"Not to be rude or anything," I said, walking with Envy in my arms, "But can I ask where we're going?"

We had been walking for quite some time now, a couple of hours, I would say about four or five. My legs were getting heavy, and carrying Envy didn't help at all. This had already been a long day.

"If I told you, would you freak out?" Ed asked.

"I really can't judge," I said, "Speaking that I don't know where we're going."

"Hm. Fair enough. Then, no, I won't tell you where we're going." he said.

I groaned. This is so boring. And of course, by the way they've been treating me so far, I don't think they fully trust me yet. Why would they? I'm trying to befriend Envy, the homunculus that tried to kill them. I wouldn't trust me if I was in their place.

"YAWN!" I heard the creature in my arms let out lazily. Instantly Ed and Al looked like they were ready for a fight, arms up and everything.

Envy blinked a couple of times before a rather lazy expression crossed his face. He put his arms behind his head and his leg over the other one, still in my arms.

"Well, well, well. If it isn't the Elric brothers." he said.

"Is that all you have to say?" Ed asked. "It's been about fifty years since I meet you, and all that time I thought you were dead. Now you just pop up as if you hadn't died and talk to us as if you saw us yesterday!"

Envy looked over easily the entire time Ed was talking. "Hm. Not a very nice tone to talk to one of your long-lost friends, is it?" he asked.

"I'm not your friend!" Ed boomed.

"Okay, okay!" Envy said defensively, but still in that lazy manner, "You're not my friend. Happy?"

"Yes!" Ed shouted.

There was a slight pause. "So?" Envy asked, "Now what? Where are we going?"

Ed glared before answering. "We're going to central. Kill a single person, and I'll kill you." I sort of got mad when he said that. I'll make sure he doesn't kill anyone. Gosh. Ed continued, "You need to work to gain our trust. And you," he said, pointing to me, "Will help him. Make sure he knows his place."

I stared at him. "Why do I have to watch him?" I asked

"Because you want Father out of the way. I'll help you do that, but we need more than four people. I'll get some state alchemists to help us out with that. Also, you have no plan. So that leaves the making a plan and gathering people part up to us." he explained. He had a good point.

"Brother..." Al said.

"Don't worry bout it." I said to Al. He was much kinder than Ed was. And Ed had a temper. "He's right, I only told him that father exists, right? Well I guess having to watch Envy is worth having Father destroyed. So it's really no problem."

Al considered this for a moment. "Okay, if you think it's alright..."

I smiled. Al was a nice kid, even though he was really sixty. That alchemy trick helped them keep younger bodies. But he still acted like a kid.

I noticed Envy had an annoyed scowl on his face. I smiled at him. "Envy, really, how bad can working for a little while be? You're a homunculus, nothing can really be that challenging. And I'm helping."

"Hm." he said, and turned his head in the other direction, sticking up his nose. God, he was such a child.

My smile disappeared for a moment. "Envy, the only thing that's really against the rules is killing people and destroying stuff. If you do those two things, then Father will soon die, and then you'll be free." I told him.

He looked away, making me sigh. I'll leave that to him. But for now...

"And if you do even attempt to kill anyone, then I'll have your head on a stake." I whispered in his ear. He sort of jumped in my arms.

"Leave me alone." he said, folding his arms, remembering my deadly form from yesterday.

Ed and Al blinked. "What on earth did you say that made him jump, of all people?"

"I have my ways." I told him. I sort of paused. "And can I ask you two how far away central is?"

"We'll take a train. It's about a day from there." Al answered.

"And how far away is the train?" I asked.

"Bout an hour." Ed answered.

"An hour?! How about if we run?" I asked.

"Then about fifteen minutes." he said.

"Can we run, please?" I asked, trying to give him puppy dog eyes.

He sighed. "Whatever."

I nodded, smiling. "Lead the way, then."

About fifteen minutes later we arrived at the train station. I had been to a train station one other time in my life and I remember them being really filthy. They weren't now, they were clean, but very populated. It really kind of sucked to be at one because of that and because of having Envy there.

I constantly held Envy's hand through the train station and when we were on the train, ready to break it if he tried anything funny. I was finally getting somewhere since I left. I wasn't running, I wasn't fighting, I was actually getting closer to beating Father and I felt like keeping it that way.

Envy stared hungrily at every human that walked by. It was sort of driving me insane. Couldn't he control himself for a little while? When he began to walk away from me a little bit, towards a little girl, I squeezed his hand hard. He gave that glare, and just smiled sweetly back at him.

Once we were on the train we got lucky being the only people on the whole cart, despite the overpopulation at the station.

"So." Al said, addressing Envy, "Why do you still work for Father?"

"That just happens to be none of your business." Envy snapped back. That's when I realized the slight tension in the air. Of course they're tense, this has to be really award. They were enemies before, right?

"So Ed," I quickly said, breaking the silence, "You're still a state alchemist, right? How many years dose that make? Fifty, fifty five?"

