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Amethyst and Carmine presents…
Episode 1
A Starter to Start the Journey

The game has started, and Noel was ready.

Another journey through a foreign region was about to take place. Although since it was his home region, he couldn't call it foreign. He was on a plane, one with crappy seats and disgusting airline food. He turned to his new companion, Kara, who was out like a light as soon as the plane took off. Only her thumbs were revealed through her long black hoodie, which had yellow rings around it, resembling an Umbreon. It was unzipped and revealed her sleeveless white tunic. She wore black jeans along with it, and new white clunky sneakers. Her messenger bag was under her seat, full of all the essentials, including an extra short sleeve hoodie that resembled a banana with a Beedrill silhouette in the back.

Although he wasn't very acquainted with her, he couldn't help but wonder how he got here.

Kado fell. I sighed and returned him, then looked back up at the metal contraption that managed to beat him and Genji. Lucian, the Elite Four that I challenged, shook his head at me and returned his Bronzong. His purple haired niece on the side of the grass field clapped, either smiling or smirking that her uncle won. I hated that about her at the moment.

Lucian crossed the field, and came up to talk to me. I wondered if he was sweating in that red business suit of his. It is a hot day in Sunyshore, after all. It usually is though; you don't find snow falling unless is January or something.

"Noel right?" He asked, putting his hand to his chin and pointing at me with his index finger. I nodded meekly, looking down at the two pokeballs in my hand. "I assume you had other pokemon then the Alakazam and Gengar, correct?"

"Yeah, I had a Blastoise, Houndoom, and Dodrio with me." I answered, still a bit sad from my lost. No wait—I'm angry. After I leave, I'm screaming in a forest. But if there's no one else around, do I really make a sound? That's a good question right there. I noticed his niece was standing beside him.

"Well, if this was a full challenge at the Pokémon League, I'm sure you would've won. You have the determination." He smiled, as if lost in thought. Then he looked to his niece, whose name I never caught. "Don't you think so Kara?" Oh, that's her name. Huh. Suits her.

"Yeah! Yeah!" She sounded excited.

"Hmm…I have an idea!" He sang, "Noel, why don't you join us for dinner? Us as in Kara and her family, which also features me."

"Uh…why?" I asked, confused.

"You'll see when you get there." He said, and by the looks of Kara, she knew exactly what he was talking about. She was frozen stiff.

After leaving the park (and the crowd that was watching) I headed on home. Mom was asleep, but she already knew I was in town and wouldn't be leaving for a while. The Kanto League is already over, and I placed in 4th. So where else can I go? I guess it would be a good idea to go around Sinnoh…

After getting dressed in something fancy and heading to the restaurant Lucian wanted me to go to, I found Kara waiting at the door, wearing a weird themed dressed. Does she always dress in Pokémon? This one looked like Claydol dress…huh. Cute.

"Found you!" She sang, "Hurry! We have to beat the waiter to the table!" Then she tugged on my arm, and led me inside to our table. In the seats were Lucian, a man with balding bright purple hair, a woman with short dark purple hair, an old woman with grey hair, and a little girl with bright purple hair drinking…a milkshake? Kara sat next to the little girl and I took the empty seat across from her.

"Nora, Cliff, I'd like you to meet Noel…last name?" Lucian turned to me with a look.

"Diego." I finished.

"Ah, right. Anyway, I told you about the battle, that no doubt Kara was filming so you can see it later…"

"Oh shoot! I forgot!" She said randomly, smacking her head with her palm.

"It's fine," Her mother (I assume) said, "So Noel, how old are you?"

"I turned fifteen just a few months ago." I answered.

"How nice, you're about the same age as my daughter." She said. What does that matter?

"So do you know the terms?" Her Dad said, looking really scary and tough…

"What terms?" I questioned.

"I haven't told him about that yet…" Lucian trailed off, "Noel, I invited you here to ask if you would allow Kara to accompany you on your journey."

"…What?!" she and I chorused.

"She's been riding us for a Pokémon so long that we decided to let her go…" Nora shrugged, "But I'm not letting her get raped on the streets," I saw Kara turn read at that, "So we were searching for a responsible and strong body guard, and of course we asked the people we knew first, but they were all too busy. So then we asked Lucian…"

"…And I chose you!" He finished, "If it makes you feel any better, she'll pay for her own journey expenses, and we will pay you 500 every month."

Whoa. That's a lot of money.

"Uh…I appreciate the offer, but I'm not the most responsible—"

"So it's settled then? Great! You'll start next week after we call Professor Rowan for a starter Pokémon! You are going through Sinnoh, right?" Lucian gave me a freaky look that scared me to say no.

