"GET THE HELL OFF OF THAT BOARDER LINE." Envy screeched for the millionth time. Got I hate that homunculus. Why is he so strict about keeping us away from that dang line?

"Why? It's not like we're crossing the line or anything. Take a chill pill." I said.

"I want you away from that god damn line before I tear you apart and eat all of the pieces right down to the bone!" He hollered.

"It's just a line!" I protested. "Why are you so overprotective when it comes to this line! I didn't even fucking cross it!"

"WE HAD A DEAL!" god, if he got any louder, I think my head will explode. Not that it'd matter, anyway. "You stay away from this side of the line, and I stay away from that side of the line. In between is dead-man's zone!"

I growled. Stupid, stupid, completely stupid homunculus! "We never agreed that this was dead-mans zone! Where on earth did you get that idea!"

"It's a spot where neither of us owns the land! Therefore, if I go onto that god forsaken line, too, we can kill each other! Get it, you traitor?" he said, spitting out that last word.

"As if you would put me to good use if I didn't betray you!" I said, "You don't even care! You just would most likely end up eating me or something, like that little pip-squeak did to Gluttony!"

"Gluttony would be happy to find out that his power was put to good use!" He shouted.

"As if!" I laughed at him, "I'm sure he was feeling fucking DANDY while his friends ATE him. And then you guys didn't even win the battle that you put his energy into!"

"Shut up! JUST SHUT UP!" I could see that Envy was in rage and trying not to break any peace treaty he had with me and jump the boarder.

I froze and then took a deep breath. God, Envy, with that voice you could talk to someone in China if you felt like it.

I grasped at my lungs, trying to re-arrange my ragged breathing. All that yelling took something out of me. Once my breathing was under control and I could tell that Envy was not looking for a fight I slowly took a step back from the boarder line.

"The peace can't last forever." Envy said. There was anger in his voice. "Not for long. Not with our goals..." I saw something in his eyes. Hatred, maybe?

"I know." I said back. He wanted to kill the humans because he worked for his precious 'Father', after all. I can't have that happen when I'm trying to protect humans, now can I? That's why I left Father, that human hater...

Envy stared at me for a long time. "Get out of here. Go to your little friends, or whatever you call those things you hang out with."

"At least I have friends." I whispered. "You? You've got nothing. Lust was burned until the stone wore out, Gluttony was eaten, Sloth was killed, who knows what ever ended up happening to Pride. You're all alone. Even Greed turned on you, for the second time."

"Tch. Didn't I tell you already? Shut up, you stupid worthless girl." he said calmly. He turned and walked away. I knew he wouldn't leave though. He was told by his so called 'Father' to stay and make sure we didn't get away.

Curse you Envy. I hate to see creatures miserable, and it's obvious you are. Don't you know that you don't have to follow that man? I mean, look at me. He made me and I left! And what did he do? Nothing. Big surprise, right? He doesn't give if we're around or not. To him, we're just toys. If it breaks, no big deal, it's replaceable. If it's stolen he doesn't care. If it gets so destroyed that you can't use it anymore, then there really is no problem. That's what he see's us as. Nothing but things to amuse himself with. I'm sure that he really never needed that army of immortals he made. But still, he didn't give up. And now look at what happened.

I turned and walked in the other direction. Curse that stupid Envy. Making me feel bad and such crap like that.

"Hey there, S, what took you so long? Oh that's right. We could hear you having a fit with Envy from a mile away." Gang said, running up to me and then punching me in the shoulder. Then I looked him over for the millionth time. He was one of the only immortals out of thousands that Father had made that gained sanity. Actually, I wouldn't be surprised if he was the only one. I looked over his bony figure. Well, at least he doesn't look exactly like the new born figures that had come out of Fathers' experiment. He had meat on his bones, and cloths on his... skin. I think he had skin. It was so pale that it was hard to tell at times.

"Yeah, S. we were scarred that you would actually cross the line." Ligament said. And yes. His name is actually Ligament. He was a filthy, skinny, spiky black haired boy. Yeah, he's a homunculus, but he's only been alive fifteen years. He was turned when he was fourteen.

