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"Hey, Yamamoto, can you lend me the notes from yesterday? I was out sick."

The class representative, Yamamoto Momoka smiled and agreed, handing her notebook to the boy who had asked.

"Sure, um, Tamizawa-kun," she said uncertainly, bad with names despite being in charge of the class. "I hope they'll be of use to you."

"It's Tomizawa," corrected her classmate, "thanks anyway, Yamamoto."

"Hahaha, I knew that, Tomizawa-kun. No problem, just don't forget to return it." Momoka covered her embarrassment with a laugh, snapping the rubber band on her wrist nervously.

"Momoka-chan," called a girl from across the room. "Come here for a bit?"

"Duty calls. I hope this'll help you Tomizawa-kun," smiled Momoka cheerfully before dashing off.

"What a weird Iinchou we have," muttered Tomizawa as he walked away clutching the notes.

"What is it, Ruka-chan? I have to go deliver some papers to the teacher's workroom later." Momoka tapped a foot impatiently; Ruka was prone to gossip, but it was her job to listen to everyone fairly and equally.

"Your brother is Ryutaro-kun, a first year, right? I overheard my little sister, Ami, talking about him with her friends and it seems like she confessed to him yesterday. Has your brother said anything about it?"

Surprised, Momoka nodded a 'no.' She never thought her brother was attractive to other girls, he was always her crybaby little brother. "I don't think he's really interested in anyone at the moment," she guessed, creeping backwards toward the door. "I'm sorry, but I really have to go deliver papers to the teacher's workroom. See you later."

"You're always so busy, huh? Well, I'll just ask Ami how it went later, bye!"

"I'll ask Ryu later," Momoka called over her shoulder, snatching the papers that she needed off her desk. After sliding the classroom door shut, she sighed with relief. Ruka had stopped her once before school to chat and they had both ended up being late and the Chairman of the Disciplinary Committee had not been happy about it…

"Sensei, I brought the student's forms that you requested." The dutiful Momoka slid the stack of papers onto the teacher's desk before bowing and leaving.

"That Yamamoto sure is a good girl, very obedient and intelligent. She'd make someone a great wife one day," commented Mochida-sensei, rifling through the papers satisfactorily.

"Momoka-chan, come have lunch with me!" Naito Kotori waved enthusiastically, her dark ringlets bouncing up and down; the only thing keeping them from springing in all directions was the silver headband she wore. "Mangusta packed me too much curry, so we can share."

"Oh?" Momoka sat in the seat that Kotori had saved her, taking out the extra fork her mom had packed with her bento. "Your mom didn't pack your lunch?"

"You should know by now that my mom can't cook for her life. Or vacuum. Or clean. Or sew. Or garden. The list goes on. My dad's even more useless. This morning, he put on his suit backwards and he tripped over a new box of socks Mom and Mangusta bought at a bargain sale."

"Mangusta's pretty good at cooking." Momoka licked the curry from her teeth, spooning up more. "Ruka-chan told me that Ryu was confessed to yesterday. I can't imagine it; my baby brother is growing up."

"Ryutaro-kun? Good for him! Do you know if he accepted the confession or not? I remember when a boy first confessed to me, I was a first grader." Kotori gave a nostalgic smile. "I told my dad and you know what he said? 'Go for it Kotori! There are lots of beautiful men out there, so have your way with them. I was just like you when I was younger, pretty popular with the ladies. I can't do anything about it now or your mom will be upset.' Can you believe my dad? He's so weird," giggled the dark haired girl. "In a good way of course."

Momoka raised an eyebrow, "No, I don't know if Ryu accepted or not. It sounds like your daddy was a player. No wonder your mom wanted to kill him all the time. No offense, but Uncle Tsuna's shown me photo albums and your dad dated the ugliest girls, even Uncle Dino ran away."

"True. Very true. I bet he secretly goes out drinking with ugly women on weekends and when he gets home, Mom beats him up to death with her pinwheels and locks him out of the house." Kotori smiled conspiratorially, rubbing her palms together in glee.

