Episode zero

"Not good."Nine-year-old Li Syaoran told his best friend,Yao Leu."We better split up.Time is running out!We must find it and destroy it before Wei finds out."

"Go left and I'll take the other way."agreed Yao as he went to the other side of the fork in the cave.

Li brought out his incantation cards and prepared imself for the enemy that might attack anytime.His heart raced as he realized his vulnerability in the darkness.

The demon of the cards..why did they foolishly dared to challenge the joker in the set of his ancestors' cards?

He vaguely remembered himself and Yao using his lasin board to communicate with the Clow joker ,the keeper of the negative forces of all the Clow cards.They both challenged him in a duel,and unwittingly set the demon loose.

And here they were,desperately seeking it to destroy it before it wreaks havoc in town.

"Find the demon,defeat it and imprison it once more in its confines before dinnertime,Yup,piece of cake."Li told himself convincingly.

At the same moment,he heard a bloodcurdling scream of pain from inside the cave."Yao!"he shouted.The ground began to shake violently,throwing him off balance.He was about to fetch his friend when he heard another high-pitched scream from the mouth of the cave.He turned and saw his cousin,Meiling being held hostage by a masked clown.A sharp blade was near her throat."Peek-a-boo,you see me."he teased.

"Meiling!!"How did she get there?She's not supposed to be there!Li started to panic.

"I-I'm sorry,Syaoran.I know I shouldn't have followed you,but I was so worried-"Her words were cut short when the clown interrupted."See this ,descendant of Clow?Watch as I tear this little girl into pieces with my weapon of destruction..the masamune!"

"You're insane!The cave is going to collapse any minute!It will bury all of us,including you,inside!"Li yelled.

"Yes,we'll all die together!"cackled the clown.

Li drew out his sword and attacked him."Let her go!!!"

The demon dropped Meiling like a rag doll and blocked his attack with the masamune."You think you can defeat me,boy?You are a fool!"He threw the boy back and raised his masamune.Instantly,the collapse of the cave hastened."Let's all die together!"

"No!"Li protected his cousin while he looked at the opening where Yao was."Yao,I'm coming!"

"Syaoran!!"Meiling cried.

Li realized that he must choose between bringing her out safely or risking it and saving both Yao and his cousin.His fists clenched."I'm sorry,Yao."He led his cousin out of the eroding cave just as it collapsed into a heap of rubbles an dust.

As Li comforted his crying cousin,he looked at the cave sorrowfully.

Yes,he killed the demon before dinnertime.

But he also killed his friend.

In his young heart and mind,he tried to comprehend what he had just done and what are its consequences.His heart wrenched.His friend was gone,and he could never bring him back to life again.It was all his fault.

"Syaoran,let's go home."begged Meiling."Let's call Yao and go home."

Li looked at her gravely and said softly,"He won't be coming home with us anymore,Meiling."

To be continued..