"Uhh…sure? What could it hurt?" I responded, hoping it wasn't much. Kara seemed okay, didn't act that crazy, and was probably mature enough to take care of herself and not slow me down.

Then she snapped her fingers in front of my face, since I was phasing out from all the parading, "By the way…Lucian isn't my real uncle. He and Mom just grew up together, so don't expect…greatness or whatever."

Huh. Well that just contradicts my last thought. But what I was really wondering was what Pokémon I would leave behind from my Kanto journey…

"Urg…ugh…N—Noel…we there yet…?" She muttered, trying to open her eyes. Her amethyst hair was uncomfortably messy as she pulled down her hood, then blinked her groggy silver eyes.

"Not yet."

"Well…where are we?"

"Passed Oreburgh a few minutes ago."


An awkward silence followed. There weren't many other people here, just the Canalave Gym leader, Byron, and a few rich people who were also heading to Sandgem town. Noel wasn't comfortable with the silence, for one, he had so many questions to ask her. She was the "niece" of an Elite Four member, surely she's met all the VIP's.

"So umm…you're Lucian's niece, right?" He asked, she nodded, resting her head on her elbow.

"If you're wondering if I met anyone, the answer is no. Uncle Lucian wasn't really around all the time…he had his duties, and my parents wouldn't let me go on my journey…So I spent a lot of my time helping Volkner."

"The gym leader?"

She smiled. "Who else? I really like his Luxray. I want my own…"

"You are so emo…"

She shot him a glare.

He smiled and looked out the capsule sized window. "Looks like we're about to land."

"WOOT! Sandgem here we come!" She cheered, as if the previous façade never occurred, and buckled her seatbelt as the plane began to descend.


"No no no!" Professor Rowan screamed as his starters except for Chimchar hopped out of the broken window lab. "Someone catch them before the new trainers come to pick up a Pokémon!"

"Um…did I come at the wrong time?" He span around to find two teenagers waiting at the open door. They were staring at Chimchar and the broken window.

"Yes…unfortunately, the Piplup and Turtwig that we were going to let you choose from escaped."

Kara scowled, "Darn it…"

"Why don't we go find them?" Noel suggested, "They couldnt've gotten far."

"If you want…." Rowan said, and released them into the field.

Noel released his Houndoom. "Me and Hound will look for Turtwig. You go for Piplup."

"But I don't have any Pokémon!" She whined.

"It's just a baby, it can't do much." He retorted before leaving. She crossed her arms and stomped on the ground angrily. "Darn it…"

Kara crossed the grass, her eyes alert for any movement. She had only been searching for a few minutes, and she was already tired. She heard splashing up ahead, and decided to check it out. And lo behold, there was a miniature penguin swimming on his back in the lake.

"Hey!" She shouted at the edge. The Piplup looked up, then continued to paddle. "HEY!! Don't ignore me! I'll go in there if I have to!" It looked back up, giving her a taunting face. "Fine. Have it your way." She muttered, and unzipped her hoodie, then threw it on the ground. She slid off her shoes and socks, and then added her pants to the pile. Her long tunic still covered her lower half.


She swam deeper and deeper till she got to him, and caught him with her hands. "Aha! Got you, you little imp." She smiled, paddling backwards.

"Pip! Piplup! (Human! Let go!!)" it screeched, trying to push its way out of her arms.

"No way!" She answered with a laugh, "You are hereby arrested by an unofficial officer of awesomeness!" He gave her a look. "What? Too long?"

"Pip piplup. (No, it's lame.)"

"Yea...I know..."

The Piplup gave her another look. Can she really understand me?

They got to the edge and Kara climbed out. "Can I trust you to stay here while I get my pants on?" He turned around, crossing his arms. She smiled and patted his head, then slipped her jeans on. She decided to put her hoodie on later, when her shirt dries. "So little guy," She started, picking him up again, "How was your day? Mine was fine, well, except for the plane ride over here. I hate planes, cause I always get a feeling that it'll fall out of the sky." She looked up to the sky. "Hn. I wonder where Noel is. Oh, he's my tour guide and traveling buddy. He was forced to take me along, so I dunno if I should call him a friend or not." She checked to see if he was listening. "Okay! So let's go find him!"

Houndoom sniffed the ground, then look to his owner. "(It's close.)"He barked, and Noel nodded, not really understanding, but hoping that his Pokémon was close on the trail. Out of nowhere Hound released a salvo of flames, scorching the small Pokémon and making it fall out of the tree branch it was hiding on.