"I was about to." I said. And that was true. I wasn't far off from doing it.

Their heads turned my way. "You can't be serious. Are you?" Gang said.

"If I had a nickle for every time someone asked me if I was serious, I'd be so rich right now."

"But... what about our safety? If we, or you, cross that line then we would've bought ourselves a one way ticket into immortal death."

"You know I can't die. It's impossible."

"Yeah, you lucky dog you, but you happen to be forgetting one important factor. WE CAN."

"If you die enough times." I corrected. They were always afraid of dieing even though they would die, like, twenty five times before they actually die.

"Well, speaking that our fighting background is completely blank, I'm sure we could manage something like dieing enough times."

"Hey, hey, hey!" a feminine voice said from behind me.

"Hey, Grudge." I said. I didn't need to turn around. I knew she was there: she was the last one allowed be inside of the boarder, after all.

"Yeah, brought some news from the father, or whoever." she said.

I tensed. Did he really need to get Grudge to be his messenger? Couldn't he get off of his big, fat, lazy, cloned butt and give us the message himself? It's not like we're far away or anything!

"Really? Well, what is it?" I asked, sort of dreading the answer.

She sort of paused before she answered. "Well...um... how do I put this...?"

"Spill it!" I said, turning to face her.

I really wish she didn't snap and tell us so easily. "He wants us to send Ligament over!" she spit out. I stopped breathing. I stopped thinking. The world stopped moving.

How many people dose that leave us with then? Three of us? How many did we start out with? Ten, maybe more? Why did he keep taking away from us as if we don't matter, as if we don't have lives? Why does he keep using us one by one for a while, and then laugh when we never come back from the impossible mission he sends us on, or laugh when he kills us? Dose he think it's that funny, in his own mutilated way?

Then I saw Ligaments face, contorted with fear. All at once I could move again, and the world started up. "No." I said calmly. Everyone looked up.

"No?" Grudge asked, confused.

"No." I said. "This has gone on long enough. I think I'm ending it right here."

Grudge blinked and then chuckled. "What do you think you're going to do? Go up to him and tell him no? He'd laugh at you and take you instead. And the fact that you can't die just makes the experience more laughable-"

"We're running away." I said, just as calmly.

He eyes showed disbelief, as did Ligaments and Gang's. "What about Envy?"

I grunted. "I know I could take Envy, but to make sure you guys don't get hurt, we'll call and old friend from the town to make sure he won't be a problem."

"Why call someone else to take on Envy if you could take him on yourself?" Gang asked, "I'm sure that you can protect us, too..."

"You know Envy can turn into a that reptile, right?" I asked looking at Gang. He sort of backed away.

"Sorry. You know I have a bad memory." he said, looking kind of guilty. I laughed.

"I know you do." I replied, walking over to the one little area of the land that contained that contact device to Cat. I found it, being marked, as usual, by a circle with a slash inside. That's Cat's family symbol.

I punched my fist to the ground, hitting the exact spot I meant to hit, maybe with a little to much pressure, sending a blue, clear, rock with the same symbol on it flying about thirty feet into the air. I jumped and caught it.

I walked around a little bit after that, looking for a clear partway in the grass and trees, until I found one. I made a circle and then put a star in it. Using a certain type of alchemy allowed me to contact over long distances, as long as the person I'm trying to contact has the same mineral that I had (in this case it was the blue stone). But of course, here comes my problem. I don't know alchemy. Maybe I should have told Cat that before she gave me the stone.

"Uh..." I sort of mumbled. Grudge looked over at me.

"What? What's the hold up? You forget something?" she asked.

"Does anyone here know, well, alchemy?" I asked, feeling really stupid. Of course they don't... where would they have learned alchemy? Can we creatures even learn alchemy?




They all gave me the same answer. But there's got to be some other way. Cat is a smart girl: she wouldn't have given me something I didn't know how to use, or at least couldn't use...

That's it. Maybe you don't have to use alchemy. Maybe there are other ways to contact people using a stone they carry around...

I placed the rock in the middle of the circle: in the middle of the pentagon that the star made, put my hands on the rim of the circle and I thought of Cat. Then something else hit me. I realized that she knew something that very few people knew about me. She knew that I was immortal, that I couldn't die, about the stones inside of me...

