"Ed, who are these people?" I heard the man who had been chattering for the past five minutes ask when he finally noticed us. Ed sort of rubbed his back, no knowing how to answer by the look of it. We had gotten off of the train and went into central, trying to blend in (which was hard speaking that Envy looked like a tree with skin and I had purple eyes, which was strange enough), until Ed and Al had led us into this large building. God, it was fancy.

"Ed, I'll ask one more time before I panic. Who are those people?" the man repeated. That's when I noticed that the man recognized Envy, and with Envy known as a mass killer of destruction here, that was a very bad sign.

"This," I interupted, "Is my very kind and caring cousin. His name is Noah." I finished, holding my breath, thinking, please be an idiot, please be an idiot, please be an idiot!

The man began to relax, taking the bait. "Oh. Okay then. And who might you be?" he asked pointing to me. I then noticed that I had forgotten to introduce myself.

"I'm S. just call me S." I told him. He nodded, and then there was an awkward pause before I broke it, asking, "And you are?"

"Oh, how rude of me to not properly introduce myself to visitors! I am Timothy Armstrong!" the man said, really creeping me out when he tore off his shirt, "And I am the one who will pass on my families name! Isn't that exciting!" he asked, being really dramatic and posing.

"Um... yea. That's great. You enjoy that..." I said, really wishing I was anywhere but there. He held out his hand, obviously wanting me to take it. It took his index finger with my thumb and my middle and sort of shook it. "Nice to meet you..."

"Nice to meet you, too!" he said before turning to Ed again. "Now Ed, might I ask what is the meaning of your early homecoming?" he asked.

"Ah, we decided that the mission wasn't so important." he answered, pushing his arms behind his head.

"Mission?" I asked, turning towards Ed. "What mission?"

"Oh, it's nothing really." he said. "We just were out searching for a couple of rocks." I got what he was saying. He was looking for philosopher's stones. God, I hate those stones. I hate those fucking stones inside of me... Why are they there? A voice inside of me asked suddenly, why inside of me, of all people, a person who hates them? And not just one, or two, but three of them? Three times the hate!

I sighed at the voice. It was right. So right. But I hated it so much.

"So, anyway, we need to see Mustang. Do you know where he is?" Al asked.

Timothy thought for a second before snapping his fingers and saying, "Ah, ha! I know where he is! He should be at the library at the moment. He said something about going there to look up some crazy stuff about the past." he said.

Eds eyebrows creased. "About the past, eh?" he asked, and then signaled to us, "Come on. We'd better go cheek it out."

I wondered why he was so suspicious. It was probably nothing. We began to walk down the hall, going to the library, I would guess. It took a while to get there, about fifteen minutes just to walk to another point of the building. But when we got there, I was blown away.

Looking around, you couldn't find the end to all of the books. There were so many books that the shelves looked endless. And I'm dead serious. You couldn't see past all of them. All of the shelves had a label on them, indicating if they were fiction, non-fiction, history, and so on. It was too much for one person to take in all at once. All of the knowledge behind these books...

"Mustang!" Ed whispered to no one I could see. He paused, "Over here!" he tried again, making a black haired young man that I had failed to see before turn around.

The man sort of jumped when he saw Ed and Al walking over to him, and then scratched his back with a guilty expression on his face. "Hey Al, hey Ed. You're back early." he said.

"Yes we are." Ed said in a serious tone, "Now what's going on here. And I want the truth. You're in the history section and I want to know what you're looking for."

Mustang sort of paused before saying, "Oh, come on, I'm not hiding anything from you! I have nothing to hide!"

"And there isn't a thing on history that you don't know about." Ed said, slamming his hand down on the table. "And I want to know what you're hiding."

Mustang took in a breath, about to say something, before deflating. He stayed deflated for a moment, going over in his head how to say something. "Ed, I think we missed something." he said, beginning to whisper in Eds ear while tracing out patterns on the map in the book. I saw Eds face slowly turn to one of horror. And that was not a who shit load of good. In fact, as I saw it, that was a whole shit load of bad.

"Ed? Ed what is it?" Al asked nudging his brothers shoulder with his hand. "Come on, you're scaring me." he paused and then leaned over and began to whisper in Al's ear. The same expression Ed had on a few seconds ago replicated itself on Al. "Oh no."

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