"You get bored way too easily, Kotori-chan. Maybe you should get a boyfriend to keep you occupied, or join a club. Your mom would get mad if she heard you talking like this, right?"

"Nah, Dad says much worse things. Anyway, I do want to join clubs! I just don't know which ones to pick; I want to do all of them." Kotori's eyes widened with an idea. "Maybe I should join the student council so I can hang out with you all the time, Momoka-chan."

Hastily, the brunette shook her head in rejection. "Don't! You'll just get in the way of things; I know you wouldn't take it seriously. Why don't you join the basketball club or maybe the anime club or something?"

"Momoka-chan, you're so booooooooooring sometimes." Kotori stretched her limbs, finished eating. "I want to do a club with a friend!"

"Can't you join the fashion club with Ruka-chan?" Momoka pleaded. The other members of the student council would definitely be mad if Kotori messed up and they'd blame the associated Momoka too.

Kotori thought about it but disapproved. "Ruka only talks about dramas that I've never watched before. I'd rather join the Agriculture club with Aoi-chan. At least she is mysterious, hehe."

Momoka brightened at this idea. Aoi could use more friends; she rarely spoke to anyone at school. "That's a great idea! I'm sure Aoi-chan would like you. She's been upset lately because her dad's been pressuring her to join the Disciplinary Committee."

"That fighter of a dad? Her dad is strict, but he's not bad looking," giggled Kotori. "Too bad he's 20 years too old for me and married, haha."

"Kotori-chan! Don't joke around like that, it's gross," complained Momoka, uncomfortable with the way her friend sized up men. "Uncle Hibari is older than your dad!"

"Yeah, but he's much better looking than my dad. Good thing I ended up looking like my mom." The dark-haired girl grinned playfully, scooping up the empty box of curry. Momoka had eaten away at it hungrily, not realizing that she was scraping the edges already. "I'm going to go wash this out since class is starting soon. I'll be back, Momoka-chan."

The brunette nodded and groaned when Kotori left, placing a hand on her forehead. She imagined Kotori lusting after her dad and shuddered with the gross implications. It's a good thing Mom and Dad are still madly in love with each other, or I'd have Kotori hanging around Take Sushi making eyes at Dad. Momoka groaned again. Why did she have to have such a weird friend?

Finally! The Student Council meeting had dragged on for longer than usual and now it was finally done. Momoka was getting her shoes from the shoebox when she noticed Senri was getting his bag as well. She smiled, now here was someone who was just the slightest bit sane!

"Senri," she called out, "are you done with practice?"

The ebony haired baseball player grunted a yes before scooping his baseball equipment into his bag. Senri took his baseball cap off, fanning his face, the sweat beading at his hairline. He glanced over at his childhood friend enviously, how nice, she looked so refreshing and cool.

"Water," he demanded, holding a hand out. "Ryu took mines."

Momoka took in his sweaty state and dug around her schoolbag, triumphantly whipping out a half drunken bottle of water. She threw it, watching it intently as it fell gracefully into the boy's outstretched hand.

"I drank some of it during lunch, but there's still some left." When he looked at it hesitantly, she scowled at him, "If you're thirsty, just drink it!" The boy didn't need much more prompting; he slipped his hat back on, tilting his head back as he poured the water over his face, letting some of it make its way to his mouth.

Momoka stamped her feet into her shoes, striding over to the dark-haired boy. She forced the bottle to his lips. The way he was drinking it, the water was going to waste. His eyes widened in surprise, but he chokingly swallowed the rest of it.

"Thanks, Momo." Senri wiped his lips with his sleeve, coughing slightly. "I'll be ready in a bit, so wait for me, ok?" The third year grabbed a change of clothes and went into the boy's locker room. Sighing, the impatient girl rearranged his bag, neatly organizing the contents of his sports bag. Shortly after, a clean Senri popped out of the boy's locker room.

