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Always and Forever

A few short weeks previously, no one would have ever thought the whole world might have been in jeopardy from an early Ragnarok—all over the complex love of a boy and his dragon.

Now, the entire world was still and serene.

Toothless settled back into being a human with no strenuous effort. Keeping his true form was alleviating; he did not stare up aimlessly at the sky any further or become melancholy with homesickness. This was good news to Hiccup who had wondered if it might happen.

What had bothered him was the time Toothless had spent on his own. As soon as they had reached the hut and begun to find suitable attire for Toothless, Hiccup asked what Loki had been doing to him all that time.

Toothless kept quiet for a few lengthy minutes. When Hiccup turned to look at him, Toothless' expression was not apprehensive or furious. Rather his face was simply… confused, hinting a little to frustration.

"What happened?" prodded Hiccup.

The Night Fury gave out a long exhale. "I'm not quite sure to be honest. It's… mostly blank, a blur almost."

"How do you mean?"

Toothless was lying through his teeth. There weren't words to explain the situation he had been in. He had not known how long he had been unconscious; he had simply been in a world of black that even his dragon eyes could not pierce.

It had been difficult afterwards to recall anything with the tiniest coherence. But there were images he could remember now—all of them with clarity. The plan to blame the Vikings for the shipments was one of them, how he had swam in murky oceans and blasted through them; he had rebelled when Loki had decided to make him a mercenary—not just of potential gods but of dwelling human residencies, just because he felt like it.

When Toothless had done so, he remembered losing his mind to a prickling white noise, lost again in nothing. Though now each memory resurfaced, engraining into him. The screams still resounded in ghastly measures…

But the dragon now brought to mind how he had managed to keep from falling completely: soft, almost monochrome images of a boy with amazing sage eyes and auburn hair. During that time, he couldn't place the face a name, but he had always felt inkling that he knew this boy, that he was connected to him in one form or another…

It had been a miracle that he had not succumbed totally to Loki's mind control. That had been the god's intention: once he had enough fun toying with him, he would make him kill his mate then remove the valence, drive him insane with the suffering.

Driving away from the reverie, Toothless noticed Hiccup watching him warily. Solemnly, he answered truthfully, "It was dark; in more ways than one."

Knowing to stop there, Hiccup had wrapped his arms around the taller figure, wanting to understand how bad it had been to comfort him right. Toothless smiled down at him, and said, "I'm all right. It's over now, and that's all that matters."


Hiccup had been immensely relieved that the battle is behind now. He still couldn't fathom either why the goddess Freyja had been so helpful. Giving Toothless the ability to remain human and transform at will was a deal that gods' do not just grant on a whim.

Toothless had not been able to explain it either. Hiccup felt a sliver of doubt, wondering if this might be another foul trick; Toothless did not seem to believe so and had voiced his opinion on the matter. Freyja was not an awful goddess. He surmised it might have been because she was the goddess of love, hence was the decision maker of whether to let their relationship continue.

"Can she strip it away, too?" inquired Hiccup, worry settling in his gut.

Toothless had merely grinned at him. "I'll fight her too if she tries."

Smiling at the memory, Hiccup walked up to where Astrid was sitting on a fence, stroking her Nadder affectionately.

She grinned enthusiastically as he approached. "Hey,"

"Hey, Astrid." He greeted warmly, giving the brightly colored dragon several pats.

"How are you doing?"

"Doing better; the leg isn't bothering me too much."

Astrid gave a genuine smile. "That's really good to hear. Seeing how it's heavier and all."

Hiccup chuckled lightly, leaning against the fence as the young woman continued to give her dragon attention, meticulously making sure that any little dirt clods were brushed away. Her Nadder was fussier than most if even the tiniest speck of grime was on for too long. Astrid never minded—it occupied her time, kept her mind from wandering.

Hiccup then noticed a bulking figure approaching from the left of his periphery. Snotlout was walking towards them, a particularly ugly scowl on his features when he saw that Hiccup was speaking with Astrid.

Deliberately, the smaller Viking decided to play ignorant till his cousin actually nearby.

Astrid, however, didn't notice the tension in Hiccup's stance, trained on cleaning her beloved Nadder.

Once close enough, Snotlout said, "Hey, Astrid." He then delivered a curt nod in Hiccup's direction.

