A/N: I haven't written anything in a long time, so here's some Gelphie for the 100 themes.

Theme: Abandoned

I once liked a girl, a girl who was very pretty and popular, a girl named Galinda. She started as my enemy, but soon eased into the role of my best friend. I'm sure I'm not the first person to develop a crush on the totally cute friend in our lives.

I really did care for her, but I ended up betraying her, falling in love with her boyfriend. I liked this girl, but she refused to join me. I liked this girl, but I ran off with her fiancé. I really did care for her but we were destined to be enemies.

I love the girl, but I can never see her again. Because, you see, I'm supposed to be dead. I'm supposed to be gone from the world. I cannot miraculously contact her and I cannot take my chances on being with her again.

I liked a girl, I love a girl, a girl named Glinda…

A/N: My first Wicked drabble.