"You showered?" Momoka pointed at his wet, flopping hair. "You used soap, right?" The dark haired boy chuckled and nodded a yes. He leaned his head onto her shoulder, shaking his head so that his wet hair tickled her neck

"Hahahahahah—s-s-stop it, S-S-Senri," Momoka gasped, trying to take a breath as she laughed. She had inherited her mother's ticklishness, although it was more her neck area. "You're g-g-getting me wet, s-s-s-top it."

Senri lifted his face, smiling wolfishly. "You smelled the soap right? I'm insulted that you even questioned my ability to keep myself clean. My mom would kill me if I wasn't clean, since Dad's always come home reeking of sweat."

"Just a moment ago, you were reeking of sweat too," pointed out Momoka, patting her damp shirt. She sniffed it cautiously, the scent of Senri's shampoo lingering on her shoulder. "Your mom is going to be mad if you're late to dinner, right? So can you hurry a bit?"

"Oh crap, you're right! Dad said this morning that he's staying at Uncle Hayato's house, so he can't cover for me." He grabbed his stuff frantically and sprinted out the door, grabbing Momoka by the arm. "Mom likes you, so can you cover for me, Momo?" Senri looked at her with puppy eyes, his damp hair tousling in the wind. He squeezed her arm lightly, making a slight whimpering sound.

Momoka looked away, embarrassed at her friend's complete lack of dignity when it came to his mother. She sighed, "Fine, but can you stop making that pathetic face? Your dad would be ashamed to see you looking so unmanly."

Senri laughed and shrugged, keeping their fast pace up. "Dad does the same thing to Mom when she gets mad and it works!" The ebony-haired boy grinned at his friend, if there was anyone who could bail him out of trouble with his strict mother, it was Momoka. "So, how was your day?"

"Oh, being less self-centered today? That's a surprise, Senri. Well, it feels like people are always ordering me around. 'Come here,' 'do that,' 'do this.' Do I look like some kind of slave dog to you?" Momoka fumed, her left hand pointing to her face. Senri slowed down a few steps; they had made it into their neighborhood, so there was no need to rush anymore. The baseball player observed her brown eyes that shone with pent up frustration, her shoulder length brown hair curling into her face, and laughed.

"We just need some ears and you'd make a great dog, now sit," commanded Senri jokingly, speeding up, but not fast enough to avoid Momoka's punch to his side. His figure bent over in half, winded from her punch. He inhaled sharply and then straightened, letting a out a strangled whistle.

"You should box with my dad sometime; you've got a worthy punch." Maybe feeding her compliments would prevent him from getting another punch.

"Save your flattery for your mom," retorted Momoka, her hands on her hips. "Open the door now." Senri hadn't realized that they were at his house already. Nervously, he fumbled for his keys, but not before the front door swung open to reveal a very angry mother.

"Senri! Where were you? Practice should have ended half an hour ago, you do realize that you have to study for the upcoming exams?" Noticing Momoka, Hana stopped her rant and smiled at Momoka. "Momoka, how nice to see you. Were you helping my idiot son out? Thank you for always looking after him."

Since she had promised Senri, she nodded and bowed. "Same here, Senri is a good friend, he stopped me after practice to help him with a problem and we were studying in the library. Sorry if I kept him out too late, Auntie Hana."

Hana nudged her son, pointing upstairs to Senri's room. Grudgingly, he climbed the stairs, giving a wave to Momoka before closing his door quietly. Hana invited Momoka in, indicating that she should sit on the couch. "It's alright, since he was studying. Momoka, how has school been? I heard Ryutaro joined the baseball team," snorted Hana, "just like my Senri. Your dad must be proud, right? I know Ryohei was very disappointed when Senri didn't want to do boxing. Either way, as long as Senri keeps up his grades and keeps out of trouble, I don't mind too much."

"Yeah, Ryu joined the team, although Dad said he didn't mind what Ryu did, as long as he was happy." Momoka glanced at her watch, it was getting late. Then she remembered what she was supposed to tell Senri. "If you don't mind, Auntie Hana, I'll just run up to Senri's room and deliver a message." Hana gave the okay and returned to the book she had been reading before the kids had arrived.

