was thinking he blushed deeply.

"I mean alone! Just me… not with you. Not that you're not good looking but... I want to go alone." Ayase breathed deeply, feeling his heart race. He was spoiling everything...

"All right, you want me to take you to your room? You look rather feverish and red." Ayase knew that people were looking at them and that made him feel even more nervous.

"Yes… I mean no! I'll be fine…" Ayase said. Kanou smiled sweetly.

"Are you sure?" he asked friendly.

"Yes, thank you." Ayase quickly said and he turned away from the man, walking straight towards his bedroom in a quick pace.

Kanou smiled flustered. The boy was indeed amazingly cute but just one night would make him lose his job and that wasn't worth it. He turned around towards the costumers that were looking.

"I hope you enjoy your meal." he said and he walked towards the kitchen. The blond boy was amazingly good looking and he was looking forward to giving him the dancing lessons. It also seemed like the boy became flustered just by the look of him. Now that made two of them…

As he realised how he felt he sighed deeply. This was bad.

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