"Wig!" It cried out, scampering its legs around, since it was stuck to its back like a turtle.

"Aha! Thought you could escape you little rascal!" Noel said, picking him up. The Turtwig struggled to get out, but after getting an angry growl from Houndoom, he stopped altogether.

"Noel? Hey Noel, where are you?!" Kara called. She wasn't far.

"Over here!" Noel yelled. She found him and waved. "Got Piplup! Oh shoot…I must've dropped my hoodie. Be right back." She muttered, turning around, "Do you remember when I dropped it?" She asked the small penguin in her arms. He shook his head.

They were back at the lake, and her hoodie was right there in the water, floating. "Aww man! It's getting wet!" She whined, dropping Piplup to get to her hoodie.

"Piplup! (Watch out!)"

Three Shuppets emerged from the water, one of them holding her hoodie from its horns. "Give that back!" Kara shouted, trying to grab it, but the Shuppet just flew higher. Then it used Psychic, blowing her back with a bizarre force, straight into a tree. Starly's flew out of it in panic. She screamed in pain, somehow getting scraped by sharp tree bark. Piplup suddenly got angry, and released a rivulet of bubbles. The Shuppets swayed to the side and missed the attack, but then Piplup curled his wing and it glowed dark purple, and Kara gasped in amazement; it was Shadow Claw. She never knew that Piplup knew it, and when he knocked all three Shuppets out of the sky, she was so glad not to get on his bad side.

Piplup retrieved the hoodie, then gave it to Kara.

"Thanks..." She looked up to him, "Dude, you really are awesome. Where did you learn Shadow Claw?" The penguin shrugged. "Wow. That must mean that... your Dad knew the move." It sighed at the sound of its parents. "Oh. Sorry. Let's get to the—ssss..." She winced and peered to her shoulders, where she was scraped and bleeding. Piplup was worried at the sight of blood. "D—don't worry about me…" She said, wincing again, then picked up her wet hoodie and trekked to the lab, the Piplup on her side.

Back at the lab, the Piplup had to go back to the Professor while Kara was bandaged up.

"No major cuts. What happened again?" The aid asked.

"Just got into a quarrel with a few Shuppets. Nothing to worry about." Kara reassured.

"Well, I guess that's fine. I took out all the splinters, but the bandages need to be refreshed in a few days. Do you know which town you're going to next, so I can alert the Nurse Joy?" The aid asked, giving her back her shirt.

"Not really…I think we might be going to Canalave first—whoa! It's ripped!" Kara wailed, putting her fingers through the ripped tunic. She muttered small profanities at the un-durable material.

"Do you have another shirt?" The aid questioned.

"Yeah…" Kara answered, and pulled a black similar looking tunic with waves on the bust out of her back pack. She decided to wear her Beedrill hoodie over it, keeping it unzipped.

"Well, just in case you don't make it there in two days…" The aid gave her a cotton bandage roll. She put it in a small compartment in her bag.

"Thanks." She said, and left for her Pokémon. In the room were four people—the professor, Noel, a guy wearing a Gyrados-themed windbreaker, and a girl wearing a sleek white jacket covering a red tank, suspender shorts, and knee long black boots.

"Kara?" The two chorused. She slid pass them and sat next to Noel, getting a little closer than usual, probably to sit the farthest away from the other two.

"You know each other?" Professor Rowan asked.

"Yeah. We used to go to school together." The guy, Edgar said.

"Right Kara?" Asked the girl cutely, named Kayla.

"Uhh…yeah." Kara agreed reluctantly. Noel made note to ask her about it later.

"So have you guys chosen your Pokémon?" Rowan asked.

"I want Chimchar." Edgar said, and the monkey complied happily and jumped on his shoulder.

"Then I want Piplup!" Kayla said, picking up the blue penguin Kara was so intent on getting. He cried out and struggled out of her gripped, then hopped over to Kara.

"It seems that Piplup already chose its trainer. That's fine then. Do you want him Kara?" Rowan asked.

Kayla gave her a look, and Kara smirked in return. "Definitely."

"URGH!" Kayla shrieked, "Then what will I get?!"

"There's still Turtwig." Edgar suggested, pointing to the sluggish turtle on the table, who was staring questioningly at Noel.

She stared at the green leaf Pokémon, giving it a good glower. "You better be good at contests, twig thing."

Turtwig cried out in fear and jumped into Noel's arms.

"Oh no, you're coming with me!" She yelled, trying to pull Turtwig out of his lap, but then knocked into the table when she let go.