Hiccup did not even bother to return it.

Astrid blinked out of the trance and replied her greeting. She smiled again before returning to her grooming.

"You need help?" Snotlout asked after clearing his throat.

"Oh, no thank you," she returned, "I got it. Although… Hiccup, can you hand me the brush next to you, please?"

Hiccup, feeling awkward enough, felt the cold stare as he turned slightly to reach for it. Handing it, he dared to glare back at Snotlout, whose eyes widened a fraction when his younger relative did so. Hiccup was tempted to give Snotlout a piece of his mind—the constant angry looks were actually grating his nerves. He wanted to explain that Astrid only asked him because he had been closest to the brush, not because she was seeking his help more than Snotlout's.

Hiccup decided timidity be damned, though he never got the chance when he felt a warm clasp upon his narrow shoulder. Jumping a little, he then laughed when he met Toothless' smiling face, beryl orbs bright.

Sighing in mock exasperation, Hiccup said, "You still enjoy sneaking up on me, do you?"

"Maybe." The dragon replied, grinning wider.

Toothless was calm though the tension had increased considerably, the air so thick with it one could've have cut a knife through it. Astrid's form became rigid, the smooth strokes becoming slow and hesitant. Hiccup realized this and felt that awfully familiar sensation of remorse.

Snotlout meanwhile felt both furious and appalled. Anger swept through him when Toothless came by, wanting nothing more than to punch the two men senseless for being callous of Astrid's feelings. The disgust was for the tenderness Toothless gave to his cousin, a look so radiant with adoring affection it made his stomach squirm, throat burning as the bile's acidity crept upwards.

Hiccup immediately felt self-conscious; Astrid, withal, was having none of this and prodded Snotlout firmly with her foot.

"Snotlout, actually can you help me out? Cleaning the tips of Cobalt's tail is going to take a while and I'd appreciate some help." Giving him a delightful smile, and fluttering her lashes, she knew she got his attention. His demeanor had changed considerably, lighter when she personally addressed him.

Astrid felt guilt. Snotlout was only looking after her, but his crudeness towards Hiccup was something she could not condone. As she hopped down the fence, she gave Hiccup a strange look, accompanied by a smile. At Toothless her expression was neutral before she tagged along after Snotlout. She was not quite so upset anymore but she knew herself and understood that she would need time to not be completely ambivalent of their bonding.

Astrid smiled to herself. She'll get there.

Not knowing how she knew about his disquiet, Hiccup took this as a cue to leave, gripping Toothless' hand, pulling him along to the forest for their haven. He wanted to give himself and the community of Berk a reprieve, though his brows knitted together in a locked frown, heart still continuing to thud uncomfortably.

It had been distressing at first—their relationship. It had not taken long for the tribe of Berk to decipher the love between them; it had grown exponentially, deeper and broader than anyone could have suspected. A few, including Gobber and Stoick, were accepting of the coupling, believing that if the gods had allowed it, then it must be worth it.

Others were more hesitant to regard it as any other normal relationship; undeterred by the fact Toothless could become human at will. Truth be told, Hiccup found Toothless' natural anatomy just as arresting. He was not sure if he was even stranger for thinking this, or because he knew the dragon had a heavenly construction beneath to change into.

He revered the sleek, charcoal scales, powerful and fastidious wings, and absolutely exalted the resplendent oculars, ranging into various shades when hit with certain lighting. He never got tired of looking into them.

Wherever they went, the stares were cold or bewildered. He knew the whispers: it's not normal. It's foreign. It's disgusting.

There were several villagers who abhorred homosexuality, though this was due more to their personal morals and beliefs. What had scandalized them most was the fact Toothless, through and through, was an animal. It was beyond unnatural, and Hiccup was not blind to the cringing, the dirty looks. Try as he might, they played in his mind with a clairvoyance that made him feel like a downright disgrace.

The line would end with him too. Stoick did not seem to mind the prospect of not having any grandchildren, but Hiccup felt the disappointment that mingled amongst the villagers scorn. Since Vikings sailed here, his ancestors have been the clan leaders and while Hiccup had been looked down upon before they had all expected for him to carry down descendents.