"Senri!" Momoka called, knocking on his door. "I forgot to deliver a message."

The door opened a crack and the boy poked his head out, "What? Did my mom tell you to do something?"

"No, but I totally saved your butt back there. Anyway, Dad told me this morning that we should probably go talk to Nao-san sometime soon, since it looks like she's been pretty troublesome lately."

Senri sighed, widening the door a little, "Nao-san, huh? She's pretty intimidating. I can talk to her brother; he's a pretty cool guy. But it's better if we both go to her, right? I guess we'll stop by her house tomorrow morning. My dad's supposed to be there anyway. Anything else, Momo? You heard my mom; I've got work to do!" He gave her a small teasing smile and when it was confirmed she had nothing else to say, Momoka left.

"I'm home," she announced, dropping her bag onto the floor. Yamamoto called to her from the kitchen.

"Momoka-chan, you're home! I just got back from work and tried making some food," said her father, grinning his usual wide smile. "Ryu's not with you?"

"No, he was still practicing with some of his friends on the field when I left." The brunette hopped into a chair, folding her arms together expectantly. "Where's Mom?"

"Ah, she went on a business trip." Yamamoto rubbed his neck with a nervous smile while flipping the yakisoba. "She'll come home soon, so don't worry."

"It's not me, I'm worried about, it's Ryu. He's always been such a mama's boy; I mean, can he really cope with your cooking?"

"Haha, true," laughed Yamamoto easily. He started to plate the yakisoba quickly, serving Momoka. "Sorry, you'll be on your own tonight. I'm going over to Gokudera's house. I'll see you tomorrow, ok?" Yamamoto slung Shigure Kintoki over his shoulder and was halfway out the door when Momoka stopped him.

"Wait, you're going over to Uncle Hayato's house too? So is Senri's dad. What's going on?"

Yamamoto averted his daughter's gaze and patted her comfortingly on the head. "Don't worry Momoka-chan, it's just Guardian talk."

"It's about Nao-san, isn't it?" It was more of a statement rather than a question. Momoka crossed her arms, expectantly. Yamamoto nodded seriously and gave her a quick hug before leaving.

"Onee-chan, where's Mom and Dad?" Ryutaro entered the kitchen, still in his baseball uniform. "I'm hungry."

"Mom's on a business trip, Dad's at Uncle Hayato's house." Momoka gave him a sly smile. "So I heard you were confessed to yesterday, Ryu."

Her brother's blue eyes widened, his face flushing. His sister was going to torture the information out of him, it was best to leave now, since Mom and Dad weren't home. He stammered, "I-I'm really hungry! I'll go to my friend's house, ok? Bye!" After hearing the door slam, Momoka went to her room and took out her steel ribbon stick. She polished it, muttering about how was it possible that anyone find her brother attractive, he was such a wimp, unlike his parents.

A/N: Is Naito Longchamp...is his last name Naito? I was a little confused about that, sorry! So just to make sure everyone is sure who is who, here's a reference:

Yamamoto Momoka - Yamamoto Takeshi's daughter, Namimori Middle 3rd year, is the class rep (Senri is the only one besides her mom who calls her "Momo")

Naito Kotori - Naito Longchamp and Pantera's daughter, Namimori Middle 3rd year, not part of any clubs (if you couldn't figure out who her mom was XD)

Yamamoto Ryutaro - Yamamoto Takeshi's son, Namimori Middle 1st year, part of the baseball club (most commonly referred to as "Ryu" by family and friends)

Hibari Aoi - Hibari Kyouya's daughter, Namimori Middle 3rd year, part of the Agriculture club (is 'mysterious' according to Kotori)

Sasagawa Senri - Sasagawa Ryohei and Kurokawa Hana's son, Namimori Middle, 3rd year, part of the baseball club (is afraid of his mom...with good reason! XD)

Nao - intimidating girl (according to Senri) ( - - - just making sure, everyone knows who her dad is, right?)

Hope this helped clear things up a bit~! Reviews would be lovely. Enjoy~~