"Noel, don't you already have Pokémon?" Rowan asked, Noel nodded. "Turtwig doesn't want to go with anyone else. Would you like to keep him?"

Noel looked into Turtwig's sad eyes. It was the same from when he scorched it. "Yeah. Turtwig and I have some…bond, I guess."

"But what about me?!" Kayla cried out, still pokemonless.

"You can have an Eevee. It's all we have left, so take it or leave it." Rowan said, taking a pokeball out of his coat pocket.

She took it and released the brown furry Pokémon, and squealed at how cute it was. "Wow! We'll definitely win contests now. Hey Kara, what are you doing? Contests or Gyms?"

"I'm thinking of doing both." Kara answered, hugging Piplup.

"Pfft." Kayla scoffed, "You'll never be able to finish that off before the Grand Festival. Let's go Edgar." She said, then left, along with Edgar, who thanked Rowan for the Pokémon before leaving.

"Here you two." Rowan pulled out pokedexs from a box. He gave Kara the black one, but Noel told him he already got one from Oak; his was crimson.

The two left their Pokémon at the Pokémon Center to heal while they went to rent a vehicle. "Can we get a car?" Asked Kara while they were walking. "I don't have a license yet." Noel told her, breaking her hopes of riding in a sedan. "Well…if we can't get a car, then what can we? And why do we need one?"

"For one, Sinnoh is a big place. It'll take forever for us to cross the whole region—that I learned from going around in Kanto without a vehicle. Plus, we'll be able to carry more stuff with the extra storage space."

"Ooh! Then I can carry more clothes!"

"Is that all you care about?" He mused.

"Pfft…no! I just want to wear clean clothes…So what are the choices of vehicles?" She asked as they walked up to the Buy-or-Rent a Vehicle store.

"Apparently we can choose between a Bike, Motorcycle, Golf Cart, Car, or Van." He answered, "Look like we'll be going with the Golf Cart."

The owner heard them, turned around and said, "Oh! You want a Golf Cart, aye? Buy or Rent?" He asked.

"Depends." Noel said, pocketing his hands, "How much to Buy?"

"3000 dollars." Answered the owner.

"Th—three THOUSAND?!" Kara bellowed in shock. She pulled Noel to the side, "Dude, I only have that much on hand, and I don't get an allowance till I start winning badges and ribbons! Any other ideas?"

They both turned around and smiled at the owner. "How much for rent?" Noel asked.

The owner explained the price.

"I think we'd be better off buying the whole thing." She muttered to Noel, "In a year we'll be paying 6000."

"I know, let me try something." Noel turned back around and said, "Are you sure that's how much for the Golf Cart?"

The owner explained again with more detail.

"Oh. Yeah, I think we can make it work." Kara said to Noel, he nodded. "Sure. We'll rent one."

"Splendid!" Said the owner, "Follow me to the carts!" The owner led them inside and to a corner where a many models of golf carts waited.

"Let's pick one with a lot of storage space." She reminded Noel. He nodded and started to inspect some.

"How about this one?" He suggested. It was black, narrow, had plenty of trunk space for their suitcases, but there were only two seats.

"I like it!" Kara agreed.

"Ah, that model. Come with me so we can fill out the paper work." The owner said.

"You go check on the Pokémon while I go sign the papers!" Noel said to Kara, she nodded and left, a little reluctantly though. She didn't like being alone.

Kara went up to the counter and smiled at Nurse Joy. "May I help you?" The nurse asked. "Yes, Noel and I left our Pokémon here about half an hour ago. I'm here to collect them."

"Oh, right, they're over here." Nurse Joy led her to the back where her and Noel's Pokémon waited, some sleeping and some eating.

Kara marveled at Noel's Pokémon. His Blastoise looked so powerful, even when his guns were de-armed. His Alakazam looked dominant, even when sleeping. His Houndoom was lashing out its tail at Piplup, both of them playing jump rope. Although, his Gengar was nowhere to be found.

"Genji?" She called, looking around the room, "Have you guys seen Genji?" She asked the Hound the Houndoom, Barren the Blastoise, Kado the Alakazam, Rex the Turtwig, and her newly nicknamed Piplup, Emporor. Hound barked, and she quickly took her Pokémon translator out of her pocket and pointed it towards Houndoom.

"(He's just surfing the walls! No worry!)" The translator showed. It took up half of her forearm, and was in a black and white color.


"AAAAHH!!" She screamed and whipped around, to where Gengar was. It laughed at her while she started to hyperventilate, never scared that well in her life.