Confusion would be swept away like a bad dream when Toothless would come close. All he did, from his laughs to his gentle touches, made Hiccup forget the way he was letting everyone down. Toothless would murmur his love all the time and Hiccup's heart swelled. He was giving much up… and while he knew was being selfish, he couldn't deny Toothless even a fourth of the affection he had inside for him.

Toothless glanced down at his mate, stroking the back of his hand. "It'll pass. As far as I've noticed, they're becoming accustomed to it."

Heaving a sigh, he felt a simper grin spread on his face; the way Toothless could just read his expressions continued to amaze and comfort. "I hope so." The Viking answered, stepping over a fallen log. Glimpsing the familiar ledge, he felt a strange sense of being home again and eagerly began to trek downwards, pining to reach it with newfound enthusiasm.

Once they reached the bottom, Hiccup's hand was grasped within Toothless' own. "You know it will," Toothless promised, eyes a smoldering green flame. "And if not we can always go off on our own." He added, voice teasing.

Pretending to scoff, Hiccup rolled his eyes, "And go where?"

"Like here, but it's really anywhere, we just need each other," he replied, widening his eyes innocently as fingers trailed down the younger man's spine. He smirked then, "Right?" continuing to make lackadaisical patterns on the slim frame, feeling the delicious shudder beneath. Hiccup glared lightly, grinning inward, and Toothless gave him the sweetest expression yet. Hiccup cursed and embraced his charms.

The dragon knew he caught him; a perceptive leer plastered over his darkly handsome features, making Hiccup's heart thud in zealous anticipation. Pushing him against the cliff's wall, Toothless flashed a devilish smirk before capturing Hiccup's mouth.

The kiss was tender at first, like always; then it went down its usual routine—becoming hot and needy, tongues wrestling a fruitless battle. Hiccup's fingers twined into the ebon locks, drawing Toothless nearer till they were pressed tightly against one another; Toothless felt one hand release his scalp, snaking its way down his side. The heat of the boy's palm against the skin of his hip burned, then he gasped when he felt one of Hiccup's knees contact with the inside of his right thigh, nudging higher.

The jolt that coursed through him was violent, mind stupefied for a second. Withdrawing a few inches, Toothless' gaze widened a tad when he noticed the devious smile tugging a corner of Hiccup's mouth, viridian orbs ostensibly innocent, except they were eclipsing over from an emotion the dragon recognized all too well, dilating with each passing moment.

While the surprise was registered on Toothless' face, he felt incredibly aroused at the boy's rectitude. It was very unlike him… but Toothless was not going to complain. And he gave the human a smirk, ogling him cordially and winked. Hiccup grinned, wiggling his hips closer till it grinded against the pelvis across them.

Giving a low moan, Toothless skimmed his mouth across the boy's jaw, kissing the ear and tugging it gently; encouraged by the pleasurable sigh, his teeth now teased downward to the sensitive skin of the collarbone, nipping it lightly. He felt a fiery rush when Hiccup's hand slid beneath his tunic, fingers digging sparsely into the warm flesh, memorizing every contour. The heart beneath the heated cage beat a wild rataplan, vaguely realizing his tunic was being pulled off his form, discarded on the ground.

Hiccup's mouth gingerly brushed his, hands now on the other man's wrists, thumbs nimbly grazing the inside while guiding them to his own hips. Toothless' thumbs automatically hooked into the trousers, sliding them down slowly, nails traipsing delicate thin lines. Groaning, Hiccup breathed an abated sigh as the wintry air blew its chill; the heat subsided yet ever so slightly. In an instant, it returned again with a vengeance as Toothless fingers slid experimentally along.

One spot made him jerk against the tawny palm, blood flowing down like liquid lightning. Meeting Toothless' gaze, Hiccup was further enticed by lustful malachite pebbles; the strokes were near absent caresses, though each tingle was wickedly potent. Fingers clawed through earth, and Hiccup couldn't recall when he had wound up on the ground—he just knew his body was aflame, Toothless the only presence in the world.

The dragon, meanwhile, was bordering on fascination as he watched Hiccup writhe and squirm. Having been the one to have received most attention last time, Toothless had been waiting for an opportunity to return it. He had wanted a more vespertine setting, having loved the way the milky skin would turn into porcelain sheen from the moon's illumination, but knew he couldn't wait much longer. His being sang when it realized waiting was no longer necessary.