He looked slightly alarmed, hesitating and looking over to Al before answering, "How did you know?"

I blinked. "Ugh... that Tim guy told me... Ah, what was his name? Tim Marcho? Yeah that was it!" I said, remembering.

"Oh!" Ed said, his face lightening, "I remember old Tim. He was a nice guy."

"Yeah." I said, not really agreeing though. It was his fault humans were in danger because of homunculus. It was his fault Cats parents had died. I sat for a moment, recalling what had happened. "So... how long again?" I asked again.

"Oh. Um... Somewhere around forty five years, right Al?" Ed asked.

"Yeah, somewhere around there." Al answered.

There was silence after that. There really seemed like nothing to talk about. All questions were answered, all marks set, but there was one thing...

"Hey, Ed." I said, trying to get his attention. He was dozing off, and that made me realize how long we had been sitting in this cart.

"Hm?" he asked.

"You know how you use alchemy to make yourselves young again?" he nodded, "Are you, Al, and Tim the only ones who can use it?" I asked.

"What? Oh, no. Mustang can use it, too, if he feels like it. Armstrong knows how, but he prefers not to for some weird reason. Something about his family tree going on at an equal pace." he ended in a yawn. I nodded.

Maybe Tim just didn't know that they knew. I doubt he was lying to me. I looked over to Envy, just to see his eyes shut and the gentle rise and fall of his chest. I started to play with one of his spikes. They were so silky, but they stayed like that, in those spikes. I wonder how, exactly.

I better get some sleep. I have to wake up before Envy does, anyway...


My eye lids fluttered open and I let out a long sigh. I saw the sun in the air, and we were passing some trees. We were almost there, I could feel it somehow. The I noticed that my hand was empty.

I turned around, hoping to see Envy still sitting there, hoping to find that my hand had just fallen out of his when we were asleep. But no. I saw no Envy.

I looked all over the train cart rapidly, but still saw no Envy. I only saw the Elric brothers, the chairs of the train, and a woman with brown hair sitting at the other end of the cart. God damn it! What am I going to do now-?

My thought cut off when I realized something. We were the only one's on the cart. There was no other woman.

I got up and walked over to the woman, smiling. 'She' smiled back. "Um, excuse me, have you seen a boy around here? He was here last night, but the dumb-shit seemed to lose itself overnight." her smile disappeared when I said 'dumb-shit'. I smiled wider, my eyes glinted with amusement. What an easy game to play. I knew I would win.

"I'm sorry." she said, now smiling again, "I haven't seen him."

I know Envy has never told me about his ability to transform into basically an other shape, but Grudge told me one day that she had seen him transform into a tree on her way back from being Fathers little messenger. I got another message from her that she'd seen him turn into a fern. He was trying to be sneaky or something those days.

"Oh, that's a shame." I said, pretending not to care. I know that pretending you don't really care about someone in front of their face really makes them pissed off. "Maybe he was sleepwalking and feel right off the train. I'm sure that clutz could handle it."

Her frown disappeared, and this time it stayed gone. "Is there really any reason to be so mean to this boy?" she asked.

"What? As if I care about that boy. He looks like a baby palm tree!" I laughed out loud. Her forehead creased.

"And not only that, but he stalks people!" I kept laughing, "I don't know what his problem is, he's like, addicted to it."

Her eyes showed hatred. "How can you be so mean to a little boy?" she asked, but her voice sounded mad as hell.

"A little boy?" I laughed louder, pretending to need the seat for support. "Would a little... boy wear tank-tops....and squorts? Oh yeah, you're right... He is a little boy.... He's short enough to be one!"

In a second the women was up and throwing a fist at my face. I had seen it coming so I easily caught it. Her eyes widened.

"So, Envy, you finally had enough?" I asked. He looked surprised and took a step back, trying to get his hand back, but I wouldn't let it go. The hand began to transform so that it was too big to keep a grip on.

"You transform and this hand snaps in half." I warned. He continued, but I didn't snap it in half. I couldn't get the heart to hurt him. Then his whole body started to transform. I had to do something fast, or he was going to destroy this whole train with his weight in a more spread out form.

"Envy." I said. "Please.... Stop!" he was mid transformation, but he did pause. "Look, I'm sorry for making fun of you." I told him, "I really didn't mean any of it. You know that, right?" he didn't look convinced.

I sighed and put a hand on one of his legs and sort of awkwardly stroked it. the other legs that were starting to sprout paused and sort of went back into him.

"Come on, Envy." I said, "I was just kidding with you, you know?"

He started to cool down, I could see his face relax. I gave his leg another pat, and he began to turn into the Envy he always presents himself as.

Once he was completely turned back I let out a relived sigh and grabbed his hand so he couldn't do anything stupid. That's when I noticed that the Elric brothers were staring at us.

"You calmed Envy down?" he asked. "What, do you have the magic touch or something?"

Just then the train stopped, and I was almost sent flying forwards. We were there.

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