She scowled as everyone started to laugh at her. "Okay okay, enough with that. Time to get back to Noel." She returned them into their pokeballs and put them on her belt, then picked up her Piplup and tapped his head. "Dude, I am an entertainer. Get used to it."

"(Sure you are.)"

"I am! Really!" She wailed when her Pokémon wouldn't believe her.

Noel inspected the newly-rented cart. He told the owner he wouldn't need gas—his psychic pokemon could move the cart easily. There was a large gallon of water in the back, and when Kara finally got back, the two went to the store to buy supplies.

While they were packing everything in the back, Noel decided to ask: "So...what's with your friends? I mean, they seem nice and all, but you don't look like you agree with that."

"It's a really short story." She replied, sighing and leaning on the back of the cart.

"We have time." He chuckled, hopping in shotgun. She sat beside him.

"Well...I guess I should start with Edgar." The way his name rolled off her tongue almost sounded like disgust. "We used to be friends in Elementary school. Then he moved to Johto the next year...and then he didn't return till 8th grade. After that it was awkward—we didn't speak, or even act like we knew each other. Kayla on the other hand—I never met her till 8th, and even then she seemed like she always had a grudge on me. Probably because I knew Edgar before her—she always did like him. And now...with them probably following us all the time...I don't know whether to act like me, or act like the girl they've known all these years...silent and boring."

Noel chuckled. "Is that it? Everyone changes, and so far, you've been none of that."

"I know. At first I'm quiet...but once people get to know me, I get more comfortable. But I can never be comfortable with them around...it's like they have a leash on me, and they'll reveal all my secrets if I step out of bounds."

"They're just kids, like us. You can't let them push you around."

"I know..."

"Well, that's all behind us. Sinnoh's a big place, so we should go. It should only be a few hours to Jubilife. Can you hold out?" He asked, releasing Kado to the back seat, on top of the supplies.

"Yeah. So what are we going to do with the cart once we reach the ferry for Canalave?" She asked, letting out Emp, him sitting between them. She put the radio onto the dashboard, and turned her PokeGear on, intent on calling someone soon.

"We're going to leave it in Jubilife until we come back." He answered, signaling for Kado to start moving the cart towards the dirt road. Kado closed his eyes and lifted his spoons, pointing them into the direction they should head into—north. He was given Noel's PokeGear to make sure they were going in the right direction.

She began to dial someone on her PokeGear.

"Who're you calling?" Noel asked, leaning back in leisure as the scenery began to change.

"My mom." She answered, her eyes glittering at the sight of her mom, missing her already, "Hey mommy." She greeted.

"Hello! How are you! Did you catch any pokemon? What town are you in? How's Noel?" Her mother asked this all in one sitting. Kara, who was used to her mother's ranting, was able to answer everything just as quickly as they were asked.

"Hey mommy! I'm awesome! I didn't catch any pokemon yet...but I did get a Piplup from the professor!" She showed Emp in the camera. "His name is Emporor, for when he evolves into an Empoleon! Anyway, we're in Sandgem, well, we used to, I think we're on route 202 or something. And Noel...he's fine!" Kara handed her PokeGear to him.

"Hey Kara's Mom…" Noel trailed off, unsure what to say to her.

"Hey! So, how's my daughter doing? Did she get into trouble lately?"

"Mommyyyyyyy!" She whined, "I don't get in trouble!"

"Except for those rouge Shuppets." Noel muttered, Kara elbowed him.

"Oh?" Her mother said, "You ran into some Shuppets?"

Kara looked elsewhere, "Well…yeah. I left my hoodie at some lake and then when I came back, they had it in their horns…"

"Oh…are you hurt anywhere? Shuppets are known to be very mischievous."

"Just a few cuts." She reassured her mother, "But I'll be fine."

"Okay. See ya kids later then." Her mother clicked off and she put the PokeGear onto her messenger bag strap.

"Kado, we've gotten pretty far. We should stop for now." Noel said to his Alakazam. Kado nodded and slowed the cart to the side, bringing it to a clearing before stopping completely.

"Why're we stopping?" Kara asked, turning her head to observe the surroundings.

"I gotta go to the bathroom. BRB." He disappeared in the forest.

She turned to Kado. "Come on! You have to watch us train! Just in case there's trouble." She beckoned for Emp and Kado to follow her farther.

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Current Pokemon List:


Piplup (MALE) - Emp


Blastoise (MALE) - Barren
Houndoom (MALE) - Hound
Gengar (FEMALE) - Genji
Alakazam (MALE) - Kado
Turtwig (MALE) - Rex