Leaning over Hiccup's frame, hands still stroking the length, he placed butterfly kisses on the flushed cheeks, the eyes fluttering beneath closed lids, finally delving into the moist cavern of his mouth; this increased the delectable moans emitting from the boy's throat, the vocals reverberating into Toothless'.

Another shockwave galvanized the Viking when he felt the fingers suddenly squeeze tighter, a digit kneading into the erection in such a playful manner that Toothless' abrupt cessation caused Hiccup's whimper. Opening his eyes, respiration choppy, he pouted at the roguish mask on his lover's face.

"Dragons fight dirty."

Toothless snickered. "You're realizing this fact now?"

Joining his laughter, Hiccup propped himself on his elbows, auburn hair darker from the perspiration, matted to his forehead. Toothless brushed the hair away to look better into the eyes the color of a forest, torrent with restrained desire. Even though he's seen it often nowadays, it never failed to make him happy—to know that, despite being something totally opposite of his human, Hiccup would fix him with that quixotic gaze and he feels complete.

Hiccup's already bright expression blossomed in a copious amount when Toothless smiled slowly and began to turn in his spot. Hiccup stopped him quickly by shoving him, though not unceremoniously, to the ground. The dragon looked up in shock, and Hiccup gave him a keen yet genial smile. The boy had not been exactly certain what he had done himself—the urge had just produced itself and his body had reacted. He realized when Toothless touched the earth, withal, that there was a burning need to satiate; his blood was blazing more than ever, and he felt as though it were clotting in his veins, yearning for a cloying exigency, to release it all.

Relaxing under his human's dulcet sweep, the dragon merely returned the smile. He suddenly felt a shudder when heat pooled all over him, a gentle prod… and he seethed past gritted teeth, eyes widening before shutting tight. It was so notoriously austral, scalding his insides. The warmth and thickness of it was astonishing, and despite the empyrean sensation, he had virtually tensed. He reasoned this was due to lack of experience—one night did not mean he had infinite knowledge of coupling, though he had learned much.

Hiccup, having guessed this, apologized if he had been too fain. Toothless shook his head, eyes crinkling at the corners when he gave a wide simper.

"I'm fine," though he remembered something from their first night alone and blurted, "There's no blood is there?"

Blinking twice in perplexity, Hiccup recalled what he was speaking of and shook his head. "None at all,"

Seemingly satisfied with the answer, Toothless' mien veered into a complaisant one. Hands trailed up slender, quasi brittle arms, down a narrow torso, finally resting just several inches from the waist, cupping firm but surprisingly sensuous flesh. His cosset was met with a fierce clutch upon both of his broad shoulders, wiry fingers splayed, ivory on copper. The Night Fury understood much clearer now. Though his human was still fragile to him, he also knew that those same frail limbs could lift ponderous weapons, tame the wildest of beasts; they were agile and swift appendages, skilled and confident when need be.

Beginning to move, Toothless felt the heat seep out than flood back in; the motions were substantial, guileless; the dragon felt the pit of his stomach constrict, fire coiling into it, like the warmest sunrays during estival.

The Viking was amazed at the compression, tight enough to be exquisite without limiting his maneuvers. Abeyance was the farthest thought from his mind; he kept the rhythm smooth but began to pick the pace up, watching tepid skin change to a richer color as it ignited with each thrust. Toothless' lips were parted, beryl hues glazed over. Hiccup eyed the shallow rise and fall of his chest; whilst his gaze admired the taut musculature, it fixated on the mammillae and his fingers grazed them, molding them to peaks. One hand remained on the chest, the other trailing licentiously downward, gripping the hot, sticky organ and glided.

This combined and unusual sensibility was startling to the dragon, still growing accustomed to the human form; but he found his back arching of its own accord, rigid as a bow. Hiccup's hands were practically magic to the Night Fury, an animalistic noise ripping out, mingled with a human whine.

Their heavy suspires and groans filled one another's ears, practically whispers in the dead silence of the wood. Faint gold beams warmed the already blushing skin, florid beads of excretion covering the pair in a glossy patina.

Toothless pulled him closer, head dipping up to the crook of the boy's neck; the tongue darted out, the ghost of pulsations at its tip. A different slick muscle thrust into him, and the dragon's teeth nearly bit down in the translucent skin. It became apparent to the dragon that, now, he could mark the boy his, stake his claim.