I pushed some of those stones power out of my hands, focusing it into the rim of the circle, surprised when I saw it follow the designs of the circle, first tracing the circle, then the star, until the pentagram of the star was the only thing left shining.

"Hello?" came out an unnaturally high-pitched voice. "Sorrow? So you finally found how to use the contact device, eh? That's good. Now I don't have to wait until you're free of that stupid boarder line to talk to you!"

"Hey, take it east Cat! And don't call me Sorrow, okay? The names S, from now on. And we have got a little bit of a problem."

"Hm? What's that?" she asked. She loved meddling when it came to problems.

"Well, you see, I don' think earning freedom back is now an option. The Father is slowly taking us away, one by one, and now... only four of us remain. Scratch that, three, Grudge is the messenger of Father." I said, joking on that last part. It earned me a punch in the left arm.

"So, run away." she suggested, unhappy that nothing interesting required her help.

"That's what we're doing. And that's where you come in."

I almost felt her become more interested.

"Envy is causing us some trouble. We need you to make sure he can't move: almost like he's paralyzed, but we still need to get information out of him, so we need to make sure he can still talk. Can you do that?"

I could almost see her eyes shinning. "I'll be right over." was the last thing I heard her say before the light of the pentagon disappeared.

I sighed. "Well, Envy's taken care of. Now we just got to make sure Envy doesn't see her when she crosses into the boarder-" I was suddenly cut off when the ground exploded in front of me. I gave out a large yelp before landing on my butt. I looked up and narrowed my eyes.

"Cat! You should have told me you were going to use alchemy to get here." I said. I should have know, though, and that sort of made me mad. She just used alchemy to make a tunnel, to get through the tunnel, to get out of tunnel. God, she would be so helpless without her alchemy.

"Aw! Sorrow, you look exactly the same as I saw you last time!" she cried out loud.

"I have two reasons for that. One: you saw me, like, not even half a year ago. No one changes in that short an amount of time. Two: I don't grow up."

She sighed. "Such a shame..." she said looking at the floor. Did I really look that bad? I had black, straight hair that reached down to my hips. I wasn't fat, but I wasn't a twig, either. The only flaw of me was my stupid flat chest (I didn't get lucky when it came to my chest...) and my lifeless purple eyes. Most homunculus have purple eyes.

I grunted. "Just take envy out!" I said.

"Hm. Is that any way to treat your guest?" she asked me, offering a hand to help me up. I didn't need it, but I took it anyway out of common courtesy.

"I don't care. All I know is that Father is expecting Ligament to be at his side to torture soon, and we need to get out of here. To do that, we need Envy out of the way. If we can get him on our side, that would be better." then I realized something. I smiled. If Envy couldn't move we could MAKE him be on our side. He couldn't say no... I laughed at the thought of Envy being dragged along with us where ever we went. He'd be so pissed.

"Well?" Cat asked, "We going to knock out some homunculus, or what?"

"You need to paralyze him. That's all. No knock out, no anything else-"

"Blah, blah, blah. You know you talk to much, right? I know what you want and I'll make sure he can talk and stuff. Happy?"

"Yes..." I said between clenched teeth. God, Cat may be helpful, but she was annoying.

"Then lets go, already. We've had our little family reunion, but now it's payback time. Once this 'Father' person finds out that there's no more of his wonderful homunculus left, he'll be hopeless. Then you can take revenge on him while he has no defense!" I froze. She can make plans fast as hell, I realized.

"Sure, we might do that. But for now... lets get moving." with that we began walking toward the boarder.

because I had memorized where the line was, right before we got to it I told everyone to hide. Us having a freaking million trees to hide behind made that easy.

"Envy!" I called.

No response.

"Oh, Envy! I'm about to cross the line! Aren't you going to come here and flip out at me?" no response, yet again. "At least come here, please?" nothing.

I sighed and stepped onto the boarder line. Envy all of a sudden was there.

"What do you think you're doing?" he asked, rage on his face. "Didn't I tell you? There's going to start to be consequences if you keep stepping on that line-"

"Now, Cat." I said. Envy stopped talking, his eyes widened slightly.