…Was it possible in this form?

Toothless' tongue brushed an incisor; felt a welt that tasted of rust. Sharp enough. He'd never noticed how there were little altercations to his human body now that he could change at will. Teeth were sharper, his ears could catch sounds better, eyes were caustic, and his sense of smell was more poignant. Realizing these assets made him feel comfort, acknowledging with thanks that he would not be totally useless in this body if Hiccup needed any assistance.

Even so, he was reluctant to place his emblem of possession. Hiccup didn't know the ways of dragons; surely he would be willing however Toothless felt inclined to ask. And there was the other matter that went with it…

At the sound of his name, the Viking slowed to a stop, watching his lover curiously. "What is it?"

"I need to mark you."

Hiccup's brows furrowed contemplatively, and Toothless couldn't help but think it was adorable. "What do you mean?"

"It's customary for dragons who, when they decide to have a lifelong partner, to mark them as theirs. It's, generally, a bite on the shoulder or neck. It's said to be painless for the receivers but in this body…"

Smiling, Hiccup cupped the right side of his face. "It'll be alright."

Joy surged through the boy's accepting the offer, yet Toothless was immediate and careful when he tipped his head close again, teal eyes burning into green. "There's one other thing."

"Oh? What's that?"

"You have to bite me back."

Hiccup's silence instantly made Toothless regret his words; he decided this might be bordering revulsion. Hiccup, however, was not repugnant of the thought—he had merely lost his voice because he worried if his blunt teeth would be able to do it properly.

"All right," Hiccup murmured, a trickle of worry sliming down.

Heart ballooning in his chest, Toothless thought he might die from bliss. Its beats were innumerable per second, tongue sliding along, skin warm and salty, real and alive and all his own. He felt Hiccup stiffen; Toothless paused, unaware that Hiccup was preparing himself but also anticipating the thrill of it—the now pointy canines sent him reeling, light scrapes on his neck.

Toothless inquired, "Ready?"

At Hiccup's nod, the Night Fury had the boy tilt his head slightly to the right, neck at the perfect angle.

A convulsive shudder coursed through them, a gratifying moan escaping both.

The boy felt nothing but the teeth in his skin, hot air laving him where the tongue lapped at the tails of crimson, blood on a snowy surface; nails burrowed harder than intended in the pristine skin of Hiccup's back. It made the boy arch, and he found himself thrusting again, delirious from the emotions and endless abundance of all these different sensations. The suckling sensation on his neck was oddly arousing, even if it only lasted for a minute. Toothless was soon pulling back, grinning madly from ear to ear, and eyeing the punctures with pride.

Even so, with the following thrust, he bucked and determinedly eyed the nape of Toothless' neck, just a little above the left collarbone. Licking his lips nervously, he forcefully bit down, knowing his teeth might mess this up. Fortunately, he had been virile enough that a laceration appeared a few seconds afterward. He instinctively wrinkled his nose at the aroma, but he, too, imbibed the tangy substance. At his mate's heady groan, he continued to extract the little remnants of scarlet left.

Despite all this, he had managed to keep a reasonable momentum; now withdrawing, he picked the speed again, drunk on everything, the warm blood pouring into him like honeyed mead—nice and sweet and lethargic. But he recognized the perception of swelling, the adrenaline passing into him like molten lava.

He then gripped Toothless' manhood again, sliding with more feeling. The dragon bucked, Hiccup's name tumbling off the parched lips in a ragged, hoarse drone.

Colors burst beneath their eyelids, a scintillating pyre devoured them. Once more, the haven oscillated from the discord as they felt the inferno rupture. Pulling slowly, and reluctantly, out, Hiccup lay down beside him, swallowing to quench the arid esophagus before trying to steady his breaths.

Toothless' arm wrapped with obdurate pronounce on the boy's torso, hauling him closer. Hiccup met his gaze, dazzled by the halcyon tone they took when topaz rays hit them.

"I love you." whispered the dragon, drenching those three words with every ounce of amatory he felt; he would never have to fear saying them again.

Hiccup grinned wide, "I love you too."

Snuggling closer, hands absently skimming, they both planned they would be like this for always and forever. They shared a look and kiss, knowing deep inside that they could go even beyond eternity; because love can defy anything.

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