Cat jumped out from behind the tree, I saw a quick flash of blue light from behind me (undoubtedly from alchemy) and all of a sudden a spear came out of the ground in front of Envy. I watched in amazement as the extremely pointy object pierced his chest with such speed that even my eyes couldn't even follow it.

Cat then ran towards Envy and sliced off the tip of the spear from the rest of it right before Envy fell onto his back. Using alchemy again, she made a sheet of rock cover Envy's chest, wrapping around the point to hold it in place. Cat finished by quickly stepping on each of Envy's limbs, a sick cracking noise following each step. Envy was to stunned to get what was happening. It was all happening to fast: Cat had accomplished all of this in less then five seconds.

"W...What?" he asked, clearly confused. He tried to get up, but only his spine would move. It was the only thing she didn't break that he would think about moving when sitting up. "What is this? Why can't I move!?"

"Because that little pointy object sticking out of you right now is lightly piercing your philosopher's stone. Aka: you can't heal for the moment. And because I broke your arms and legs... well I think you can guess what the outcome is."

Cat was the only one in the world that knew how to pierce one of those damn stones. It required exact precision, and a little bit of alchemy, but that's all she would tell us. The rest was her little secret.

The world was starting to make sense to Envy. He began to move the only thing he could at the moment: his back, wriggling like a worm trying to get away. He soon saw it was hopeless. "Damn it!" he growled, "You'll pay!"

"Yeah, maybe we will. Maybe not. We could kill you right now. But we're not going to." Envy just glared at me while I spoke. I paused, think of what to say next. "Hey Envy, why do you work for Father?" I asked. He stilled.

"Why do you care?" he asked, looking away.

"Cause you won't be working for him anymore." I said, "I just want to make sure there's no real family connection to this 'Father' of yours."

"And you suppose I'll just work for you?" he asked. He was enraged, you could see it in his eyes, but he was not struggling. He knew it was useless and that was driving him insane.

"If you ever plan to be able to move again." I said, grabbing a limp arm and tossing it above his head, "Then yes. I do think you'll be working very happily with us."

His eyes showed the intent to kill. It only seemed to make him more angry that he couldn't.

I turned the second I heard a rustling in the bushes in front of me I tensed. Talking will have to wait until later. "Ligament, Gang, Grudge, get over here, we're making a break for it."

Ligament was the fast one of the group, but was a wimp who wouldn't hurt a fly if he knew it had a family. Hell, he wouldn't hurt anything if it had a family. And he had reasons of his own. Gang, on the other hand, wasn't as fast. Don't get me wrong, he was still fast compared to a human, but for an immortal... not so much. Grudge ran the slowest. But she could take me down in an arm wrestling competition an day.

Ligament was by my side in a second, and Gang was right behind him, followed by Grudge.

"So, we taking this extra luggage, or what?" Gang asked.

"Yeah. He could be really useful." I said, picking him up off of the ground. "Dam, you're heavy."

I really couldn't put him in any position comfortable for running that wouldn't shove the spike into that stone in his chest, so I held him in a baby cradle. "Are you serious?" he asked, looking at me as if he would bite my neck off if I was for real.

"If I had a nickle for every time someone asked me if I was serious, I'd be so freaking rich right now." I said. "And yes, I am serious, unless you would enjoy all of the other positions that would drive that stake into you even further."

He sighed. I could practically read his mind: God this sucks...

"Come on guys," I said taking a step, but then pausing. "Cat, you don't have to come, but you're always invited. I know you got your family back there who would be worried..."

"Hey, no worries. My family knows where I am: I left a note. I could be back in a week or an hour or a year." she said smiling.

"In that case..." I said, "We're all going. Come on." at that I took off, leaping away from the boarder line, everyone following behind me.

It was hard to believe that just about an hour ago I was bickering with the almost-crippled man that I was carrying. Now I'm running to no where with said almost-cripple, Gang, Ligament, Cat and Grudge... on the run from threats. But also, on the run for revenge. That 'Father' guy really needs to shape up his act. We'll show him the wrong of his actions.